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According to stock market historian David Schwartz, Gold may fall in price to  $ 900 per oz, or even  $400 per oz.

"History repeatedly warns that prices typically return to the vicinity of their long-term support lines in the aftermath of a burst bubble... 

"Between January 1975 and September 1976, the dollar price of gold fell by almost 50 per cent, and there was another big fall after the 1980 peak. 

"If you trace the gold price back to the early 1970s ... you end up with a support line just below $400."


The UK and USA should not necessarily be worrying about levels of debt.

The UK had VERY high debts in 1816, but boomed, and reduced debt, in the century that followed.

Between 1949 and 1966, UK debt was mostly over 100% of GDP.

Yet growth was a healthy 3.19 % on average.

After 1966, when debt fell to between 30 and 90 % of GDP, growth fell to well below 3% on average.

After World War II, public debt was higher than 90% of GDP in the USA and UK.

But growth rose and debt levels fell.

Slow growth in the UK and USA may now be causing debt to rise.

Spending on constructive things, such as infrastructure and educational improvements, can produce a positive return.


The main thing that has gone wrong in certain businesses, and certain economies, is bad management.

"Prof Van Reenen and his colleagues suggest that around 70 % of international differences in GDP per person are attributable to differences in the performance of management."

Capital investment cannot explain growth rates


Many people in the USA and UK are unemployable, because they lack the necessary skills.

In Germany, more workers have the necessary skills to find work; and these workers are better paid; and there is a lower gap between rich and poor.

"Germany channels roughly half of all high-school students into the vocational education stream from the age of 16...

"More than 40 per cent of Germans become apprentices.

"Only 0.3 per cent of the US labour force does so...

"The US is underskilled.

"It has high unemployment at a time when there are 3.5m job vacancies...

"The average hourly cost of a US manufacturing worker is $32. 

"In Germany it is $48." 

Why the US is looking to Germany - - Financial Times

Lowering taxes is not the answer.

"Many states, such as Michigan and Ohio, are realising that what desirable investors most covet is skilled labour.

"According to the OECD, the US comes last out of 29 countries in terms of the work readiness of its high-school leavers. 

"And 46 per cent of those who go to college fail to complete their four-year degree within six years...

"Almost half of Americans with a degree are in jobs that do not require one.

"Fifteen per cent of taxi drivers in the US have a degree, up from 1 per cent in 1970.

"Likewise, 25 per cent of sales clerks are graduates, against 5 per cent in 1970...

"The US needs to rejuvenate its community colleges, which offer two-year vocational degrees but are often starved of funds. And it needs to fall back in love with apprenticeships...

"Siemens recently had 2,000 applications for 50 vacancies in North Carolina. Only 10 per cent passed the aptitude test."

Why the US is looking to Germany - - Financial Times


Anonymous said...

two of the greatest conspiracy theories of recent years are the following, that gold will find its rightful level, this is cobblers rothschild own the worlds gold and fix the gold price
daily, thats why when their man Gordon Brown sold the gold to them that day wa sthe lowest price in living memory
similarly we are told Britian went into W W II because of an agreement with Poland, this was pure churchill bolox, he is known as such a rothschild puppet that an insurance company actually has a stupid bulldog with a churchill voice as its mascot, proving churchill was a puppet

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AMAZING TIMING, NOW THAT THE "TERRORISTS" were caught/killed, SUNIL's body was found too....

Gold Fix said...

1. The price of gold is fixed to the cent by the cabal
using naked (non-existant) paper gold to deceive.
The FT is a mouthpiece of the cabal.
During WW2 Gold was confiscated in the USA
to prevent it from working as competing currency.
The inflation adjusted price of gold is
the same 2012 as 1791 and 1980.

2. Debt to central banks is an enslaving racket
and should be simply written off.

3. Crucial inventions are held back over 50 years,
Most business is designed to help poison the world.

4. Skills should be loving parenting and gardening.

Anonymous said...

Western spies in Syria behind abduction of archbishops: Moaz al-Khatib

Teenage boy found dead blocks from Obama Chicago home

Four arrested for plotting terror activity in Britain

500 Europeans fight along with militants against Syria: EU official

500 Europeans fight along with militants against Syria: EU official

Anaconda said...

Gee, Aangirfan, taking the Financial Times as a source about whether the U. S. has enough skilled labor, when anybody knows the Financial Times is an open-borders paper, which wants to promote the cheap labor myth making that there is a shortage of skill labor, unskilled labor, any kind of labor.

Aangirfan, this is open-borders, cheap labor propaganda.

As you must surely know, the Financial Times is a Globalist, free trade, open-borders media outlet.

What is most sad is that seemingly Aangirfan has no appreciation for the purpose of the Financial Times article.

SELL THE AMNESTY -- sell out the working class of America.

Sell out labor in America, whether it is blue-collar or middle class or any working Americans.

Aangirfan, are you that gullible that you parrot a Globalist rag sheet?

Shame on you.

This is the FIRST post I've ever read here which seems to be uninformed about what is going on in America.

Don't buy the lies, you never have before, why start now?

Nixon Scraypes said...

If you want to ensure a multicultural state make immigration a necessity by not training the natives.It's easy when you know how,isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aang!
but where all this gold may go? and what vatican and rotschild could do with so much "precious" physical metal in caves? Let's imagine gold is the symbol of human pain (extraction, pollution, hard work for money, gold fever, hope and deception.)what a diabolical appreciation. and now imagine that to be agreed by their master, they transform gold into lead(in any nuclear device) and spread it in chemtrails to add outrage at the insult. What a joke at the face of human gullibility

dognamedblue said...

I see Cyprus is having to sell its gold just as the price is low
nothing to see here... move along move along

Anonymous said...

Very nearly all the gold ever mined is still in storage and that is the rub. To control gold you have to accumulate the resource and not just control the sources. Countries without central bank upset apple cart by using gold in place of paper and must also be controlled and its gold shall be donated to the world. Cyprus is about doing away with records of Anglo banking misdeeds and moneylaudering forepaws!

Anonymous said...

ref "According to the OECD, the US comes last out of 29 countries etc"
George Carlin is explaining very explicitly the reasons for this fact

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