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Cyprus' President Nicos Anastasiades. (Reuters / Yves Herman)

Cyprus' President-related company transfers €21 mln to London prior to bailout agreement – report

According to a Cypriot newspaper, Haravgi, a company owned by relatives of the Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades sent €21 million from Laiki Bank to London.

This reportedly happened on 12 and 13 March, just days before the bailout agreement was finalised.

The company concerned is A.Loutsios & Sons Ltd.

It is co-owned by Loutsios John, the husband of Nikos Anastasiadis' daughter, Elsa

Anastasiades requests investigation into allegations against family ... /
Charges Anastasiades' In-Law Moved $26.8M


Le Gallinacé said...

bon renseignement !

Anonymous said...

Tony Ryals said...

Of course Cyprus is also a place Russian Israeli mafiosi,politician and murderer of Palestinians and other Semites,Avigdor Lieberman and his have used as a base for some of his associates and allies such as probably Austrian Israeli Martin Schlaff money laundering and financial crimes that probably includes manipulating the Russian ruble or other currencies in relation to the Russian ruble to get it to rise for Vladmir Putin in relation to other currencies.
BAWAG Bank of Austria has often been a tool and transfer center in their penny stock money laundering operations against Americans probably even after Cerberus hedge fund of Stephen Feinberg,ex U.S.Tresury Sectretary John Snow and ex VP Dan Quayle temporarly took it over alng with 10% of Israeli Leumi Bank shortly after 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Days before the Argentina Default I was working as Car Driver. I drived a big car for an old, rich woman in my City (Northern Italy) for some months. She usually went to some shops on early noon. But that day *only* she called me at 8:00 AM

She told me she had to go to the Bank as-soon-as possible... I wondered to myself Why - She usually hadn't to bother about anything, because she had many people at ther own service.

Well, She got an abrupt call from some friends in the bank (high-places, not the usual guys we all meet) and had to run for moving some good sum of money out from Argentinian-related issues to some other safer places.

As we see...

... said...

And he wasn't the only one. Have you heard about the strangely disappearing bank loans list with the names of the VIPs? Millions wiped apparently, so no one owes anything!!


Anonymous said...

America’s War on North Korea

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Is there really only one viable financially secure untaxable asset left?

Well apart from burying gold and silver, off your land so as not to be found by the DHS metal detectors...

You could always just throw it off the side of a boat....

Either way, at least it would be YOUR Choice.

Personally, I'd be planning to turn my lovely manicured garden into a high yield multiseasonal veg growing garden. Complete with 2 x 250l water collectors, a solar powered security light and perimeter alarm and 2 bloody big outside dogs who just happen to have their kennel slap bang in the middle of your food supply.

1) convert 90% electronically held.assets.into precious metals and a selection of currency.
2) buy a safe, a proper immovable safe, preferably bolted down and hidden well.
3) place your shiny new and 100% yours, physical wealth and pop it in the safe.
4) find a place away from your property to bury a shoebox sized package.
5) Keep an eye on developments.
6) If YOU feel it is time to use your hiding place, it is now your choice to react.
6) You now have a more secure present and future.
7) If you don't tell anyone.

You have time, but
itime is the most dangerous of games being played at the moment.

Do it now. Put yourself in control.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Argentina, does anyone here remember the name of that documentary about the collapse of the Argentinian peso?

I recall the camera crew following a woman as she did her daily round of going to every ATM machine because she'd found that there was no rule as to whether or not they'd give money - it was entirely random. They also interviewed people who hadn't even had their accounts in pesos and had held US dollar accounts and that that hadn't made any difference. Their accounts were frozen regardless.

Anyway the best bit of footage they found was taken the day before the collapse and consisted of a handicam recording (shot from the window of the second floor) of a long line of police cars and armoured trucks heading to the airport. Whoever shot it had no idea of what was going on or what it all meant. They only figured it out the next day when their bank accounts were all frozen. The convoy belonged to the Argentina's elite who'd been tipped off and were getting all their cash and gold out of the country before the banks shut the gate.

And one does love the irony of the police and security guards doing their bit to protect the elite's wealth from the soon-to-be-burnt hordes with no idea that they were 12 hours away from being thrown on the exact same barbecue.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

Have you noticed the ongoing hoo-ha about an unnamed 82 year old Australian arrested in connection with Operation Yewtree? It's front page on the Sydney Morning Herald right this minute. The SMH coyly discusses his naming elsewhere whilst steadfastly refusing to do so themselves.

Well bugger them I figured it out myself. And a quick visit to wikipedia confirmed the age. Oh look, he turned 83 four days ago. Bingo.

Anyway, in this spirit of coyness him I shall refrain from naming him and merely reprint part of his police record of interview:

Police: Do you know two little boys?
Suspect: Um... no. Perhaps if you hum a few bars?

Ha ha ha.


Oh dear - MBE, OBE, CBE. Depending on how long he lived he probably would have scored a knighthood.

Question: Is it a requirement that one be a debauched sodomite to make the honours list? Or just a useful leg-up, as it were?

Anyway, when this gets out here in Oz it'll be huge, a very big deal. To that end, off I go now to bignote myself with the folks before the news gazumps me.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Born 30 March 1930
Australian entertainer
Musician, singer-songwriter
Composer, painter
Television personality.

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