Thursday, May 16, 2013


There have been allegations concerning snuff films at Oxford and Cherwell College, in the UK.

The following people are all in the notorious Common Purpose organisation, which may be linked to Mossad and MI5:

Joanna Simmons, boss of Oxford County Council, 

Sally Dicketts, boss of Oxford and Cherwell Valley School, 

Sarah Thornton, Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police.

Police and Oxford protect paedophile rings

Oxford. City of dreaming spires? Not any more. Today a centre for Satanic abuse, Common Purpose and paedophile networks.

Anonymous said...

"My son was targeted by a paedophile ring in Manchester.

"He was part of a community based project funded by Manchester City football club and championed by Arlene McCarthy, Euro MEP....

"This ring also includes a theatre company with unlimited access to children..."


Dublinmick said...

This Joanna Simons of Oxford is so terrified the news is out she can hardly talk.

What do you figure the percentage in Britain that are not out and out satanic pedophiles? Probably 20%?

Anon said...

Hopefully more than 20%!

- Aangirfan

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