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1981 Barbecue at Grafton Close children's home, from which children were reportedly trafficked to the 'boy brothel' called Elm Guest House

In the UK, boys who complained about sexual abuse by a top people's ­paedophile ring were ignored after speaking out.

A boy from Grafton Close children's home says he was attacked at the Elm Guest House.

Evidence backing his claim came from ­a second boy from Grafton Close.

But, ­detectives failed to act, according to Exaro and the Sunday People.

Elm Guest House

Grafton Close was run by Richmond Council in London.

Files held by Richmond Council show its then ­director of social services, Louis Minster, twice called up the file on the second boy.

This boy was interviewed by a social worker and a Metropolitan Police detective chief inspector in 1983.

This was a year after a raid on Elm Guest House.

There then appears to have been a police cover-up.

Continued here:

The above photo was found by the investigative website Exaro.

Police have now spoken to people in the above photo and two men have been arrested.

One is John Stingemore, identified at a 1990 inquest as former deputy manager of the home. 

He was succeeded by Neil Kier, seen in the photo preparing food.

Sources say detectives regard Kier as a key witness but he is not a suspect.


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I stood in on a dinner ladies maternity leave at Elm house just after my first divorce. We would have have visits from important people like G J who always came with two jewish businessmen and taking some boys out for a day,another group was two black footballers, we honestly did not know what was happening and i can remember boys being punished for making accusations of sodomy, i can tell you the hedas allaowed it because charitable donations were being made, i never believed it at the time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, child sexual abuse isn't something kids
would lie about. It's sad because these children are living zombie lives, never able to fit in, always rel
egated to the fringes by selfish adults. It is a crime beyond all measure to destroy a person's life like this.

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The crap author Salman Rushdie who wrote satanic verses a nonsense book for mossad,was upset because it was not selling and copies were to be sent back and pulped.
So the full force of mossad/CIA kicked in and it was splashed all over the jewish newspapers and on the jewish TV, making him very wealthy, he has pics taken with young starlets and famous people, but it was justa stunt, that our MI5 did not want to play along to, and this was the start of an ongoing operation to demonise muslims and turn christians against them, by the mossad

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I was there age 15 in 1978 loads of stuff going on then we all thought it was normal

Anonymous said...

Is the comment at 7:34 a.m. relevant?

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