Friday, April 12, 2013


Glenda Jackson criticises Margaret Thatcher in Commons debate

1. I remember chatting to one of Margaret Thatcher's financial advisers about her closing down of some of Britain's manufacturing  industry.

This gentleman replied that there was no need to worry as Britain's future lay with Britain's banks.

Modern Britain.

2. Thatcher survived because of SCOTTISH OIL.

That oil wealth was squandered.

Thatcherism saw child poverty grow by 121...

3. Britain should not go back to the future

By Martin Wolf in the Financial Times.

"The UK has been left an economy with a remarkably late-19th century look

"Today’s British economy is the legacy of Margaret Thatcher...

"By 2007, UK output per worker was 85 per cent of US levels, the same as in France...

"Prof Van Reenen notes important failures:

"Rising inequality,

"Excessive financial deregulation

"And inadequate investment in both human and physical capital...

"Thatcher - like many who supported her - had a 19th-century view of the economy, rejecting most of what happened in the 20th century...

"It is not an accident that an effort by a forceful politician to reverse the interventionism of the 20th century has brought the UK so far back to this future.

"Thus, it has:

"Weak domestic manufacturing...

"Rising inequality

"And low private and public investment. 

"It all looks remarkably late-19th century...

"The crisis has shown that the post-Thatcher economy was weaker than many believed." 

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Anonymous said...

There are so many legitimate reasons to criticize Thatcher.

Domestic policies have been well covered here.
Her efforts to support the vile Khmer Rouge in Cambodia IMO say more about her than anything.

So it must seem very convenient (almost a blessing!) that 'spontaneous' belligerent protests against her have occurred.
The media coverage of these ugly little street protests has been intense and unrelenting........unlike any discussion of Thatchers evil deeds.
Hell if these distracting ugly little protests were not naturally occurring, one could almost imagine the spin doctors creating a few on their own.......but that would involve some sort of elaborate conspiracy, and we all know better than to believe in such things ;-)


Anonymous said...

FG, it looks like the elaborate has become routine over the decades.

Your writing is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thats what happens when financial fuckwits run the economies for the fuckwit few...its not rocket science people!


Anonymous said...

One remembers quite clearly the language adopted at the time - 'trickle-down' economy. Give the wealth-generators all the resources they require to create wealth, and the wealth will tickle down to the peasants. Looking back now, we see quite clearly that there was nothing trickling down. What an appaling crime against the people.

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