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Lisa sought treatment for one-week old Dera all across Jakarta over a four-day period. The 10 hospitals were either too crowded or lacked the equipment to treat Dera. Dera later died from respiratory complications.

Indonesia is to introduce free medical care for the poor.

The government will pay for the health insurance of those poor people who are not currently covered.

Currently only 52% of Indonesians have health insurance.

Indonesia has a booming economy.

Child in Jakarta with leprosy.

But, there are problems.

1. The World Bank estimates the health insurance scheme could cost $16 billion per year. 

The Indonesian government has said it is planning to spend only $1.64 billion on health next year.

Most of the rich Indonesians manage to avoid paying income tax.

2. Most of Indonesia's government hospitals are corrupt, over-crowded, dirty and poorly equipped.

When the CIA toppled President Sukarno in the mid 1960s, they put their crooked assets in the Indonesian military into power in every institution, including the hospitals.

The evil assets of the CIA and Mossad still infest Indonesia.

Typical Indonesia hospital.

In November 2012, Jakarta, under its reforming governor, introduced a system of free health insurance for the poor - around 5 million people.

What then happened was that many patients had to be turned away from Jakarta's over-stretched hospitals.

Indonesia has six hospital beds for every 10,000 people.

China has 42 beds for every 10,000 people.

What Indonesia needs to do is to copy Malaysia, which has some wonderful hospitals.

In the UK, fifty hospital beds a week are being axed axed, pushing strained accident and emergency wards to breaking point......

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The Elm Guest House: How an Establishment paedophile network has been covered up for 31 years.


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