Friday, April 05, 2013


Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju at the Haemaji Restaurant

I meet the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, in a private room at the Toffy Ukai restaurant in Tokyo.

Kim Jong-un is visiting Japan on a forged Brazilian passport.

Kim Jong-un 'secretly visits Tokyo' - Telegraph

Kim is wearing a Chicago Bulls T-shirt and Nike sneakers.

Kim Jong Un is reported to have had posters of basketball star Michael Jordan on his wall during his schooldays.

I complement Kim on his attire.

"I got the this shirt from Madeleine Albright," explains Kim. "That was back in 2000."

Kim at school in Berne in Switzerland.

We order tosui-tofu, cubes of tofu in a creamy, savoury casserole of soya milk blended with chicken broth, topped with layers of yuba tofu skin.

Kim asks the waiter for a bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky and some Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes.

Reportedly, Kim is a diabetic and suffers from hypertension.

Kim Jong Un. Soviet records show that Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong il was born in the village of Vyatskoye, near Khabarovsk, in 1941, where his father, Kim Il-sung, commanded the 1st Battalion of the Soviet 88th Brigade. 

As we begin our meal, I ask Kim about his childhood.

"When I was a little boy, my father, Kim Jong il, got me to watch Disney cartoons for hours every day." 

And what about Berne?

"I spent some time in Switzerland," relates Kim.

"Our family often gets together in Switzerland at Lake Geneva and Interlaken.

"That's where we see lots of Monarch butterflies."

Kim attended a Swiss boarding school in Berne in the mid 1990's.

"I was enrolled as the son of the chauffeur of the North Korean Embassy," explains Kim.

Kim Jong Un (right) with his father. Disney is linked to CIA brainwashing. 

Kim Jong-un's Swiss school was the "Liebefeld Steinhölzli" in Köniz near Bern.

Kim Jong-un was described by classmates as shy, awkward with girls, not interested politics, but very interested in sport.

"Sometimes a car from the North Korean Embassy would drive me to Paris to watch an NBA exhibition game," says Kim.

Kim has been photographed with Kobe Bryant and Toni Kukoč.

I ask Kim about his older brother.

"Kim Chong Chol, is a big fan of Eric Clapton," says Kim.

"He's been to  four Clapton concerts, in Germany, and one in Singapore."

Does Kim Jong Un like music?

"I like to drink and party all night, just like my father.

"I use a sauna beat hangovers."

Disney in North Korea.

As the bottle of Johnnie Walker is emptied, Kim Jong Un becomes lucid on the subject of politics.

"My role, as a good socialist, is to promote the interests of the USA's military industrial complex," says Kim.

"Certain Israelis and certain Americans supply our nuclear materials.

"Our Gulags are run by...."

Kim Jong Un in Berne.

Berne is a major base for the CIA and its friends.

In 1943, future CIA Director Allen Dulles moved to Bern in Switzerland.

While I drink my coffee, Kim gets up and starts to dance.


Anonymous said...

THE 9/11 READER. The September 11, 2001 Terror Attacks

Newspaceman said...

Johnnie Walker's "Kilmarnock" - monocled striding man. The one eye represents... you should know, see the missing capstone.

Brand - red label (some might suggest a "bloodline".

He used to "walk/colonise" to the left, that was recently changed to the right.

Bottles were "square", see freemasonry, see 4/4.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

5,500 “Foreign Fighters” Dispatched to Syria. Important Contingent of Terrorists with British Passports

Anonymous said...

Up to 600 European Jihadist Fighters among Syrian Rebels

Anonymous said...

Wait- wait- I see a pattern here.

""That's where we see lots of Monarch butterflies."

Aang and Irfan I believe you're fixated on Monarch butterflies. I used to watch them from my 2nd floor window in Imperial Beach many years ago. Anyone want to publish my bio? /s

kristin in Arizona

Anonymous said...

And the word -;MONARCH ,also slips by!.

john said...

Rodman was also in attendance for the Papal Conclave. I wonder if he dunked a few baskets in the Sistine Chapel?

Anonymous said...

"My role, as a good socialist, is to promote the interests of the USA's military industrial complex," says Kim.

If let say he was working with the "13 family elites". Then USA is being Massing their army not to counter North Koren but to prepare to fight world war 3 with china, using north Koren as a excuse.

Anonymous said...

Is Dr. Steve Pieczenik a psyop-erative?
This is funny… Di$info Jone$ had P$yop $teve on his show yesterday giving us the “truth” about North Korea. And that truth is that Kim Jung-Un is a “baby in a crib” “acting out” because his country is falling apart and so is China. Sounds like “failed state” humanitarian intervention

Brzezinski job in N.KOrea?
Also CEO of Google
was in N.Korea recently...

Anonymous said...

Poor little Kim Jung-Un(Un=Devil)! He is playing his little role in this so called conflict. His country would be smashed over night by the US military power. It is the same old propaganda, Iraq style.

Anonymous said...

What? Did no one crack a joke about Kim Jong Un and 'Psy' being the same person? Terrible.

Anyway, having carefully watched 'Gangnam Style' and various bits of footage of Kim, it's perfectly clear they are the same person.

And during your interview what dance did Kim do Aang? Was it a sort of mad horsey thing? Well, there you go.

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