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AmeriCares has been linked to child abuse rings and death squads.

Reportedly, Christian Charities are often fronts for:

CIA child abuse rings,

CIA terrorist activities

And CIA attempts to keep the rich elite in power.

Cardinal Spellman, who reportedly loved boys, loved Nazis, worked for the CIA, and was nicknamed Franny

Roman Catholics are the main faction within the CIA,

Lee Rigby, the alleged victim in Woolwich, was a Roman Catholic.

Michael Adebolajo, the alleged assassin in Woolwich, was a Roman Catholic.


Robert Macauley (right), founder of AmeriCares, with his old school friend George Bush.

Robert Macauley founded AmeriCares.

Reportedly, Macauley was very close friends with the Bush family.

Reportedly, Macauley was friends with certain child-abusers and Nazis.

Reportedly, AmeriCares has links to death squads.

Allegedly, AmeriCares has links to the CIA operatives who controlled Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda.

John Wetterer

AmeriCares began in Vietnam when Macauley helped a 'child-abusing' American soldier, John Wetterer, set up the Shoeshine Boys Foundation.

This foundation got orphans to clean the shoes of American soldiers.

A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991)

Allegedly, the Shoeshine Boys was a pedophile ring serving the American military.

American children 'abandoned' by their American soldier fathers - Ho Chi Minh City, 1988

John Wetterer moved to Guatemala, where he set up Mi Casa, a program for homeless boys.

Macauley then set up a charity called Friends of Children which helped to fund Mi Casa.

In 1988 John Wetterer was accused by 60 Minutes of sexually abusing a number of boys.

Eventually, Wetterer was indicted for fraudulently soliciting money to support his sexual abuse of children.

A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991)

Father Bruce Ritter mixing with the teenage boy prostitutes of New York.

Father Ritter was a vice president of Americares.

Robert Macauley's friend Father Bruce Ritter set up a charity called Covenant House, as a cover for a pedophile ring.

Covenant House procured children in Guatemala and elsewhere.

Ritter had sex with the boys in his care.

Father Ritter spent weekends at Macauley's estate in Connecticut, according to a former Covenant House employee.

The Franklin Cover-Up -

Guatemalan children with the Toybox charity which has links to the 'CIA front' organisation World Vision.

In Guatemala, Covenant House was launched by Roberto Alejos Arzu, who had ties to the CIA.

Bob Macauley - American saint and friend of child-abusers and 'terrorists'.

"Robert Macauley's Connecticut home is filled with books about war and military affairs, according to visitors...

"He and the young George Bush became friends and schoolmates, going from kindergarten to Phillips Andover and, eventually, to Yale..."

A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991)

Bush has been linked to the pedophile ring that kidnapped Johnny Gosch.

"Macauley claimed that he'd served in the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA, during the Second World War...."

Macauley was a piano player in a brothel in Paris used by the OSS.

"In Paris, Peter Grace (Chairman of the Advisory Committee of AmeriCares) ... wandered into 'either a cathouse or a saloon where Bob (Macauley) was playing the piano....'

"An ex-client describes Macauley as 'smooth, a charmer … a bullshit artist'...

A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991)

J Peter Grace - Nazi Catholic oligarch?

J Peter Grace was chairman of AmeriCares' advisory committee.

J Peter Grace was president of the Knights of Malta in the USA.

"Grace has an unfortunate attraction for those with Nazi roots.

A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991)

Dr Otto Ambros, who invented Thalidomide for the Nazis.

"In one case, in 1958, J Peter Grace petitioned the U.S. ambassador in Germany to allow the emigration of Dr. Otto Ambros ....

"Dr. Otto Ambros worked during the war for I.G. Farben, the firm that developed the Zyklon-B gas used in the extermination camps."

A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991)

Dr Otto Ambros developed the drug known as Thalidomide, distributed by the company now known as Diageo (whisky etc)

Reportedly, Diageo helps to fund AmeriCares.

Ten thousand babies were born with physical deformities and brain damage caused by Thalidomide. Read more: http://www.dailymail.

"Ambros had been convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal of mass murder and practicing slavery for his role in providing Farben with 200,000 laborers from Auschwitz.

"In his petition, Grace said that he admired Ambros 'not only for his ability but-more important-for his character.'

"Grace hired him as a technical adviser for his company...

A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991)

Nazi scientists who went to work for the CIA, under Operation Paperclip.

"In Latin America, the Grace family business.... has presided over a multibillion-dollar empire ... Highly placed members of the government - including the police - have worked for W. R. Grace...

