Tuesday, April 09, 2013


The 'Rescuing Hug'...

This is a story of twins.

"One baby was not expected to live. 

"A hospital nurse fought to put them in the same incubator.

"The stronger baby wrapped her arm around her sister, and her touch allowed the struggling baby's heart to stabilize and her temperature to return to normal."

The Twins when older. PARTLY IN ENGLISH.

Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born in 1995 at the Massachusetts Memorial Hospital in Worcester, MA.

Each of the twins weighed two pounds at birth.

Kyrie was putting on a bit of weight.

Brielle was gasping and blue-faced.

Nurse Gayle Kasparian put Brielle in the incubator with her sister Kyrie.

Almost immediately, Brielle snuggled up to Kyrie.

Her blood-oxygen saturation levels, which had been much too low, went up fast.

She began to breathe more easily.

The crying stopped and her normal colour quickly returned.



su said...

I have always loved this image and the wisdom of those who took the action to put them besides each other.

Wendy said...

super !

A13 said...

the power of love and connectedness knows no age or indifference...

Anonymous said...

Warms my heart.

Little buddies since the first inception of consciousness inside their mother.

Love can bring pain, but it also heals and transcends age, time, distance. Even death is helpless before its might.

Compare this story from a very pink and girly website.

If the background facts are correct, they likely are genuine twinsters.

No matter what, they are very definitely two very beautiful women.

Different histories, different languages, separated for decades, but still bound by sisterly love.

If only the people of North and South Korea felt the same longing and affection for their kin.

This is also the non-conventional weapon that will bring peace to the peninsula.

Ten thousand children sent by their parents on a trek, to Pyongyang, to Seoul. Armed only with flowers and a message: "Dear brothers and sisters, we entrust to you our children, who are most precious to us in this world. We love you and want to be friends again."

You think this is not doable?

Who will win in the end?
The warmongers or the peacemakers?

"You're one groovy baby, ... baby."

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