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New surveillance images from Boston show chilling images of 'Red Bull and Doritos'.


Tamerlan Tsaraev  attended the same school as actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Friends describe Dzhokhar Tsaraev as a mild-mannered pot-smoker, and seem genuinely shocked that he could have been involved in violence.


According to Dzhokhar's Twitter account, Dzhokhar dreams of cheeseburgers, jokes with friends about getting high, finding girls and watching the fantasy saga "Game of Thrones" on TV. 

The day after the bombing, he tweeted: 'I'm a stress-free kind of guy'.

After the attacks, he went to the gym the following night.

Several of his friends have launched Facebook and Twitter campaigns proclaiming his innocence and arguing that he was set up. Others have said they believe so strongly in his good character that they would testify for him at trial.

Daily Mail 

Reportedly Tamerlan Tsaraev (above) was an Islamic terrorist "like France's Mohammed Merah, who died in a shootout with police a year ago after ... a gun rampage in Toulouse..."

Sarkozy's rival Francois Hollande with alleged Toulouse shooter Mohamed Merah.

It's a fake photo.


Certain top French intelligence officials have suggested that Mohamed Merah, the alleged gunman in Toulouse, worked for French intelligence.

Merah has been linked to the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI), run by Bernard Squarcini, who is very close to former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Squarcini has admitted that Merah repeatedly visited DCRI offices.

Yves Bonnet, a former intelligence chief, says of Merah: "He was known to the DCRI... because he had a handler in domestic intelligence."

According to intelligence sources that spoke to Il Foglio, France'sGeneral Directorate of External Security obtained entry into Israel for Merah in 2010, presenting him as an informant.

Toulouse gunman was informant of French intelligence? / Reports indicate Toulouse gunman was French intelligence asset

Tania Head with Bloomberg and Giuliani

Tania Head was the founder and boss of the World Trade Center Survivors' Network.

Tania says that, on 9 11, she was on the 78th-floor in the south tower when a plane struck.

She says she was lying on the floor when a man with a red bandanna put out the flames on her back.

In reality, Tania Head was in Barcelona on 9 11.

Tania Head's real name is Alicia Esteve Head.

She is the daughter of a Spanish businessman who went to prison for embezzlement

In 2007, as the New York Times was about to expose her, she confessed to her lies.

A new book, The Woman Who Wasn't There, by Robin Gaby Fisher and Angelo J. Guglielmo Jr., provides the details.

One might suspect that Tania Head worked for the CIA and that her job was to spread disinformation, and, make sure that genuine survivors of 9 11 were brainwashed.

Tania Head became friends with survivor Linda Gormley.

Head forced Gormley to take part in a 'treatment' called 'flooding' to help deal with her post traumatic stress.

The treatment involved Head forcing Gormley to listen to a tape in which Head describes nightmarish incidents linked to the attacks.

On the tape, Head records: "She has no head. Oh my God! I can’t breathe! My skin is burning! They’re all dead, Everyone is dead!"

Sounds like CIA brainwashing, designed to get control of someone's mind.

If you want terrorists in Boston, look at the Boston Irish who helped finance the IRA in Northern Ireland.


Anonymous said...

Your last sentance makes no sense aangir.

Greg Bacon said...

No wonder this guy got fired from FUX

Judge Napolitano On Government Faking Terror Plots

Innocent Victim said...

Thank you for the headline, Aangirfan.
Somebody needs to say it.
Save this poor kid.

Anonymous said...

Black powder used as predicted by whistleblower for security commission.

Anonymous said...

Dhozar's friend is collating some interesting pics.

Anonymous said...

Revealed: U.S. country star Jerry Naylor who replaced Buddy Holly in the Crickets was a secret CIA agent who spied for America on 100 missions

Anonymous said...

Jim Stone, Veterans Today has indicated that the prime suspect is the man with the white baseball cap talking to the Moroccan (Bharoum, from Revere). This would be the track coach, Yassine Zaimi. I think he's suggesting Zaimi had the kettle/pressure cooker bomb in his ruck sack and the 2nd bomb was the Pringles-like container.

I'm a little confused by his allegation that the suspect was Saudi, but Revere might link the Saudis and Morroccans.

Anonymous said...

I love this site but that last statement about the Irish? And not backed up? Very unlike aangirfan to me... IRA are always instant in claiming responsibility for attacks so any associated attacks they would do likewise? Left me a little confused as if that isn't the last we've heard and you have more? Excellent work on the navy seal backpack though

Anonymous said...

a large amount of funding for the IRA came from america from both political sponsors and ordinary americans believing they were helping freedom fighters.this may be true in some sense, but as the IRA and the british intelligence services were often in cahoots then i think its fair to say they were indeed sponsoring terrorists. i doubt it is being suggested that the IRA and its sympathisers in boston had anything to do with the marathon bombing, maybe reread the sentence before jumping to that conclusion

Anonymous said...

Real terrorists would have disguised themselves.

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