"Grace cofounded ... the American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD) ... which took public pride in the role of its trainees in overthrowing reformist governments, including the Goulart administration in Brazil in 1964..."

A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991)

AmeriCares in India. India has a lot of terrorism, which has been linked to the CIA. 

Many charities are now run by the CIA and its friends.

Robert Macauley's AmeriCares is George Bush's favourite charity and "represents the right wing catholic faction of the CIA."

The article "A Thousand Points of Blight (January 8, 1991)" tells us more:

1. A six-month Village Voice investigation of AmeriCares found:

"Its founder, advisory committee, and benefactors ... are almost exclusively powerful right-wingers with close ties to the intelligence community, president and ex-CIA director George Bush, and the most conservative elements of the Catholic church...

Honorary chairman of AmeriCares Brzezinski

2. "Sometimes, AmeriCares seems more interested in the needs of its corporate donors, many of whom give the charity unpopular or soon-to-expire medicines for which they get hefty tax write-offs...

3. "The group often effectively contributes to armed conflicts that worsen the plight of the needy, takes sides in those clashes, and ships the vast majority of its goods into prime ideological battlefields..."

Victims of Lockerbie. AmeriCares gave help to the fascist Contras in Nicaragua. This was at the time when the CIA was secretly supplying the Ayatollah Khomeini (whom it had put into power) with weapons. Iran-Contra 'involved heroin'. Reportedly, the downing of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie, 'by the CIA', was an attempt to cover up 'the CIA's trade in heroin'.

4. "The Knights of Malta is AmeriCares's 'partner'...

"It has close links to intelligence organizations...

"Members have included former CIA directors William Casey and John McCone (who helped direct the 1973 military coup in Chile); former CIA chief of counterintelligence James Buckley; Alexander Haig...

5. "AmeriCares began pumping millions of dollars in supplies into Afghanistan in August 1983.

"Much of the impetus came from AmeriCares’s honorary chairman, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s national security adviser...

6. "In one bizarre 1984 episode, AmeriCares ...evacuated wounded mujahideen soldiers to Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C...

7. "In addition to honorary chairman Brzezinski, there is a seven-member advisory board that includes J. Peter Grace, head of the American Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta ... Prescott Bush... and retired general Richard Stilwell, Ronald Reagan’s Pentagon intelligence czar.

8. "Stilwell, in the Vietnam war... was a key proponent of the Strategic Hamlet Program, in which millions of villagers were forced from their homes into camps...

"In 1983... Stilwell was involved in the formation of a super-secret Army spy unit, the Intelligence Support Activity, which operated in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and parts of Africa...

"In 1987, Stilwell ... paid a private visit to the Philippines sponsored ... by a 'private health-relief organization'....

"Shortly after he left, there was an abortive coup... Philippine media reports charged him with involvement...

Rockefeller - Knight of Malta.

9."AmeriCares shipped $14 million in aid to Central America.

"In Honduras it went to contra-controlled refugee camps; in Guatemala to military authorities who distributed it while involved in brutal counterinsurgency programs that have left tens of thousands dead or missing...

Roberto Alejos.

10. Roberto Alejos is AmeriCares's Central American coordinator.

"Alejos typifies the 2.2 per cent of Guatemalans who, according to UNICEF own two-thirds of the arable land and live in opulence...

"While 90 per cent of their country-people live in abject poverty, and three-quarters of all children under five are malnourished.

"Roberto Alejos: 'He’s a thug in a business suit,' says Jean-Marie Simon, author of Guatemala: Eternal Spring, Eternal Tyranny.

"Time and again Alejos, a wealthy plantation owner, has been implicated in kidnappings, coups, and death squad actions."

1980: Three American Catholic nuns and a lay missionary were beaten, raped and shot to death by an El Salvador government death squad. Reportedly Roberto Alejos of AmeriCares ran the Mano Blanco death squad.

"According to the North American Council on Latin America, 'as with most of the Guatemalan elite, there is circumstantial evidence linking Alejos to La Mano Blanca,' one of the most virulent of the death squads, which specialized in the disappearance of political opponents, routine torture, and machine-gun executions.

"Victims included students, priests, labor leaders, journalists, teachers, peasant activists, and members and leaders of moderate opposition parties-all perceived to be 'communists' because of their calls for social and economic reform.

"A number of workers on Alejos’s sugar plantations who had tried to strike or organize were killed, according to researcher Allan Nairn, formerly of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs...

