Thursday, April 11, 2013


"I read Lady M's autobiographical 'Memoirs of a Marriage' where she states:

"'At the age of 10 or 11 I announced I wanted to play golf, I didn't even know what golf was and to this day cannot explain the compulsion.'

"When I read how she met her husband-to-be on a golf course in Davos, Switzerland and they were married three months later I just wondered (y'know)!"

Continued here: Has Dream Research been Militarised?


aferrismoon said...

Hi Aang

Re: links

Perhaps u may not agree but 'Englishrussia' is a great site with 3 to 6 photo or vid stories everyday, sometimes they get photos earleir than the msm, like the pics taken from atop the pyramids a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Bob Hope and Tiger Woods

Anonymous said...

‘US does not want a War – they want Regime Change in North Korea’

How Thatcher helped Pol Pot

Anonymous said...

It looks like They have been fiddling with baby bodies again...

If I was given the chance I would start by very lengthy detention and interrogation of all mortuary workers, crematorium workers and funeral directors. Lie detector tests, cross examination, mapping associations etc etc.

The evidence will quickly come to the fore. The links will become clear. It is going to happen.

Just a question of time.Cant wait;)

Carol A. Valentine

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