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Top favourite Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan, a city 'ruled by the Ndrangheta', the mafia-style mob linked to Siderno, the city of origin of Leon Panetta.

La Stampa's Vatican Insider has published an article, from respected reporter Andrea Tornielli, that reports that Italian Cardinal Angelo Scola, the Archbishop of Milan, has become "Papabile", the man who could be Pope.

The Archbishop Of Milan Is Emerging As A Clear Favourite

Archbishop Angelo Scola (Italy) 2/1

Cardinal Peter Turkson (Ghana) 4/1

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (Italy) 5/1

"Le mani sulla citt√† (Hands on the City) is a book written by Barbacello and Milosa. 

It looks at: ‘Ndrangheta infiltration in Milan.

How Milan became 'Ndrangheta new ...

Former CIA boss Panetta, whose parents come from Siderno, in Calabria in Italy.

In the 1970s Scola is said to have instructed former premier Silvio Berlusconi, then a real estate developer, in 'philosophy'.

Scola reaches youth through Kerouac and McCarthy

Berlusconi is said to have links to the Mafia.

Panetta (right) has Calabrian origins. Translate this page

In 2011, Pope Benedict XVI condemned Italy's "ferocious" 'Ndrangheta mafia during a visit to the group's heartland in Calabria.

"The 'Ndrangheta has used its drug connections with Colombia and its quiet stranglehold on many businesses in northern Italy to overtake Sicily's Cosa Nostra and rack up revenue of €44bn (£37bn) a year, according to a 2008 study."

Pope condemns 'Ndrangheta mafia in their Calabrian lair | World ...

The Vatican Bank has been implicated in money-laundering for the Mafia.

"Ulysses Panetta , who was arrested September 2012 as part of the operation that bears his name, is considered the head of the local 'Ndrangheta of Giussano (Milan)."

'Ndrangheta Milano: Ulisse Panetta e il pentito Panajia.

Italian paramilitary police outside a church in Siderno. 

This is the funeral of the Pergola brothers, killed in Germany, in a mafia slaying. 

Siderno is a base for the ‘ndrangheta crime group, which operates worldwide, and which is bigger than the other Italian mafias. 

In 2007, Italy's Eurispes institute estimated that the 'Ndrangheta's turnover from trafficking in cocaine and arms, prostitution, and extortion amounted to around $56 billion a year – 2.9 percent of Italy's gross domestic product. Photo: Pier Paolo Cito, AP

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