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The early Christians had various theories about Jesus.

Jesus did not become 'officially' divine until 325 AD.

This was when the Council of Nicaea, set up by the Roman emperor Constantine, decided that Jesus, like many Roman Emperors, was divine.

Most scholars agree that Jesus did actually exist.

"Amy-Jill Levine states that ... 'there is a consensus of sorts on the basic outline of Jesus' life' in that most scholars agree that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, debated Jewish authorities on the subject of God, performed some healings, gathered followers...."[68]

Christ myth theory - Wikipedia

In The Historical Jesus; Five Views, Robert Price suggests that the story of Jesus in the Gospels contains borrowings from pagan mythology.

In the same book, Professor Luke Timothy Johnson lists all the things historians can know with 'a very high degree of probability' about Jesus - Jesus taught in parables, Jesus healed people, Jesus taught about God's Kingdom.

The Recliner Commentaries: Five views of the historical Jesus

Osiris's resurrection is celebrated on the third day

Does the story of Jesus show strong parallels to myths of dying and rising gods?

Apparently not.

"Early in the 20th century, Gerald Massey argued that there are similarities between the Egyptian dying-and-rising god myths and Jesus.[22]

"Massey stated that the biblical references to Herod the Great were based on the myth of 'Herrut' the evil hydra serpent."

However, the existence of Herod the Great "can be well established without reliance on Christian sources."[23] 

In other words, Herod was not Herrut.

"The overall scholarly consensus is that while the examples provided often involve death of the deity, they do not generally involve resurrection of the same deity.[2] 

"Eddy and Boyd state that upon careful analysis, it turns out that there is often either no death, no resurrection or no god in the examples used to construct each of the examples in the category.[17]

"Jonathan Z. Smith, a scholar of comparative religions, writes the category is 'largely a misnomer based on imaginative reconstructions and exceedingly late or highly ambiguous texts.'[1][37]


Is Christianity similar to the Roman religion Mithraism?

Early Christian authors "took an extremely negative view of Mithraism" and saw their practices "as evil copies of Christian practices."[209]

Stanley porter notes that "Mithraism only reached Asia minor in the latter part of the first century, after the basic elements of the gospels were in place, and hence could not have influenced the essential elements of the gospels."[211]

David Strauss (1808–1874), a German theologian, believed that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and that the encounter had influenced the views of Jesus.

However, Strauss believed that "the additional elements of the sky opening, the dove descending on Jesus as the Holy Spirit, etc. were subsequent miraculous embellishments by the authors of the gospels intended to emphasize the importance of a key event in the life of Jesus."[220] [225]

Strauss believed that the divine spirit was embedded in all of humanity.

In 1890, Sir James George Frazer published the first edition of The Golden Bough which showed "the shared elements of religious belief."

Frazer himself believed that Jesus existed.[235]

William Benjamin Smith (1850–1934) argued for a symbolic interpretation of the stories about Jesus.

Smith argues that in the parable of the Jesus and the rich young man there never was a young man, and the young man symbolizes the nation of Israel.[254]

Dying and rising gods

What evidence is there that Jesus was (A) an opponent of the Establishment, or (B) a tool of the establisment?

1. Jesus shared meals with outcasts, which annoyed the Pharisees, strong supporters of the laws and traditions of the Jewish people.

Jesus said: "Be on your guard against the Doctors of the Law, who like to walk about in robes and be saluted in the streets... who devour the livelihood of widows..."

2. Jesus talked of 'good people' being his 'brothers' and 'sisters'.

3. Jesus urged people to 'renounce self'.

Jesus said: "If anyone wishes to be the first, he must be the last of all and the servant of all."

Jesus said: "Why do you call me good? No one but God is good."

4. Jesus said: "How difficult it is for men of wealth to enter the Kingdom of God."

What about Quantum Physics, Jesus and Intuition?

"Free will allows us to choose to continue to influence reality with our memories (Ego) 

Or we can choose to accept our identity as projections of the Father and consciously co-create with the Father...

"Quantum physics has proven that the belief of the observer is translated in the test tube. 

"Each energy packet can become particle or remain as energy depending on the expectation of the observer. 

"This is known as the observer effect.

"Positive Thinking is Merely Scratching the Surface of Truth: We must be attentive to intuition

"As the Quantum physicist has discovered, our beliefs come true. 

"This is the key to the kingdom which we forgot shortly after birth. 

"Our parents probably forgot that we are connected, just as they are connected to the One. 

"In this same way, Herod of Judea forgot that he and Jesus were both born of the Creator/Father/One. 

"Herod attempted to kill Jesus by ordering all the newborn children of Bethlehem to be slain.

