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I meet my guest, a former head of Mossad, at the Clonegal Castle restaurant in Dublin.

'Reuben' prefers that we do not use his real name.

For a starter, I order Dublin Bay prawns with truffle sabayon and prawn bisque.

Reuben says the prawns may be radioactive and orders chopped herring fillet with pickled onion and salad in sour dressing.

"So," I ask, "who did Boston?"

"The Irish," says Reuben.

I am relieved to hear it wasn't Mossad.

Cardinal Spellman, also known as Franny, was reportedly fond of boys and worked for the CIA. 

Reuben begins to list some of the spooky people who have Irish origins. 

William Joseph "Wild Bill" Donovan, the father of the CIA.

CIA bosses John Brennan, William Casey and Michael Hayden.

Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Bush and a number of others.

Ann DunhamWalt DisneyHenry Ford...

William Casey, CIA Director 1981 - 1987

"William Casey set up the Jamestown Foundation," explains Reuben, "and we now know that Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended one of their workshops."

I suppose that is a Boston connection.

Reuben reminds me about Iran-Contra.

Just hours before Casey was due to give evidence before Congress about Iran-Contra, he was rushed off to hospital and mysteriously disappeared. 

"Casey knew all about the CIA's pedophile rings," says Reuben, as he finishes off the last pickled onion. "Casey was a friend of Roy Cohn." 

Our milk-fed lamb, with glazed turnips, wild garlic and bog oak sauce, is delivered to our table

William Casey: Co-founded the Jamestown Organization with Zbigniew Brzezinski, Dick Cheney, and Frank Carlucci. He used P2 to destabilise countries. He used the BCCI bank to fund Islamist terrorists.

 I ask Reuben: "Who did 9 11?"

"The Irish," replies Reuben.

He explains that it was William Casey who organised the setting up of 'the mad Moslems' in Afghanistan.

Casey had them recruited, trained and armed.

I suggest that not all the CIA people are Irish, but Reuben responds that most of the key people in the CIA are Catholics.

Leon Panetta and John McCone were among the Catholics occupying top positions in the CIA.

George Tenet is a graduate of the Jesuit Georgetown University.

Reuben then reminds me of some of the people linked to the Catholic Knights of Malta, such J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, and Oliver North.

We pause our conversation as the waiter brings us our Tarte Tatin, pressed apple terrine and pain d‘├ępice ice cream.

I ask Reuben if the Irish are still as powerful as before.

He points out that Obama chose John Brennan, from Roscommon, to head the CIA.

"Brennan is going to retire to Ireland, according to his family," explains Reuben.

Over coffee, I bring up the subject of the USS Liberty.

"President Lyndon Johnson and the CIA could see that Nasser was increasingly pro-Soviet," says Reuben. "Johnson decided to topple Nasser. As part of Operation Cyanide, the USS LIBERTY was sent to operate off the Sinai coast, in order for it to be sunk."

I ask about Israel's role.

"We were asked to give a little help to the Pentagon," says Reuben, with a hint of a smile.


Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear Aang,

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Everyone knows it's not the Irish who rule the world but the Welsh. Go read The Protocols of the Elders of Llandrindod Wells and see for yourself.

You didn't say how the lamb was. It sounded nice. And did they give you a mint wafer with your coffee? I do like it when they do that. Very classy.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

@anony 8:54 - Welsh? Jesus, so much crappy info here.... At least it isnt Gipsies or else.... Somebody here smoked too much weed

Nixon Scraypes said...

Anonymous 8:54 AM,At last someone who knows what they're talking about.It just confirms what my highly placed source in MI4(the secret services' secret service)tells me.The petals of the daffodil form a disguised star of Daffyd.

shirlz007 said...

and who heads this mysterious Irish organisation that has taken over the world and made it look Israeli Zionism? Bono?
''Through deception, we shall have a right good old chuckle!'' We drink, we fight, we drink, we fight... whiskey whiskey, whiskey!

Charles Edward Frith said...

John McCone is interesting because he was the only one to guess that Cuba had nukes. He was ignored by all and then when Kennedy was assasinated LBJ who had facilitated things but could only guess at the instigator was caught between keeping his enemies close to his chest and worrying if McCone knew about him. Interesting guy McCone. Not the usual CIA guy but seemingly unaware of who killed Kennedy. His Agency which is a bit embarrassing and of course he was at the heart of Israeli nukes and went on to Bechtel which is a power elite reward for loyalty.

Now that we know the Irish run the world does this mean we can kick back on the homosexual paedophile Mossad Russian mafia clique?

Has anybody told John Le Carre this? He still thinks Maurice Oldfield was just a bit "unfortunate".

Walter Wit Man said...

