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 Ronan Parke ‏@RonanParke20h

"Switzerland tomorrow for a private gig with my main man Ben Pryer" 

The good news is that Ronan has not yet followed the 'scandal ridden' path of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Rihanna.

Justin Bieber's Tsunami Wave Of Scandal: A Recap! |

Some people suspect that certain music stars are being mind-controlled by the spooks.

Has Ronan escaped from the allegedly 'bad influences' in the music industry?

Ronan is no longer linked to Simon Cowell or Sony.

Sony share price, in decline.

Sony made a mess of Ronan's first album.

"It’s hard to deny that a lot of the production sounds like it was done on a £20 keyboard from a low-end supermarket. 

"Or as if the producers forked out a few quid on karaoke versions to popular hits, complete with lifeless backing singers, and just left it to Ronan to do all the work."

Ronan Parke - Ronan Parke - Entertainmentwise

Sony's share price has been in decline.

Some people believe that the very gifted Ronan has not yet found the ideal team to manage his career.

The media seems to have lost interest in Ronan.

Ronan is much more classy than Justin Bieber.

Ronan performed Feeling Good at the CCTV New Year's Gala in Beijing on 31 December 2012 in front of an estimated television audience of 700 million

Is it possible to succeed in the music industry if one is not 'MIND CONTROLLED'?

Ronan Parke | Facebook "Christmas with my crazy family!"


Le Gallinacé said...

Tous ces enfants exploité par les Juifs, c'est une honte !

Anonymous said...

As poor COREY HAIM, another child actor used and abused by Hollyweird, mind controlled/MK ultra victim, said in a interview about being in the showbiz: "ITS LIKE CIA, MAN. ONCE U ARE IN, U CAN NEVER GET OUT".... The interview can be found on youtube.... No way for Parke to go on a different route, its simply impossible

Anonymous said...

@bg - its not just jews that exploit the children, is it? How many times exploitation starta in their own "sweet traditional" families? Hard to use ur brain, ha? Many times Jews just finish what we start so to say....

Anonymous said...

senator Mc carthy warned of the Holywood jews, given secret info by Soviet defectors and insiders he warned the US, and had they taken warning the communist philosophy which now runs us all may not have happened

Ann Diamond said...

Anonymous said...

Funny, quoting the sleaziest, scuzziest, gossip since Louella Parsons and Westbrook Pegler were mobbed up with the mob and J. Edgar. One who knows where everyones' bones are buried in Hollywood. One who eulogized the great Sir Jimmy and waited weeks to mention the scandal. You think that one and his Gambino mob friends will try to frame up Biebs as a hamster and monkey abuser? Or maybe they just don't like Canadians much? Or maybe they were just protecting and blackmailing a possible future PM?

With paedophilia rampant at every level of society in the UK, there has not been a single reported incident of the same in recent Hollywood history, excepting the much beloved and now sainted Michael Jackson. Parents could leave 5 year old toddlers roaming Hollywood and Santa Monica boulevards at four in the morning and rest assured no harm would befall them. Save on babysitters.

Anonymous said...

The music industry is run by the Kosher Nostra. The allegations that Michael Jackson was being controlled by them could very well be true as his children showed up in my class one day though I didn't know who they were then. The school was in a very Mossad neighborhood so its interesting that there could be a connection. Also he was being seen by a Rabbi therapist. These connections are never investigated in L.A. because the Mossad is used by the government to spy on citizens. There seem to be many criminal networks in the surrounding area as drugs are brought into the local Marina. Good luck getting anyone to investigate. The fake Fedex people have already knocked on my door.

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