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Dutch East Indies.

In 1948, in Indonesia, Dutch soldiers found some photograph albums.

These had been abandoned by Europeans when the Japanese invaded in 1942.

30 crates of photographs were sent back to the Netherlands. 

Dutch East Indies.

Holland's Tropenmuseum has put the unclaimed albums online at

Many Europeans died in the Japanese camps.

Some died as prisoners in the Japanese ships torpedoed by the American navy.

1947 - Dutch troops in Rawagede.

The Dutch were the typical colonialists.

In 1947, Dutch troops massacred 431 Indonesian men and boys in the town of Rawagede, east of Jakarta, 

in Indonesia.

Indonesia remembers bloody Dutch massacre

Indonesians massacred by the Dutch at Kuto Reh.

When the village of Kuto Reh was occupied by the Dutch in 1904, 189 women and 59 children were slaughtered.

Similar killings took place in other villages.

genocide in aceh

Dutch East Indies.

The British were no better than the Dutch.

"Afrikaner women and children were put in 'concentration camps'... 

"These prisons were forerunners of today’s Guant√°namo...

Dutch East Indies

"The Americans so admired British actions in Malaya that they tried to copy them in Vietnam. 

"More recently, the counterinsurgency tradition was revived by the American general David Petraeus in Iraq and Afghanistan... 

"Counterinsurgencies typically start with talk of 'protecting' local people and end up imprisoning, torturing and often killing them. 

"Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq stands in a continuum that began in the South African veld...


"Michael Gove, the education secretary, aims to put the colonial military officer 'Clive of India' on the syllabus. 

"Will castration and 'New Villages' be taught too?

"Empire was happy white girls in flowery dresses on a sunny day. But popular European perception is now catching up with the fact that it was other things as well."

The end of colonial nostalgia? -

aangirfan: CASTRATION

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