Sunday, April 14, 2013


Margaret Thatcher, when she was in Indonesia, was alerted to the conditions of children in institutions for the 'mentally backward'.

In Indonesia, children who are a little mentally backward, or who have epilepsy, are often put into mental institutions.

We have seen children in such institutions tied up with tape or chains.

They become covered in urine and faeces.

The BBC reports on mentally ill patients in Indonesia held in chains.

Mentally ill patients in Indonesia held in chains

The Galuh Foundation looks after people who are said to be 'mentally ill'.

Some of the 'patients' are tied by chains to beds.

"As lunch is served, one of the workers sprays away the human waste with a hose, and inevitably people are hit by the splashes of the dirty water.

"In the middle of the compound, there is a giant cage with huge metal grilles.

"The cage is locked. Inside, there are about 30 or 40 people - many of them also chained, and without any clothes on. It is a depressing, disturbing place."

Galuh gets $10,000 in funding every year from the notorious social welfare ministry.

The BBC approached Indonesia's notorious health ministry.

"Well in the first place, it is not the health ministry that funds Galuh - that's the social welfare ministry's job," said Diah Setia Utami, director of mental health at the health ministry.

In the back yard I found Daud was tied to a metal bed and he had lost a lot of weight. His eyes looked misty. His naked body was lying in a pool of diarrhoea.

"What do Daud’s parents do?" I asked Diana when I returned to the office. I had decided to avoid conflict, and be practical.

"Mother’s a nurse at the children’s clinic at the Laja Hospital," said Diana. "Father works for the government."


"Who’s the naked child with the chain?" I asked.

"Jan," said Milah. "He was found in the street. We’re trying to find his parents."

"Why the chain?"

"He’s a little backward. He might try to run away."



Anonymous said...

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Dave Winglass

Anonymous said...

Would he run if he is fed, and helped and shown tender kindness? Would he run if he is given a little something soft and cuddly to hug and cling to for comfort? Would he run if he sees only smiles and is only touched by gentle hands of guidance? There simply are not words to express how profoundly shocking that mankind is still able to treat others (especially children) in such ignorance, stupidity and hardness.

Anonymous said...

Are these still the conditions in Indonesia?

Anon said...

Some places have improved.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Ignorance. Even governments are ignorant. IT's based on greed, brainwashing and terrorism. Except that greedy elitists are too ignorant to understand is that when everyone prospers, everyone takes more money to the bank and money flows faster. THE WORLD CANNOT CONTINUE ON THIS maniacal path. CALL OUT THE PSYCHOPATHS AND STOP THEIR DESTRUCTION.

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