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These two men, seen at the Boston marathon finishing line just prior to the blasts, are wearing military desert-boots (top picture).

One wears a cap with a logo used by US special forces or former special forces (bottom picture).

They could be National Guard Civil Support Teams (CSTs)

"At least one of them is wearing an earpiece, the type the Secret Service use to communicate on site during operations."

Boston Bombing: Craft International Trained Men at Bombing Location Before Attack

Navy Seal Kyle

A National Guard crisis team, the New York-based 24th National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team, was in Boston when the bombs went off.

National Guard WMD Unit That Helped in Boston

The boy who died (top); man going through bag (bottom)

Anonymous writes:

The two guys spotted on the finish line are from the 1st unit WMD CST located in Boston, MA

That is:

A Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team.

One wears a logo used by special operations people.

Man with rucksack

"WMD CST 1st unit did a drill in Boston, MA

"Loc. 666 street.

"Near the oldest masonic tavern."

WMD CST 1st unit

Scott Creighton disagrees with John Kaminski

Boston Bombing: The “No Real Victims” “Crisis Actors” Disinfo Has Started Early

Craft is a private military/security firm similar to Blackwater (Xe).

Craft International in Boston at the marathon.

4chan.orgAnthony Gucciardi, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones have revealed that there were private military contractors with backpacks operating at the scene of the Boston Bombs.

The Craft International uniform.

Before the bombs went off.

After the bombs

After the bombs

After the bombs

Victim with meat

Victim without meat

Sandy Hook and Boston.

"According to the main stream media, this time her name is Donna and she was just a few blocks away from the Boston bombings... I don't believe this was a mistake from FOX News. In my opinion, it is the signature of those behind the Sandy Hook massacre, connecting the two events."

Humans Are Free: The Boston Bombing Is An Inside Job - Evidence


KPatrickRyan said...

This is admittedly a strange one.

I believe it is an offshoot of Operation Gladio (or whatever TPTB label the former Op Gladio today) and yet... those behind Gladio (in the late 60's thru the 90's) and its offshoots had no regard for human life and cared not a damn for those they murdered in order to better serve their own interests.

Yet the photographs of the victims are certainly suspicious...
I've never had the experience of having a good part of my left leg blown to smithereens, so I can't say for certain, but I tend to believe that if some dumbass were propelling me about in a wheelchair while the first 5 or so inches of my fibula or tibia (I don't pretend to know which of the two is shown in that photograph above) hangs out in the breeze, uncovered, facing the chilly Massachusetts spring day that it would very likely really hurt and thus I'd tell the idiot rolling me along to STOP! and let someone with the proper training set my extensive wound before giving me the remaining tour of the city.

My problem is this: I still believe it is an Operation Gladio styled attack. I however, can't comprehend why they'd use actors rather cause real pain, misery, and death. After all, that's what they're especially adept at sharing with the world.

Newspaceman said...

Re craft international - "Breivik" planted "his" bomb in a Volkswagen crafter van.


Walter Wit Man said...

For a guy that has a number of "fake" tags, and covers the "fake" Libyan and Syrian revolutions, Scott Creighton sure is working hard to erect a gate around this event.

Based on his clash with Phil Jayhan and Let's Roll (there's more history than this post), I'm convinced Creighton is the disinformation agent. It's very interesting to see the infighting in the 9/11 truth communities--the squabbles between Simon Shack and Phil Jayhan and now with Willy Loman and how many others, like the Loose Change guys? There are definitely lots of disinformation agents about. I guess this subject is worth investigating if people are working so hard to throw dust in the air.

Anonymous said...

@Walter Wit Man - my thoughts on Creighton exactly. Thanks for ur post. I posted already on his blog, IM sure Ill get slammed just like the rest of "black sheeps"

Greg Bacon said...

While the sheeple were glued to their TalmuVision sets, the Senate was prepping the US to go to war with Israel against Iran.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has passed a resolution expressing U.S. solidarity with Israel if it has to defend itself militarily against Iran’s nuclear development program.

The resolution, introduced by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ), was approved Tuesday and must now be considered by the full Senate.

Resolution 65 says Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capability poses a threat to the United States, the West and Israel. It urges the full implementation of U.S. and international sanctions on Iran and calls on President Obama to continue to strengthen their enforcement.

“If the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” the resolution said, "the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with United States law and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence."

Will the MSM give the horrific fertilizer plant blast in Texas wall to wall coverage? Probably not, since they'll be restricted by FACTS.

Anonymous said...

On A site that sells tactical gear for IDF and other special forces, many patches with the Punisher logo can be ordered.
The object of these attacks is clear,
being Boston the city where the Tea revolution act happened. The perpetrators seem to like specific dates: the numeber of accident in the second week of april is huge.

Anonymous said...

LOOK AT THE GUY with black sun glasses, lying down next to the black woman wearing red, does he look terrified? More like chilling out....

Anonymous said...

Gladio was the name for italian operations, on the NATO scale it was/is called STAY BEHIND.

As per info - Most probably the two guys are the communication team: See the second post here (communication team composed of two elements)

Title misleads, but this way it is trolls free ;]

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Craft team gather after the explosions.