"Alejos's plantation served as a CIA training ground for the Bay of Pigs invasion ...

11. "Using tactics developed in Vietnam - and promoted there by AmeriCares advisory board member general Stilwell - the Guatemalan army pursued a brutal scorched-earth policy, bombing and forcing the abandonment of whole villages...

"Many tens of thousands have died, and the number of orphans is estimated in the hundreds of thousands...

12. Asked once whether AmeriCares transports arms, Macauley... said he would do so at the request of the U.S. government. 

AmeriCare's warehouse in Stamford, Connecticut. "Just down the road from Newtown, the town of New Canaan ­ is headquarters to AmeriCares, which did the gunrunning to the neofascist militias in Croatia during the break-up of Yugoslavia."

13.  Reportedly, AmeriCares 'renovated' the home of Robbie Parker, the father of Emilie Parker from Sandy Hook.

Reportedly there are Knights of Malta links to the Sandy hook 'shootings'.

Connecticut has a lot of right wing Catholics.

"Reports that members of the clergy and ... some burly-looking nuns (one which appeared to have an AR-15 under her clothing) were on the scene of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last month has led this reporter to begin looking into the activities of the international aid organization AmeriCares, an organization connected to a powerful and influential 'secret order' linked to the Vatican.

SANDY HOOK: Links to CIA's AmeriCares, Knights of Malta. - Red Dirt Report

14. The Knights of Malta reportedly unite the top Nazi families, the top Zionist families and the top Mafia families.

Among the top knights we find:

Michael Rubens Bloomberg, Heinrich Himmler, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, King Juan Carlos, Otto von Habsburg, J Edgar Hoover, Leonard G. Horowitz and George H W Bush.


Anonymous left a new comment on the post "CHILD ABUSE: POLAND, UK, AUSTRALIA, USA...":

Hi, I am the author of the article regarding the elite Australian pedo/SRA ring. I have detailed my story at

Someone mentioned actor Bruce Spence (mad max, dimboola). He raped me during the ritual at Bathurst.

I submitted an article to editor of a popular Australian news journal, regarding a paedophile ring in northern New South Wales, involving NSW education department, police, child protection DoCS. Witness told me every police officer transfer to local are is a Catholic if they can help it. What a coincidence. If this story breaks, it is bigger than Newcastle or Victoria.

i will post updates on twitter @KateGardiner666

My email



Anonymous said...

How do the Jews, Catholics, Freemasons and old nobility (principally British royal family) fit together? Who is ultimately in charge? Bnai Brith? Or the Vatican?

Anon said...

All those very rich folks are intermarried and are at the top of the FEUDAL SYSTEM.

They don't care much about poor Jews, poor Nazis, poor Catholics etc.

Anon said...

The AmeriCares piece is a beauty.

- Heinz K.

Newspaceman said...

Anon @ 5.20 :

The British Royal Family are the root.

Jews - British Israel (as long as they occultly promote it, and we wear it, it is true)

Catholics - see the Pope's unprecedented meeting with head of the Church of England (HM Queen) @ Royal Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh - after which the Pope met Cardinal O'Brien to gnaw the bones of St. Andrew. Maybe that should read gnaw-stick. If the Vat are in charge, the Queen would have met them on their soil, no ? See VAT 69.

Freemasons, again Scotland - The Queen (look at bees, their hive structure, drones etc.)Note the Merovingians "bee" symbol, and look how bees colonise.

It's a collective jew-dal system, I refuse to believe otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this piece? The same guy who trawls various "alternative" sites using various names ( names always calculated to make him sound like a native of the country in which the site is based)insisting it's not Zionists or Freemasons behind the NWO dear me no! no! no! - it's all the Jesuits don't you see. Why even Stalin was a Jesuit don't you know. One thing these Masonic shill Catholic bashers never get around to explaining is why if the Catholic Church has such power the MSM devote saturation coverage to EVERY Catholic abuse scandal and determinedly bury ALL scandals in the Anglican Church and all other denominations - of which there are many. By way of illustration: a former Anglican Bishop and close friend of Prince Charles was charged with paedophile offences last year - and the BBC did not even mention it on their news bulletin on the day. Ditto the scandals in the Chichester and Manchester Anglican dioceses which have been completely hushed up by the media. Not to mention Kincora and Edwina Currie's claims about Sir Peter Morrison. And how about the notorious New York Times Catholic basher Maureen Dowd who has been PROVEN to be CIA asset. The fact is anyone who knows anything about the CIA knows that the idea that it is dominated by Catholics is absurd. The CIA was always the province of the WASP self-designated "elite" in the States and of zionists - and both tribes were almost invariably anti-Catholic in the extreme. The former American intelligence officer Robert Hickson recounted a 1960s conversation with CIA operatives who told him it was a matter of great concern to their agency that there were still several Catholic leaders in Europe: De Gaulle, Adenauer, et al. As for Vietnam - the real losers from the American involvement there were Catholic Vietnamese - the yanks had been supporting the Communists there since the 1950s. As Anthony Sutton has demonstrated irrefutably both Soviet Communism and the Chinese variety were the creation of western bankers. These days the "alternative" media is becoming as big an outlet of globalist disinformation as the MSM. None of which is to say there aren't plenty of baddies in the modern Catholic Church - but they are infiltrators - the religious equivalent of Charlie Veitch.

