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Archbishop Justin Welby, as a young man, "was an Elf finance 'shark'". dailymail

Some people believe that 'JEWISH SPY' ARCHBISHOP WELBY secretly works for the rich elite.

The Mail on Sunday tells the story of the 'slick' young Justin Welby, the shady 'Monsieur Africa' and the £6 billion mission to steal Nigeria's oil riches.


Archbishop Justin Welby worked in Nigeria for five years alongside Andre Tarallo.

Tarallo was later jailed

Justin Welby, the UK's Archbishop of Canterbury, was formerly an oil company executive.

Elf, famous for corruption and scandal, reportedly committed human rights abuses against the people of the oil-rich Niger Delta.

The Mail on Sunday has discovered that, in the 1980s, Justin Welby was one of Elf Aquitaine's finance 'sharks'.

As such, he was employed on a 'morally questionable' plan to protect Elf Aquitaine' s oil interests in Nigeria.

"Named Bonny LNG, the plan involved persuading the country's leaders that Elf and other major oil companies were poised to invest £6 billion in an energy project that had scant hope of being realised."

Welby, who spent 5 years with Elf. Welby's father made his money in the USA, with the help of the Mafia. Justin Welby: Secret life of my father

Welby made regular visits to Lagos for meetings.

Soldiers, paid by Elf, grabbed land from tribesmen in the oil region, often using violence.

Locals say that the polic were paid to arrest those who resisted.

Andre Tarallo

Welb worked under the Corsican-born oil boss Andre Tarallo, called Monsieur Africa.

Tarallo was involved in a massive fraud inquiry and was jailed for paying millions in bribes to African leaders in return for oil contracts.

According to Elf's Kjell Skjevesland: "Justin would have had direct contact with Tarallo. Justin would have been in the meetings with him."

Welby denies meeting Tarallo.

Justin Welby (left) with Sir John Sawers (right), currently head of MI6, in Baghdad 2003.

In the late 1970s, the Nigerian government was planning to nationalise the Nigeria's oil fields.

Elf, Shell, BP and others attempted to talk the government out of it "by dangling a giant carrot."

This 'carrot' was a promise to invest £6 billion between them in a project that involved shipping Nigeria's natural gas to Europe.

The promise was broken; the plan was scrapped.

Justin Welby, head of the Anglican Church, is the son of a German Jew called Bernard Weiler. Justin Welby: Secret life of my fatherWelby's father had an affair with John F Kennedy's sister.

Elf's Kjell Skjevesland was asked if Welby was aware of the trick.

Skjevesland replied: "Yes, of course he was."

Old Etonian Welby and friends.

Nigeria's plan to nationalise the oil industry was halted.

Most of the wealth from the oil thus goes to the rich Western elite.

In more secent times, Welby has visited the Niger Delta, working on behalf of oil giant Shell.

On four occasions during the past seven years Welby briefed US officials about his time in Nigeria.

He was regularly guided by al-Qaeda agents ('agents of MI6 and the CIA') into warzones and up the dangerous creeks of the delta.

MI6 spy - Archbishop of Canterbury

70 per cent of Nigerians currently living on less than 65p per day.

Dr Alexander Akor, a lecturer in environmental engineering, says that Elf paid the Nigerian military to force people from their homes so it could use the land for drilling.

Ibama Ibegwuru, 80, says he was imprisoned by Nigeria’s military junta after protesting against the human rights and environmental abuses committed by Elf.

"The military used force and some youths were killed; some had their legs broken to intimidate the indigenous people", says Ibama.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.


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