"But, since Joseph was attentive to his intuition, (for intuitive training go to Andrea Hess...) he was warned by the One/Creator/Father to flee to Egypt. 

"Jesus was safe during His childhood. They only returned to Israel after they were told of the death of Herod.

"When Jesus was grown, he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights before beginning His ministry... a month of fasting will cause an altered state of reality.

"When Jesus was tempted by His Ego to turn the stones into bread, He reminded the tempter that 'man does not live by bread alone.' Thus He determined to finish his vision quest...

"Jesus told the Ego to get behind Him because it is only the One/Source/Creator who would be served.

"To accept our identity as co-Creators with the One, we must put our finite Egos behind us. 

"Our Subconscious mind is connected to our Higher Mind and to the Creator/One/Source. 

"The Ego is only connected to our conscious minds and helps keep us involved in this physical world. 

"But, at the same time, we must learn to influence our Subconscious Minds in order to create our reality..."



Le Gallinacé said...

quel ennui ce Dieu juif ! Pouah !

Zoompad said...

"Jesus did not become 'officially' divine until 325 AD."

Jesus didn't really need the Roman Empire's approval or consent to become divine

Anonymous said...

More religious deceit of all kinds....

Anonymous said...

Ud better get more info from matthew delooze.... religion, the cancer of humanity

Anonymous said...

US looted thousands of Iraq’s cultural treasures: Iraqi archaeologist

BBC top 40 censors anti-Thatcher song

Anonymous said...

The Egyptian god Osiris was resurrected (2500 BC)

Anonymous said...

To deny Jesus's divine nature is to deny the almost 3000 years of biblical prophecy which concerned Him and Him alone, not to mention the over 500 eyewitnesses who walked and talked with the resurrected Christ; how is this explained, mass hysteria? To the extent of being willingly fed to lions for the saturday afternoon matinee? While there is no doubt the roman empire twisted and appropriated elements of Christianity to suit there own ends, and the resulting catholic religion is testament to that, the core beliefs have virtually remained the same; Jesus was the Word made flesh; and in the beginning the poWord was with God: and the Word WAS God,, no matter how many humanist opinions argue otherwise, which seems to be the raison d'etre with most modern thought about the historical Jesus/Yaheshua, #1; DENY His Holy(separate) nature as Redeemer, Saviour,and Judge of the whole world, foretold in millenia of prophecy and scripture LONG before romes power existed!!! "He that believeth in Me hath everlasting life",,,,,? Beat that, He Is Lord; Shalowm.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at Lazarus' rising...the translation says he was "stinking" of death. Try to explain that with quantum physics.

Anonymous said...

Brainwashing has been the rule of the day for...ever.
The bravest thing anyone can do is chuck everything they have learned and start from scratch asking themselves at every turn, Cui Bono? and what do I want my life to look like?

The Jesus myth is the Hero Myth is the story of the Sun and Earth cycles as told by a few who would control the many.

Ignore the few and relate to consciousness as you experience it not as you are told to experience it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a feeble collection of New Age propaganda. To ask a "Scholar" usually the least intelligent elements of society, who recite any nonsense if the salary fits, is ridiculous.
Jesus was devine from day one of creation, as he is the Alpha and the Omega. You want to find the real Jesus? You find him nowhere else than in the Bible.

No More Myths said...

It has been said that myth is someone else's religion. There are few believers who are willing to subject their own faith to critical analysis.

Here are some resources for those who care to investigate:

Caratacus said...

Anonymous said...
I'm amazed at Lazarus' rising...the translation says he was "stinking" of death. Try to explain that with quantum physics.

Any parent who has had to enter their fifteen year old son's bedroom to wake them up - windows tight shut, last week's socks on the floor and a general air redolent of a digestive system in robust good health - will be able to explain that without recourse to quantum physics ...

Jasper Jones said...

They lived with Jesus Christ for 3 and half years and saw him crucified and rise again. They wrote all about it as eyewitnesses. Then they went to martyrs deaths affirming that what they said was true. It's rather outrageous to stand over the blood of those men and say that they all gave their lives professing a lie that knew was a lie. If you think they did, then you might as well doubt every historical event that ever happened because not one of them has any greater certainty than that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and rose again from the dead.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this sampling, coming on the heels of reading 3/4ths of Joe DIspenza'a two books on the brain, and Brian Griffith's "Correcting Jesus", and posting Westenra's "Mary, Did You Know?". Everyone wants to take a crack at defining who and what the fellow was/is; "spin" is not a 20th century phenomenon. I would simply like to get to know him and his closest acolytes more deeply.

Nadru said...

I love your blog, but this is "New Age Zeitgeist" nonsense.

Satan was around from the beginning and he was around at the time of Osiris. Satan rules the world and is the great deceiver and the great imitator.

