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Richard Dart - 'Militant Moslem' or recruit to the security services?

Boston Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly originally said that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were headed to New York to 'party'

Raymond Kelly then made "a complete 180 degree turn on his statement."

He now says that the brothers were going to New York to carry out a terror attack.

Mother Zubeidat Tsarnaeva and father Anzor Tsarnaev, currently in Russia.

The mother of the Boston suspects, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, says that her sons are being framed and that the site of the 'bombings' were a 'really big play' with 'paint instead of blood'.

Zubeidat says: "I think now they will try to make my Dzhokhar guilty because they took away his voice, his ability to talk to the world... They did not want the truth to come out."

Zubeidat says that an Armenian American called 'Misha', a 'convert' to Islam, had influenced her son.

Suspects' mother shares doubts about Boston bombing

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva outside her home.

Misha may be like Richard Dart.

Richard Dart is a white middle-class Englishman.

Allegedly Richard Dart became a Moslem and plotted to attack soldiers in Royal Wootton Bassett in the UK.

Richard Dart

Richard Dart "has been was jailed for six years."

Also jailed for being part of Dart's plot were a former London police community support officer and a former soldier in the UK's Territorial Army.

Richard Dart, 30, is the the son of teachers.

Richard dart was once a security guard at the BBC, which is allegedly run by MI6.

"Anjem Choudary smoking dope."  Anjem Choudary 

Richard Dart was converted to Islam by Anjem Choudary, who reportedly works for the UK security services.

"Anjem Choudary" Anjem Choudary 

Dart and his friends hoped to train with al-Qaeda, which most Moslems know is run by the CIA and its friends.

Dart has made several appearances on YouTube and on BBC TV.

If Dart is working for MI6, his role will be to:

(A) make Moslems look like extremists

(B) pretend that al Qaeda is not a tool of the CIA and its friends.

In a BBC film, Dart said there were 'many misconceptions about Al Qaeda'.

In a BBC film, Dart said he backs Sharia law and he complains that British culture is becoming 'more homosexual' with 'men dressing like women'.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


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It does not look like the suspect.

- Aangirfan

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yardfarmer said...

have you looked into GlobalCST?

Anonymous said...

"men dressing like women"? I wonder what he makes of the kilt or traditional arabic garb? And I've always thought that the master exemplar of 'frocking up' and bling was the British judge.

Anonymous said...

With the FSB rounding up Cheches and evacuating Russians from Syria, looks like Sibil Edmonds called it.

Walter Wit Man said...

Indeed anonymous, Sibel Edmonds did get this right!

I actually proposed a similar theory earlier, right here:

I disagree with Ms. Edwards to the extent she thinks this is a one time deal between Russia and the U.S. (think of Obama promising to work with Medvedev after the elections on that open mic "gaffe").

I suspect Russia has long been complicit in Western hegemony. The same crooks that run the U.S./Israel/Europe/Etc., evidently run Russia. Just look at Russia's financial interests in Israel and the Mediterranean! The powers in Russia are profiting on Syria's downfall.

Anonymous said...

The liars' reports:
Dzhokhar shot multiple times; then not. He shot himself; then not. After capture, he was shot in throat and could not speak. Then he was interrogated for 16 hours in the hospital incriminating himself. He stopped talking when the judge and attorney came in and told him his right to not talk. So will he get a show trial and a televised execution?

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He wasn't born Richard Dart, his mother married a Mr Leech in 1992 apparently* - no trace at
*film made by his half brother Robb(ie) Leech.
My Brother the Islamist - Full Version

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