Good suppositions. My working theory is the Italian mafia was created as cover for the official mafia, consisting of mostly financiers, 1%ers, and the Jewish mafia. J. Edgar Hoover initially denied there was a mafia problem. Maybe because he knew the truth that the real mafia was run by the same people who were running the government. People that happened to be Irish, like the Kennedys, benefited from prohibition and were probably part of the legal mafia--so no wonder the Kennedys pretended to be mafia warriors.

But since the 70s the blame has shifted from Italians to Blacks.

Here are a couple of documentaries that show how the Black Mafia was created in the U.S.--watching these documentaries makes me suspect this is all created drama--fake, in other words.

Here's an hour and half documentary on Nicky Barnes, alleged heroin mastermind of New York in the 60s and 70s:

This one is an hour and about Frank Lewis, "Superfly," also an alleged heroin kingpin in New York:

Here's an interesting review of a book about the history of the Jewish mafia in America. Evidently this book is representative of the entire genre of "Jewish mafia" books:

"A worthy note to appreciate in this book (as in many others) is the following: Jewish gangsters were a one-time generation of racketeers. They displayed intelligence, willfulness, cunning, 'moxy', and that all essential - murder instinct. They also proved to have much more common sense than the Italian mobs at the time, in the sense that they were able to pull themselves out of the street environment. By no means did they want their immediate family, or future generations getting involved in any type of criminal activity. Jewish mobsters had made their money the hard way -- in the old fashioned streets of America fighting off the `wolf of poverty'. Their children were to have a much more fortunate and cushioned life than the ones experienced by their parents. The Italian mobs on the other hand, were in the never-ending struggle of consolidating their power in the street. This is why the Italian Mafia is still around today (barely), and the Jewish community has moved on to bigger and better things... "

"Unlike the Italian mafia, the Jewish gangsters had a semblance of conscience and generally did everything to assure that their family - siblings and children - would not become involved in crime. Thus Rockaway could relate that there was no instance where a Jewish criminal's child followed in his footsteps. Rockaway tells rather remarkable tales of how the gangsters showed their love to their mothers and how they protected fellow Jews from anti-Semites. In fact some gangsters were involved in philanthropy and some made sure that the newly formed State of Israel received weapons in 1948 so that they could defend themselves against invading Arab forces.
In short, this is an unusual delightful story."

No More Myths said...

By Deception, Thou Shalt Do Boston

by Keith Johnson

Was slain Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamarlin Tsarnaev coerced, blackmailed or manipulated by Mossad agents posing as FBI agents?

Mark Glenn and the crew over at The Ugly Truth have produced a series of radio broadcasts making a compelling argument that he was. Check these out:


Walter Wit Man said...

McCone is indeed an interesting person. He denies taking part in a plot against Castro but the plausible deniability of JFK, Eisenhower, and the CIA directors are hard to square with the CIA's *admission* that they tried assassinating Castro.

This is starting to read like many other fake dramas with bogeymen. It's like they left subtle clues for us to find, like the meeting with 8 people where the forbidden subject came up. Would these intelligence warriors really be so sloppy that they would put such a tantalizing hint in the record?

Was the Cuban missile crisis faked?

Did no assassination attempt on Castro occur?

Was Castro controlled opposition/puppet?

Greg Burton said...

What wasn't mentioned, of course, was the secret society membership that Reuben, his MOSSAD brethren and the Catholics in the CIA share. The Palladium Rite is the umbrella organization for them all.

Anonymous said...

Victor Rothschild and Meyer O' Lansky were leprechauns. LOL!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Star of Daffyd! Brilliant!

And with that I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

My own understanding of the mysteries was recently compressed into a 600-typewriten-page series of posts with the "Mosaica" heading and posted at my blog and which suggests that the hand-in-glove nature of espionage, counter-espionage, the use of organized crime buried inside state agencies, and the crossover deniability that that all allows, creates and suggests comes down to this: The oligarchs work through the CIA and the Mossad and countless smaller brethren (and the media) to effect anything that serves their interests. And those interests don't include you, me, children, peace, wellness, creativity, or grace.

If you are interested, here is the preface:

Mosaica: Assembling the Tesserae

Comments, additions, and other contributions are welcome.

shirlz007 said...

in another responce to this absolute piss take off an article... the Boston College Tapes! It looks to some as though the British Government and The US Justice Department (Holder, Clinton & Kerry) are looking to undermine The Good Friday Agreement and The Northern Ireland Peace Process and start a whole heap of unnecessary bullshit! yay!

shirlz007 said...

“We don’t know who’s pushing for these records to be released because we can’t see who issued the subpoena, or what the nature of the request is. We suspect it must be the PSNI. The question is who in their right mind is driving this request for information, which would have a detrimental effect on a fragile enough peace?”

Read more:

News of Interest: Northern peace process a stalemate between enemies who loathe each other

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