... said...

I'm glad I read the disclaimer at the end of this post, but I'm really not keen on reading so many different views on this subject, some of which are HIGHLY misinformed, if not completely out there to cause confusion and push atheism using deceitful means!


Greg Burton said...

Hmm, this 9/11 Truth business has led me deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole: first the physical evidence invalidates the official version of 9/11, which leads to speculating about who the real criminals are, who benefited, the Bush CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, their close-knit inter-locking corporations, and the neoconservatives.

Understanding the philosophical underpinnings of this philosophical movement, the PNAC, Strauss, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Hegel, Plato, all leading back to Mithraism, the dying Sun, the cult of Baal, Luciferism. The worship of Satan, using ritual child abuse and sacrifice.

Luciferism appears to form the basis of the inter-connected secret societies, that now operate clandestinely in the world, working in concert to reduce nations states into their version of NWO. Using false-flag terrorism, Project Monarch torture and drugs to create their proxy armies to undermine nations states, while provided the convenient whipping boys used as the pretext to create the security grid that now enslaves us.

And, in the end this journey down the rabbit hole leads back to the bible, the diaspora, Moses and the exilarchs, and the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus who battled, as had been Moses and exilarchs during the diasporas: the influences of the "mysteries", the pagan cult of the dying Sun God found throughout the middle-east and central Asia (Lurrianic Kabbalah).

Unfortunately, in the end, after the murder of Jesus, it would appear that the job of inculcating the dying Sun God myth into the death and resurrection of Jesus by none other than Saint Paul (Saul of Tarsus), most likely an agent of King Herod's court.

So, here we are: 2600 years later still battling the influences of the Satanic mysteries, invested into our clandestine agencies (CIA Operation Paperclip), the central bankers headed by the City of London, their projects: assassinating world leaders, the Bolsheviks, the Nazis, the creation of Israel, world wars, their related secret societies, their organized crime organizations... all working, most often unbeknownst of each other, of the roles they are playing (privilege and security, the need to know, the annular structure of intelligence organizations and secret societies) in the creation of fascist NWO now taking shape before our eyes.

Anonymous said...

Jesus is God throughout the Bible (John 1:1).

majestika said...

Michael Parenti's 'God & His Demons' is definitely worth a read for anyone interested in the Jesus cult.

Anonymous said...

Wondering Ewe

William makes some interesting points about the mystery schools. Many answers can be found in the bible. Recently I was reading the comments following a Morris108 YouTube video. A commenter, said that even more answers could be found in a book published in 1975 "The Babylonian Woe, by Capt. David Astle (1916-2008). It can be easily found, just run a search. It is an anthropological account, going back to Sumer and Ur. It clearly explains how the priest/king system of governance was corrupted by the Babylonian money (metals/fiat currency) system that we use today.

After what little reading I've done (30 pages), it seems that going to a gold standard would be playing into the same game.

John Kaminski has devoted a report on the book (his link to it is broken) HERE

Wonderful site you have here. One of the best on the Internet!


Anonymous said...

@anon 2:33 and @no more myths - thanks for the great info. The rest of those "believers" are heavily brainwashed, I pity them....

Tyrone McCloskey said...

Jesus was a construct of available memes about various messiah super powers and was assembled as controlled opposition during the Jewish War 66-70 AD at the behest of the Flavian emperors- Xianity was a replacement “religion” for Judaism to get the Jewish people off the kill Rome train wreck- Quantum physics starts with the powers that be instructing Kant to secularize religion in the wake of the Enlightenment- Kant gives Newtonian objectiveness the boot and replaces it with subjective sense certainty as the only knowable reality, which immediately opens the door again for mystical thinking and the new religion of Nationalism to replace the now redundant universal (Catholic) church- Always and forever, the powers that be are trying like hell to lasso the individual mind and will with utter bullshit!

Anonymous said...

"Jesus didn't really need the Roman Empire's approval or consent to become divine"

Like many Christian Barrackers, you're missing the point. As long as Christians treat Jesus like a Pop Star they will never understand him.

Anonymous said...

"Beat that, He Is Lord"

Sounds more like a Bieber fan than a Christian. This is the whole problem. To busy Hosanna-ing to actually think.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Orthodox Christian and I was intending to defend the faith after reading this post, but see I have been beaten to it by some other faithful servants.

Instead I will tackle the quantum reality idea. I tried to accept it and understand it (although it's proponents agree it cannot truly be understood) until I found this site, and realised it was just another one of those 'things you don't have to believe in.'

from the site:

Common Sense Science is a body of theory regarding matter and forces that describes the physical world using geometric models, absolute time and Galilean space in a way that strives to be consistent with experimental observations and free of internal contradictions. The foundational principles of CSS theory are based upon the law of cause and effect and the assertion that the universe and all natural phenomena are fundamentally electrical in character.

