Monday, March 04, 2013


Professor Zalmay Gulzad is an Afghan native who teaches political science at Harold Washington College in Chicago.

At Global Research, 2 March 2013,  Zalmay Gulzad reports that the USA created the Islamist terrorists


According to Gulzad:

1. The USA created the terrorists in Afghanistan, and then in the Middle East and North Africa.

2. The Pakistan military runs Pakistan.

The USA, with the help of the Pakistan military, is trying to stay in Afghanistan.

3. Afghanistan is very important geopolitically.

Afghanistan has oil and copper.

Afghanistan has a 150-mile border with China and is close to Russia.

The USA has many important military bases in Afghanistan.

4. The USA is supporting Moslem militants who are causing trouble in China and in Russia.

The USA is supporting the Uyghur Muslim group and Tajiks in Xinjiang Province.

The USA is supporting the Chechen group in Russia.

5. Syria, unlike Saudi Arabia and Qatar, is a relatively secular and progressive country.

The USA and Israel and al Qaeda are working together to destroy Syria...


The USA appears to be using Moslem militants to wreck Malaysia.

Tensions Escalating on Borneo as Malaysia Doubles Military Forces

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