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The US military and their friends act like Nazis.

'I saw one man having his prosthetic leg being pulled off him, and being beaten about the head with it before he was thrown onto the truck.'

dailymail (revealing acts of torture by the US military in Iraq)

Tortured by the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

In Egypt, the CIA's fascist Muslim Brotherhood carry out the torture.

The following is from "Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood" by Alaa al-Aswany, 30 March 2013


1. In Egypt, "Kamal Khalil ... saw a number of demonstrators ... brutally flogged in the mosque, to the point that most of them lost consciousness. 

"Brotherhood members were using a big whip to strike their victims"...

"Amir Ayad, a demonstrator, revealed that when the Brotherhood found out that he was a Copt, they increased the severity of his torture, pushing him to the brink of death as they called him a 'Christian dog'..."

2. "The extremist often suffers from an inferiority complex that he addresses with religious superiority over others.

"He doesn’t practice his religion to obtain tranquility and peace, but uses it to vanquish and control others..."

3. "The sheikhs of political Islam have succeeded in creating a delusional idea known as the Islamic Caliphate...

"Restoring the Islamic caliphate is nothing but a great illusion for the simple reason that it did not exist in the first place and thus cannot be restored...

"What the sheikhs of political Islam call Islamic caliphates were neither caliphates nor Islamic... 

"Both the Umayyad and Abbasid states - just like all empires - were established after perpetrating terrible crimes and killing of thousands of innocent people to enable the ruler to assume the throne.

"The Ottoman Empire was only an ugly occupation of our country (Egypt), and all those who question this fact should read the writings of Egyptian historian Mohammed Bin Ayas al-Hanafi al-Qahiri (1448-1523) to know the horrors suffered by the Egyptians at the hands of the - Muslim - Ottoman (Turkish) troops...

Armenian victims of the fascist Turks.

"Under Morsi's presidency, approximately 80 protesters have been killed...

"The crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood ... reveal the true nature of the Brotherhood.

"Egyptians discovered that the Brotherhood has nothing to do with religion...

"We have ... fascism..."



Anonymous said...

Armenian victims of fascist Turks? You"re neglecting the fact that the Turks were jews not Islamists.

Anonymous said...

The "Young Turks" who massacred the Armenians were jews not Islamists.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Israel launches fresh airstrike on Gaza Strip

US, Jordan expand training of Syria militants: Report

Anonymous said...


No More Myths said...

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

For information about religious absurdities and atrocities, go here:

Anonymous said...

david holden said...

was going to make the same point as anonymous 1.43 et al. the "young turks" were Jewish, though perhaps "cryptos", just as the Bolshevik coup-d'etat in Russia was primarily a Jewish affair. both were associated with genocides. however since the AshkeNazim are originally of Khazarian stock they were not as racially different from Turks as the average couch potato might think.

i have come across the view that both Wahabism and the MB were shaped by the British, but have not yet looked into this. to describe brutality as "the practice of (whatever) religion" whilst appropriate given linguistic usage, is really something of a euphemism. to shout "Allahu Akhbar" whilst bayoneting a baby should not be accounted a religious act.

great site here, btw. well done. the preview comment facility has a bug in it btw.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes. Correct concerning the 'Muslim Brotherhood'.

Put it this way - the clue is in the name..

Is Egypt fated/slated to become the Nazi Germany of the Middle East? Fascist takeover,upheaval war, then destruction, occupation

Carol A. Valentine

PS early comments above endorsed

Anonymous said...

Christian, Islamic, and Jewish Fascism [Zionism] come from the same exact snake pit of Freemasonry. All 3 were/are planned, financed and controlled by the very same Freemasonry ruling war-mongers.

On "Terrorism and The Illuminati":

"The Muslim Brotherhood" :

Search Term :

" The Muslim Brotherhood + Nader Library"

There's a nexus point where Nazism, Zionism, and Islamic Jihad meet and have everything in common. And that nexus point is in Freemasonry. Many Donmeh Jews involved in all three warring parties.

Hitler, for example, had an Islamic Jihadist legion in his Third Reich military.

Search : " Hitler's Muslim Legions"

Also : " Hitler's Jewish Soldiers"

" Hitler's Jewish Army"

Hitler himself had Jewish/North African heritage. The Muslim brotherhood was founded in 1928. Hitler played a role in starting the radical Islamic Jihadist Brotherhood.

Search :

" Hitler Was A Jew Himself"

There's an article at the Israeli website/newspaper Haaretz about the scientific findings concerning Hitler's blood relatives, and Hitler's DNA.

Hitler has a lot in common with Donmeh Jews. Same MO.

From : Joe

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