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According to The Economist:

The internet was expected to aid democracy.

"Instead, it has enabled the authoritarian state to get a firmer grip."

"Not only has .... authoritarian rule survived the internet, but the state has shown great skill in bending the technology to its own purposes, enabling it to exercise better control..."

The CIA used the internet to bring poverty and chaos to Tunisia.

The state "has deployed an army of cyber-police... web monitors and paid online propagandists to watch, filter, censor and guide .... internet users...

"Government agencies ... have invested heavily in software to track and analyse online behaviour, both to gauge public opinion and to contain threats before they spread...


There are lots of good blogs.

"Millions of users are low-grade subversives, chipping away at the imposing edifice of the party-state with humour, outrage and rueful cynicism...."


"The online mob ... can rattle the bars of its cage all it likes.

"As long as the dissent remains online and unorganised, the minders do not seem to care.

"The internet requires the (state) to be more efficient at being authoritarian."

Source: A giant cage


CanSpeccy said...

"As long as the dissent remains online and unorganised, the minders do not seem to care."

I don't see a whole lot of sane dissent. Much of the dissent seems designed to discredit dissenters, as I discussed here.

Which is to say, the minders may, in fact, create much of dissenting rubbish.

The alt media might be more effective if independent bloggers joined consortia that edited and fact checked material and identified sources of loony ideas about beams for space bringing down the Twin Towers, or unsubstantiated claims about the evils of the Mosssad.

The role of conspiracies in the determination of the course of history and current events must be underestimated. But that's because conspiracies are secret!

To unravel even a little of the truth, requires great care, hard work and sound judgment, which generally costs money, which only the minders and their owners have in substantial amounts.

The odds are probably stacked more heavily against the common man today than at any time in history.

Rufus said...

'The online mob ... can rattle the bars of its cage all it likes.

"As long as the dissent remains online and unorganised, the minders do not seem to care.'

Exactly! Every word written or spoken, which is not a call to ACTION is a waste of effort.

Anonymous said...

Is there any other blog
exposing the ruling conspiracy almost without taboo,
allowing comments with little censorship like you do ?

All I see is controlled opposition,
limited hangout, blatant misdirection and Cointelpro.

Anonymous said...


Margaret Thatcher’s Belligerent Role in International Affairs and against The Irish Republic
Gerry Adams Comments on the Death of Margaret Thatcher






Anonymous said...


KPatrickRyan said...

Not the most uplifting of posts, Aang... but we have to live in Truth, even when that truth is painful to digest.

As long as the masses spend their days on the CIA's facebook or other such entertainment and 'news' sites, they will be no more wise than the old-timer who's glued to his tele.

I still take my hope in the fact that others are catching on and seeking truth.

As for the quote: ""As long as the dissent remains online and unorganised, the minders do not seem to care.",
Those of us with any sense at all are congnizent of 'the minders' ability to insert its agents in any organization in an effort to lead it astray and/or to plant evidence that leads to prison. I don't know how we counteract that ability of theirs. But I hope some are giving it thought, because there's always a way...

Anonymous said...


Peter said...


cool dat
this link above u may find interestin'

A13 said...

Off topic but this is interesting..


a former PM and NSW premier accused of "providing sensitive information" to the US about sacked PM Gough Whitlam..oh and of course this..
"Mr Hawke was especially critical of what he called Mr Whitlam's ''immoral, unethical and ungrateful" attitude towards Israel. He told the US consulate he felt unable to approach the Jewish community for campaign funds because of "Whitlam's 'unprintable' even-handed 'unprintable' Arab policy"


We are run/ governed by bankers and spooks..and now being sold off to China..
anyway..i'm sure you get it :)

dognamedblue said...

I always say the internet is HG Wells' World Brain
[but then I keep forgetting - boy they're good]

Anonymous said...

Yes, they're good ... but maybe the M.I.C., banksters and spooks are underestimating the contagiosity of the Truth Meme (via Morphic Resonance). A meme whose time has come is a powerful thing.

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