Saturday, April 13, 2013


German children, in 1951, encounter Dwight Eisenhower and Vernon Walters.

Lead letter in the Financial Times:

"Thatcher’s foes predicted that her policies would decimate the middle class. 

"They have been vindicated.

"A great deal of the economic prosperity of the Thatcher years was really more because of the North Sea oil bonanza, rather than the Iron Lady’s policies.

"Outside of the US, few nations have ever embraced Thatcher’s slash-and-burn methods...

"Germany, for example, still has some of the most powerful unions in the world, as well as a heavily regulated economy.

"And yet Germany today still has a strong middle class and a world-beating high-technology manufacturing base.

"Germany is one of the world’s leading capital surplus nations, while Britain runs massive current account deficits.

"And yet Germany accomplished its enviable economic success by rejecting the Thatcher/Reagan economic model."

Marc McDonald, Fort Worth, TX, US ...

Record investment planned for North Sea

Gold plunges 4% to 21-month low


Anonymous said...

'Thatcher's policies' largely came out of the 1975 Lima Declaration which was the UN plan to de-industrialise 'the west' and transfer industrial production and wealth to China and India.

Why is the Lima Declaration never discussed?

Anonymous said...

Please tell us who plans what when for the North Sea.
FT is only accessible for the rich.

The price of gold is fixed to the cent by the cabal using paper gold to deceive.

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