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Ann Widdecombe and Mick Philpott.

Ann Widdecombe, the daughter of a Ministry of Defence civil servant, was a minister in the UK government department responsible for the police in England, and the UK security service MI5.

In 2007, Ann Widdecombe spent a week living with the Mick Philpott family for a television documentary.

On 2 April 2013, Mick Philpott was found guilty of the manslaughter of six of his children.

In 2007, Philpott also appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show, which is similar to the Jerry Springer Show.

The six Philpott children died as the result of the Allenton house fire, on 11 May 2012, in Allenton, Derby [1]

A spokesman for Derbyshire police said: "In October 2012, we received a call from a woman who reported that she was sexually assaulted by Jimmy Savile in 1966.

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The Jillings Peport, was led by former Derby social services chief John Jillings. 

It revealed the widespread abuse of children in care, some as young as 10. 

The report was supressed.

The Jillings report: How the truth about North Wales child abuse ...


In the Waterhouse Tribunal of Inquiry (into child abuse) "The Judge made it contempt of court for anyone to publish the names of the paedophiles and so the names could never be spoken and lay gathering dust in Andrea Davison's home until .... DC Stephen Winnard of Derby police seized them.

"Then followed years of persecution of Andrea Davison by the Derby Police and the State culminating in a trial in her absence over two and a half years later allegedly about documents the police had seized in January 2010."


Andrea Davison.

Researcher Andrea Davison said of Member of Parliament Geoffrey Dickens :

"We had a common interest in exposing corruption, particularly police corruption, and child abuse.

"Many of my documents and evidence was stolen by the Police.

"I am reliably informed that the Government were worried in 2009 that, because of Jimmy Savile, the VIP Paedophile Ring would be exposed and they made an effort to, as DC Winnard of the Derby police put it, 'tie up loose ends'..."

Geoffrey Dickens gave part of the missing 'Dossier' - Justice Denied

The children of Mick Philpott

Local councillor Mick Barker said: "Everyone in the police knew of Mick and the fact he was using his children to live a life of luxury on welfare..."

Derby City Council has admitted that the children were "not subject to child protection plans or legal orders".



Mick Philpott had been in the military.

In 1978, aged 21, while absent without leave from the Army, Philpott attempted to murder his girlfriend Kim Hill.

(Previously, Philpott had shot Kim in the groin with a crossbow and had cracked her kneecap with a hammer.)

Philpott stabbed Kim over a dozen times; he stabbed her mother. 

Kim suffered collapsed lungs, and a punctured bladder, kidney and liver. 

Philpott was sentenced to seven years in prison but was released after 3 years and 2 months.[8]


In 1991, Philpott was given a two-year conditional discharge for assault occasioning actual bodily harm for headbutting a colleague.[4]

In 2002, Lisa Willis, a 17-year-old orphan, and a single mother, moved into Philpott's council house.

Philpott began to beat Willis.

In 2003, Philpott married Mairead Duffy, a 19-year-old single mother.[11]

Lisa Willis was bridesmaid at the wedding of Mick and Mairead, despite being Mick's mistress.

Mick and Mairead Philpott, along with their best friend Paul Mosley, were convicted of manslaughter of the six children on 2 April 2013.

Derby City Council has admitted that the children were "not subject to child protection plans or legal orders".



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i believe they are part of a paedo ring

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australia child abuse

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U SAW IT COMING? Ban lifted on pro-paedophilia group in The Netherlands

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regarding the link by anon about the 10 year old abducted in California by pedos, the media is taking us for idiots:
"The kidnapping and sexual assault of a 10-year-old Northridge girl last week was believed to have begun as a "hot prowl" burglary, law enforcement sources said."

kristin in Arizona

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Hi. Aangirfan.
Give me a contact email address.
I have some documents for you.

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several of the killers of recent times including the cambridge rapist, Ian Brady Fred West etc were all in the army and several were in special forces
Ian Brady was given extensive training in the silent kill

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You are so damn good. Can you look into this? The following came from the WayneMadsenReport. He is good too.

Regarding the Sandy Hook Show:

In 2006, WMR was informed by an aggrieved Connecticut mother that her attempts to rescue her teenage son from a group of serial child abusers embedded in Connecticut's Department of Children and Families and rest of the state government forced her to flee the state. She revealed that two Connecticut high schools, Staples High in Westport and Ridgefield High in Ridgefield were involved in covering up cases of abuse of students and that the cover up extended to the police departments of Westport and Ridgefield. Attempts by the mother of one abused male teen were rebuffed by Bridgeport Superior Court judge Edgar Bassick and other superior court judges and state's attorneys. Th tolerance for child abuse also extended to the office of the Attorney General of Connecticut at the time, Richard Blumenthal, who is now a U.S. senator and someone who spent three days in Newtown consoling the townspeople and families of the shooting victims and then-Governor John Rowland, who was later convicted and jailed on corruption charges.

Some of the child abuse in Connecticut also involved "new age" religious cults, including some with Satanist underpinnings.

The 1996 report by John M. Massameno, Senior Assistant State's Attorney for Connecticut, contains allegations of prosecutorial misconduct in dealing with child abuse cases by the state of Connecticut and by federal authorities, including the FBI, as well as by state judicial authorities, including Judge Nicola Rubinow. The Massameno Report was sealed by Rubinow but it was leaked on the Internet.

The Newtown massacre was a heart-wrenching tragedy, however, there may be other tragedies involving a long history of tolerance of child abuse by Connecticut authorities lurking behind the scenes.


Anonymous said...

Fred West and many others were bottom feeders who provided meat or acted as gophers to the real sickos

Much of this is mind control related

Philpott has mind control written all over him. Military service; totally self-centered; lack of empathy; others around them also manipulated; angry; shamelessness; exhibitionism. etc. etc.

He was dressed up to be an evil and volatile clown when in truth he was a puppet created by the 'elite' in order to gain more power and control by helping to vilify and destroy the welfare state that They themselves brought in for the purposes of social engineering and control. It can be summed up as simply as this:


Carol A. Valentine

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Zoompad said...

"In 2007, Ann Widdecombe spent a week living with the Mick Philpott family for a television documentary."


I got cut off Talk Sport trying to ask Ann Widdecombe about why women were being persecuted and jailed in the secret family courts for trying to protect their children. I continued the conversation by letter and she wrote back a few times. This video is some of the letters we exchanged.

That stupid stupid stupid meddling woman wrote a book, a sort of a sob story about a man going through the secret family courts. Its about time she came clean about who she's been dilly dallying with. She's covered up for the paedos, I don't think she likes women very much, she certainly didn't care about 200 women per year being accused of something a paedophile invented and put into jail without a fair trial!

Anonymous said...

The question no one is asking is that Philpott was constantly in the media - TV shows, newspaper reports, magazines... so did any of them pay him and how much? It seems rather odd this goblin would be happy for the papers to make fun of him for no financial return. Furthermore his control over the women in his life (making them work and give him all their money as well as various sexual perversions) reminds me of Fred West and Manson. What was going on there?

Anonymous said...

Max Clifford charged to appear in court on 11 counts of sexual abuse.

The first of many, I hope.

It seems the police are indeed working hard on this.

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