Johnny Spooner said...

Another aspect to this is the Evangelical Christian charitable fronts. Here is a good example of Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in operation during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon.

Some peope may have noticed the trial of the Guatemalan, genocidal dictator Rios Montt in the news recently? Rios Montt was/is a born-again Christian and was backed by the same goons - Israeli arms, CIA training, and Pat Robertson Charitable fronts. If anyone is interested look up "operation Blessing".

Anonymous said...

Pat Robertson and General Rios Montt have some allies - Bob Trolese of Verbo Ministries who is a parallel organization as Gospel Outreach - originally a Protestant Jesus group from Eureka, CA from the hippie era which has been under much scrutiny as being a mind control cult influenced by CIA. Rios Montt has been an influential member of Verbo Ministries since the beginning of Iran Contra and remains with Verbo to this day.

These 2 groups (Verbo Ministries and Gospel Outreach) have been in Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador since the early 1980s to this day and were known to be CIA assets during Iran Contra with particularly Verbo Ministries members having been identified as having had an active part in the covert activities of the genocide. They remain in Central America and do exclusively 'children's charity work' to this day. Considering their ties to the slaughterers of Iran Contra who were known to run pedo rings as well as drug and arms trade, it is a strong possibility that to this day, some pedophile activity remains within those groups.

You can find all of the info above on the internet with some deep research of Verbo and Gospel Outreach.

As to the comments above by someone who claims it to be disinfo that catholics are involved in dark CIA schemes - if you study covert CIA activity in Iran Contra or the Balkans war for example, you will see that the Knights of Malta have consistently played a VERY major covert role in these events in conjunction and close cooperation with CIA fronts.

Study Cardinal Spellman who initiated Operation Paperclip with (equally catholic and also SMOM Knight of Malta) J. Peter Grace. Study the pedophile empire of Cardinal Egan in Connecticut which connects to a larger CIA structure in the same neighborhood as the Bridgeport Diocese Egan ran for so long.

Look into 9/11 - you will find that the chiefs of FBI, CIA, Mayor of NYC and virtually all people in key positions were Knights of Malta.

It is not claimed in the article by Aangirfan that catholics run the world or are solely responsible for covert activity. But it is a certainty that various secretive groups such as the Knights of Malta (SMOM) within the catholic church have been aiders and abetters to CIA and many things the bankers in London order quietly.

I am a catholic and have no reason to smear the church. I am also a long-time humanitarian relief administrator who has worked in war zones along-side CIA and Knights of Malta operations because they pose as humanitarians and their activities are quite visible to many of us who work in the confines of small humanitarian enclaves within war zones with them posing as our 'colleagues' for years.

I can verify everything Aangirfan said in the article about spook charities. There are many groups and factions within CIA itself. Some lean more toward Mossad alliances. Some, particularly the human rights groups, are Soros social engineering fronts. Some carry cargo which is to this day more characteristic of Iran Contra type activity than a humanitarian aid convoy for various groups - Christian and muslim alike. But it is undeniable fact that there are factions within CIA, particularly the heavily catholic AmeriCares, who are major 'catholic CIA' players with significant power and influence and also decades of highly questionable activity.

I have never seen Aangirfan as being a biased forum which distorts or criticizes any one group unduly. There are some uncomfortable truths for all of us about our world - whether catholic, Jewish, muslim or even Buddhist (The Dalai Lama and his expat monks are another group which is heavily CIA-controlled).

Bringing it out in the open should not be viewed as an attack on all catholics or dismissed as 'disinfo' because some truths are unpleasant. The only way we can change anything in our controlled abused world is by first identifying all components and facets of the problem without censorship. ALL of them.

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