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Sir Harold Nicolson, a top diplomat and politician, was friends with Churchill, De Gaulle, Lloyd George, Eden, Ramsay MacDonald, Duff Cooper and host of other top people.

(Harold Nicolson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

On 1 October 1913, Harold Nicolson married Vita Sackville-West.

Both were typical members of the English upper class.

Harold, Vita and Vita's lover Rosamund Grosvenor.

At the rime of her marriage, Vita was having an affair with one of her bridesmaids. 

Later, Vita had an affair with another of her bridesmaids, who was Harold Nicolson's sister.

Vita had many love affairs, mainly with women.

Sir Harold Nicolson had many love affairs, mainly with men.

In 1917, at a house party at Knebworth, Nicolson got a venereal disease.

According to Biographer James Lees-Milne:

Harold Nicolson's affairs with men were "conducted on a high-spirited, physical and casual level and were quickly forgotten... 

"Handsome, intelligent, cultivated young men were one of the delights of life, to be enjoyed, as so many other aspects of life were to be enjoyed."

To Nicolson, sex was a bit of fun, just like skiing or horse riding.


While Vita was in Spain with her her girlfriend Rosamund Grosvenor, Vita wrote to her husband:

"This is the life for me... 

"Gipsies, dancing, disreputable artists, bullfights. 

"Oh Harold I can't paint to you the state of mind I am in now. 

"I feel can never go back to that humdrum existence."

Vita's grandmother had been a Spanish gipsy.


Violet Keppel.

Vita's next lover was Violet Keppel, who was married to war hero Denys Trefusis.

Violet Keppel was the daughter of Alice Keppel, the mistress of King Edward VII.

Alice Keppel is the great-grandmother of Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles.
Meanwhile, Harold was having affairs with French aristocrats.


Nigel Nicolson and mother Vita.

While walking the streets of London and Paris, arm in arm with Violet, Vita dressed as a man.

Vita called herself Julian.

Violet wrote to Vita:

"You could do anything with me, or rather Julian could. 

"I love Julian overwhelmingly, devastatingly, possessively, incoherently, insatiably, passionately, despairingly - also coquettishly, flirtatiously and frivolously."


Harold was not happy.

Harold wrote to Vita:

"I wish Violet was dead. 

"She has poisoned one of the most sunny things that ever happened."



In 1920, Vita and Violet were in a hotel in Amiens in France.

Harold and war hero Denys Trefusis flew to Amiens to get back their respective wives.

Violet moved to Paris where she become the lover of Princesse Edmond de Polignac (formerly Winnaretta Singer), daughter of the inventor of the sewing machine and heir to a massive fortune.[3]

Harold and Vita

Vita's next love affair was with Harold's sister, Gwen St Levan, the mother of five children.

Vita's next love affairs were with the poet Dotty Wellesley, and then the BBC's Hilda Matheson, and then the beautiful Mary Campbell and then a number of others.

In the mid-1920s, Vita fell in love with the novelist Virginia Woolf.

In her 60s, Vita was still seducing married women.

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sightseer said...

Vita was almost a dead ringer for Oscar Wilde. She could have been his brother.

Anonymous said...

Oscar Wilde? Well... were the two ever seen together?

Is it possible Wilde was a lesbian trapped in a gay man's body? What if Vita was a gay man trapped in a lesbian's body? Eh? Eh? It all stands to reason.

And then there's Tilda Swinton.

I rest my case.

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Oh wait. It seems as if Vita and Oscar were separate people. Whilst this news report doesn't give their names, I'm pretty sure they're the couple in question.

"A gay man visiting Khartoum
Took a lesbian up to his room,
And they argued all night
Over who had the right
To do what, and with which, and to whom."

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