Wednesday, April 03, 2013


The CIA loves Islamist Turkey and hates Christian Cyprus.

"Sibel Edmonds says there are two sides to Cyprus banks, a Greek side and Turkish side.

"Russia and NATO are both using Cyprus, she believes Russia is probably using the Greek side as US/NATO is using the Turkish side."

Synopsizing Sibel Edmonds: The Evolution of Operat...


Anonymous said...

"The CIA loves Islamist Turkey and hates Christian Cyprus."

... as it hates Serbia and loves Kosova. What more proof is needed that the CIA is heavily invested with the enemies of Western Civilisation as with most Western Institutions these days.

Unless we start to hate and destroy our enemies rather than our enemies' enemies, we are done for.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aang, Sorry for the off-topic, but I have to spread this:

Here's a link to an image from a long thread... It simply tells it all about the recent storm in Mauritius... There are images from satellite of HAARP activities in Marion Island. Check it Please !! Phunster

... said...

I notice the company that moves ALL CREDIT CARD transactions to and from Cyprus is on this list too!


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