Anonymous said...

very interesting

reddpill said...

Here's your motive for the bombing which was in the New York Times the very same day. Then the bombs exploded...

Anonymous said...

Further pics of Craft team who appear to be searching for further bombs & possibly using geiger counter.

Anonymous said...

I find it exceedingly difficult to believe or sense that a faked victim hoax with fake blood and actors was pulled off in the middle of a large crowd at a well-photographed-and-videoed event. There are scads of videos of the explosions and the scene before and after. As a former practitioner of the arts of emergency medical response, mass casualty incident planning and drilling, and one loosely affiliated with trauma care institutions and emergency medicine associations in this area, I can tell you that the state of the art is high. But more to the point the 4Chan photos -- which have now been more widely circulated by me and that dissemination also includes to media outlets in the Boston area as well as the Boston Police and the FBI, as well as several Internet outlets, may show practitioners of deception through clothing masquerade and who are well-practiced in terror and false flag activities.

Anonymous said...

I believe this was probably done by some military person making part of the drills going on that day. Not sure if this person is part of a big government conspiracy or someone that acted alone. You would need to have access of the area without anyone suspecting of your intent. Whoever did this sent a message that no matter how well protected you seem to be, we can still cause you harm.

hu bris said...

check his name out

check his name out

Anonymous said...

Of course the GLOBALIST inbred elitists are behind this (& just about every other 'media-covered' 'act' of so-called 'terror' - because the elite declared the American People 'their enemy
' in 1933 (look it up). They knew that their 'LIVE STOCK' (us; the People) would 'wake up' one day - this 'terror' shit over the last ten to twenty years is just THEM, their think tanks and THEIR armed FORCES forcing the will of their masters upon us. We, the People don't 'own' anything - we are owned, and this is how they solve their problems when the herd gets out of line. Wars are culling operations. Terror is an operation in mind control of the masses, period. The problem for the elite is, that the more that they do shit like this to the innocent (& gullible & or fearful of the truth) People, the more that they risk waking too many of the sheep up. They and all of their minions who hide behind flags (& false flag operations) are cowards and traitors to humanity, no matter what costume they're wearing. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

Really interesting info here. Is anybody else wondering exactly WHY they have been leaving so many blatant clues in the open? All of the recent psyops have been laced with obvious clues, for example clothing, they went out of their way to identify themselves. The same day as the Boston bombing, I thought the image with the cowboy hat guy and the guy with blown off leg in wheelchair was strange. I plugged the "Tough Ruck" phrase from Cowboy guy's shirt into Google and it immediately led me to suspicious info.

Tough Ruck is a group that runs marathons in Army Rucks for charity. The founder of Tough Ruck is 1LT Stephen Fiola, Mass National Guard. He also runs a company called “Anonymous Guy Productions, LTD”.

This person also works for Anon Guy Prod:

Here is one of JJ Shebesta's past jobs:

Special Effects Supervisor, Writer
Oak Hill Pictures, LLC

February 2001 – February 2005 (4 years 1 month)

Conceptualized and supervised design, outsourcing and execution of all digital and practical effects for the feature length 16mm horror anthology including: chroma keying, compositing, 2D and 3D modeling and animation, prosthetic make-up design and application, mechanized puppet, prop and set fabrication.

Now, I have more than this, and I don't know if any of the above links have been modified since I viewed them on the day of the bombing, but there was plenty else out there to indicate that Anon Guys works on special video projects, laden with special effects.

I don't really know one way or the other what exactly happened on that day, but many/most of the images provided to us are obviously faked.

All I know for certain is that we have a definite problem, at the rate these events are coming.

Anonymous said...

One of those men in khaki and black looks EXACTLY like my kids' father who is on the San Diego County SWAT team, who happens to be on the East coast for a "class"...who do I contact

Anonymous said...

Good research, 1:06 AM.
The many obviously dissonant clues like in Sandy "Hook"
could well have been operations designed
to bring truth seekers to the surface
so they can be rounded up later (DHS/FEMA).

Of course I hope truth seekers speak out anyway,
but please be careful and bond with friends
whose history you know personally.

Dear mother on 3:13 AM,
best contact nobody.
The USA is corrupt to the core,
especially law enforcement and the Justice Mafia.
Unfortunately, you can't trust conspiracy sites either.
And those men, like stupid soldiers sent to foreign wars,
were likely not aware of what was really going on.

Walter Wit Man said...

Yes indeed anonymous at 1:06, good research!

And speaking of ominously dissonant clues designed to attract conspiracy people, check out where 666 Boylston St. is on Google maps. Reminds me of the Satanic connections to Sandy Hook, the weird crop circle like formations in Gene Rosen's back field, and how Sandy Hook may have been on a "Key Line" between Stonehenge and Teotihuacan.

Anonymous said...

Should the storefronts window have exploded inward or opposite of how it is pictured? The carrnage at the scene was cleared before Tv camera began rolling! The first images were of a empty sidewalk covered in blood from a distance when CNBC started its coverage. At first it looked like a crime scene from the day after and the bombing smoke pictures that followed where from another location completely. The they know all of us and laugh at our numbers so far?

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