These principles have led to the derivation of a universal force law that applies on all scales ranging from the sub-atomic to the cosmic domain and to the development of physical models for elementary particles, nuclei, atoms and molecules. Although the new models are novel and in many ways strikingly different from the standard model of elementary particles, they have an inherent simplicity and physical form that appeals to common sense. One reason for this is because the CSS models can be visualized and analyzed using the math and physics commonly found to hold true at laboratory scales.

There is excellent material on this site that debunks qt on logical grounds. If you are honest, not just looking for a sciency sounding theory to support a vague new age spiritual thing, you will have a laugh at qt and enjoy the beauty of the subatomic world these true scientists reveal.

Hope this site's authors also investigate this alternative to mainstream scientism and post their conclusions. It should be an interesting test of their integrity.

Forgive me if I offend, it is not my intention, but sometimes the result of my style.

Dublinmick said...

Why not take a look at what Jesus actually said? Surely he should have a say in this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:56 posits that QT is "laughable" on reliance of theories promoted by Dr. Bill Lucas has been challenged, fairly in my view, on his presuppositional bias to scientific theory. That being, his science attempts to prove God and to support christian tenets with the model that he uses to challenge QT. If you are going to read Lucas, you must be informed that his scientific work is informed and driven by subjectivity, which is not good science, at best. If god is to be proven and seen through science, god does not need skewed science to get it done. Plus, why is the website not vital? (no updates in a couple years...not a good sign).

Anonymous said...

Jewish fairy tales!

Dublinmick said...

Anyone in need of proof God exists is beyond any attempt at casual conversation or presentation of theories.

There is an invisible force that makes the grass grow, causes thunder in the heavens, (combining positive and negative energy) forms the baby in the womb and causes the heart to beat. This force is nominally referred to as God or nature. Of course there is a Herculean effort to confuse the issue and a great platform used for debate by charlatans and pseudo intellectuals.

It is all quite simple really if we put on our thinking caps. It is only the gov, corporate, religious octopus that passes the collection plate that confuses the issue.

To avoid untold suffering, the natural world must prevail.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6.00 pm:

The common sense site does two things, debunks qt, and proposes the spinning charge ring model as an alternative. Criticism of qt is rare, especially as it supports the new religious vagueness that the 'truth movement' has become such a trojan horse for.

The site is valuable for uncovering another thing we don't have to believe. Whether or not we believe the alternative is another question. I prefer the spinning charge ring model because it works better and has a physical reality. That doesn't mean I believe in it. They are models. Unless we are in the business of applied science, our scientific beliefs mainly impact our philosophy, theology, worldview. qt is referenced mainly in articles on religion, spirituality to bolster pre-conceptions of modern philosophy, which underlies the current malaise. That's a fact. First destroy the old, then bring in the new. It's ongoing and obvious.

Yes, they are biased. only a robot cannot think without bias. I prefer their bias, due to my bias. An atheist or new ager would prefer the bias inherent in qt, evolution etc.

I posted mainly for christians to help them counter increasing attacks on Christ and promotion of new age in the truth movement by providing a link to a resource debunking qt, and to show alternatives exist that are viable and consistent with observation.

The truth sites like to attack the mainstream culture and whatever is promoted in the mainstream media, with the exception of - qt, christianity sux, evolution, buddhism lite (new age) and humanistic, revolutionary philosophy. Think it through.

Trojan horse.

Glory to God!

Dublinmick said...

No need for a new age when you have an old age that is timeless.

Constantine was the new age.

Anonymous said...

After reading many comments on this subject how can you not surmise mind control. Reading about Saul of Tarsus he was a magician and clearly working for earthy gains. This stuff is simple. Sunday worshippers!!!!

Ruth of Exeter said...

Take a look at Chris White's nowheretorun channel on You Tube for some brilliant and humorous debunkings of the Gnostic lies about Jesus of Nazareth, God come to earth.

Or just read John's Gospel and let the mighty words of the one true God blow you away with its beauty and power.

And stop hating the Jews! They are still God's people and a remant will be saved, Rothschilds notwithstanding!

Anonymous said...

God is not in a book, this is so frustrating. Religion is designed to separate you from the Devine/spirit/the big electron what ever you wish to call it. open you eyes and heart, you are surrounded by spirit and you are part of it. As for all you Jesus worshippers, you have completely missed the point, Jesus is a way of being and quite frankly if he did exist, he would be disgusted in all this worship and waiting on him to save you. People get out of your churches, put down your books, get out into the community and be the change you wish to see in the world

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