Monday, April 08, 2013


Robots have taken over many factory jobs.

Now computers are taking away many jobs that used to need the human touch.

An online learning company, EdX, has reportedly found a way to mark students' work by computer.

End of the US nursery rhyme economy

Human robots at Amazon.

Times are changing.

The USA has:

Only 157,000 bakers

 But it has 202,000 sports coaches

And 80,000 substance-abuse counsellors.

The USA has more people working in social assistance and healthcare than in retail (shops)

End of the US nursery rhyme economy / US jobs: retail of woe

US has gained 387,000 managerial positions and lost about 2m clerical ones.

There are jobs to replace those that computers have wiped out.

For example in food preparation, which is low paid, or in the installation of solar panels.

Jonathan Chait of New York magazine sees demographic change and cultural shifts affecting the political parties in the USA.

"The Republican party is now the party ... of meter-readers made redundant by the 'smart grid'... 

The Democrats have become the party of solar panel installers. 

"It is, in short, the party of globalisation's losers."

End of the US nursery rhyme economy

South Korea.

South Korea may have the answer.

South Korea has protected its industries from foreign competition.

At the same time it has allowed competition, within the country.

It has protected its small farms.

Reap what you sow


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Thanks for this, aangirfan.

Small farms is a subject near and dear to me. We are a small family farm. We became usda certified organic in order to try to survive.

Organic Valley, our subsequent processor, preaching smallness but practicing BIGNESS, raped us. There is no other way to put it.

We were betrayed and raped. Now, we are worse off economically than ever.


Anonymous said...

The fact that people dont have jobs anymore is not the computers' fault. It is politicians like Margaret Tatcher who made millions unemployed and shut down industry.

Anonymous said...

The economy in the USA is becoming more and more like, a giant warehouse that just store products from different sources and hire a few people to update their website and answer customer services inquiries.

I have met so many lawyers and architects that can not find a job. Most of their work is being exported overseas.

The Internet changed everything. There was never in the world history so much knowledge available to so many people. Is this real competition?

Anonymous said...

nedlud, sorry to hear that.
Please tell us how they did it.

They are hellbent on destroying love and life, good and healthy.
And they own everything, NGOs, organic chains, big organic farms: they need them to poison us.

3 options:
- forget about money,
go to a place where you can live
off the land all year round.
- live from caring for sick people
living on your farm
- live from Eco-tourism (shaky)

Tony Ryals said...

What is an unknown fact about the internet is not only transfer of jobs to offshore economies but the fact that middle class wealth or dollars have been stolen by the internet being connected to the stock markets y the financial and military indudtrial elites.
When trillions of offshore dollars are vaguely mentioned by the media, that is and represents the financial military industrial elites,to be held in offshore accounts that previously were within the country or sovereign countries and paid taxes, they knowingly avoids reporting that much or most of this is stolen wealth or dollars that was removed rom the economies through stock sfraud - i.e.- private offshore accounts as wel as hedge funds hold huge quantity of corporate shares of public compamies that at anytime time,and I believe often in collusion of 'billionasire's clubs such as Bilderberg and many others the elites work in their communal intersts to rape and loot public markets around the world.And then they have the nerve to preach to us of the evils of communism and collectivism.Ha.
I guess this is what James Dale Davidson and the Lord William Rees-Mogg meant when they wrote about 'The Sovereign Individual'
at the expense of the formerly sovereign states.

Anonymous said...

The hag is gone except for American papers digging up Reagan and trying to polish the brass. History favours the go alongers?

Anonymous said...

Cryto Jewish slag. Handlers: J. Saville, R. Maxwell, R. Murdoch, K. Joseph.

SCUM et al.

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