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In 2011, Pope Benedict XVI condemned Italy's "ferocious" 'Ndrangheta mafia during a visit to the group's heartland in Calabria.

"The 'Ndrangheta has used its drug connections with Colombia and its quiet stranglehold on many businesses in northern Italy to overtake Sicily's Cosa Nostra and rack up revenue of €44bn (£37bn) a year, according to a 2008 study."

Pope condemns 'Ndrangheta mafia in their Calabrian lair | World ...

The Vatican Bank has been implicated in money-laundering for the Mafia.

"Ulysses Panetta , who was arrested September 2012 as part of the operation that bears his name, is considered the head of the local 'Ndrangheta of Giussano (Milan)."

'Ndrangheta Milano: Ulisse Panetta e il pentito Panajia.

Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan - one of the favourites

For many, Cardinal Angelo Scola, Archbishop of Milan, is the favorite to be the successor. 

"Le mani sulla città (Hands on the City) is a book written by Barbacello and Milosa. 

It looks at: ‘Ndrangheta infiltration in Milan.

How Milan became 'Ndrangheta new ...

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe 005 150x150 Corruption scandal spreads to Vatican
The archbishop of Naples, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe.

"According to a book by Rafael Guillen, the same Mafia tied to the Catholic Church is united to the International Mafia, making them transcontinental and able to move freely among any country."

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe and Pietro Lunardi, a former infrastructure and transport minister, were investigated for corruption.

Cardinal Sepe is suspected of aggravated corruption with Mr Lunardi in connection with a real estate deal.

How the Vatican Mafia Began


Benedict resigned to purge the Church of 'The Filth', says John Cornwell.

JOHN CORNWELL in the dailymail

When a Pope resigns, all the Vatican's top office-holders, in the Curia, lose their jobs.

In January 2013, Benedict received a report on the Curia.

According to Cornwell, the report revealed links between the Church's child abuse scandal and the Curia.

Benedict has resigned to make way for a new Pope and a new Curia.

The Vatican Bank "was rocked by scandal in the early Eighties for links with the mafia."

The former president of the Vatican Bank, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, "once told me he appropriated $250 million from the Vatican pension fund to pay a fine, levied by the Italian government, for financial misdemeanours."

Some of the Vatican bureaucrats "frequent discreet bars, saunas and ‘safe houses’. On another level there are individuals known to have a weakness for sex with minors.

"It appears the people who procure these sexual services have become greedy. They have been putting the squeeze on their priestly clients to launder cash through the Vatican. There is no suggestion that the bank has knowingly collaborated.

"But in January, Italy’s central bank suspended credit-card activities inside Vatican City for ‘anti-money-laundering reasons’...

"In March 2010, a 29-year-old chorister in St Peter’s was sacked for allegedly procuring male prostitutes, one of them a seminarian, for a papal gentleman-in-waiting who was also a senior adviser in the Curial department that oversees the church’s worldwide missionary activities...

"In 2011, Dr Richard Sipe, a greatly respected world expert on the priestly abuse scandal, declared that only the Pope’s resignation would resolve the paedophile priest crisis. Sipe charged that ‘along with other bishops, Benedict was complicit earlier in tolerating and covering up the crimes of the priests’...

"This month a documentary film, Mea Maxima Culpa, is on release in the UK. It claims that Benedict, as Cardinal Ratzinger, refused to remove a paedophile priest called Father Murphy in the Nineties."

Read more:

"I'm betting on someone who is both under 70 years old but with at least five years as a cardinal, which limits the possibilities to: Antonio Cañizares Llovera of Spain (67, 7 years); Péter Erdő of Hungary (60, 10 years); Seán Patrick O'Malley of the U.S. (68, 7 years); Marc Ouellet of Canada (68, 10 years); Leonardo Sandri of Argentina, a deacon (69, 6 years); Odilo Scherer of Brazil (63, 6 years); Christoph Schönborn of Austria (68, 15 years); Crescenzio Sepe of Italy (69, 12 years); and Peter Turkson of Ghana (64, 10 years)." 


Charles Edward Frith said...

The Vatican bank is a staggering launderer of crime profits. Drugs to human trafficking. It's well known in certain informed circles.

Anonymous said...

The film "Mea Maxima Culpa" is a Hollywood fabrication of true events. Murphy's crime were committed in the sventies and only brought to the attention of Ratzinger in 1996 by Robert Weakland Archbishop of Milwaukee who was facing disciplinary charges of stealing thousands of dollars for his homosexual lover.
Murphy was beyond the Statute of limitations when the Vatican heard of the charges abut they still investigated. He had been investigated by the police before but they found there was no case to answer. However the Vatican did impose sentence which could not be held up in Court of Law due to the delay in weaklands reporting the events. I believe Murphy is now dead.

Anonymous said...

things getting worse in malaysia

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Paedophile ring leader, Colin Peters, linked to Barnes scandal

Convicted barrister in child-sex chain alleged to have abused boys at London guesthouse

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Very deep info here, great work.

My contribution is this: I live near Milan and recently there was a scandal caused by a politician, administering Regione Lombardia, that got some votes by mafia or 'ndrangheta bosses. This has lifted the veil on the presence in lombardy of tipical criminal groups originally from sicily, calabria of neaples.

They are well established and can move thousand of votes by request.

Anonymous said...

The problem is we’ve all been conditioned one way or another.
We think things are normal that don’t make sense.

Calling a priest ‘father’ for example – when he’s more than almost anything a guy whose decided not to be a father.
And then a real father gives his children over to a non-father and hands the child over saying that the priests are higher fathers than he is. (i.e. ‘holier’).
The Holiest Father – the Papa – of the papacy, hasn’t got kids - but he knows best what’s good for them.

So much for that.
As for the exclusively male brotherhoods – the pillars of our society – the Army, the Priesthood, the Public Schools with the barking older men in charge who are allowed to ‘discipline’ the young males.
Lots of questions to be asked there.

Age does not bring authority.
Authority is for the ‘author’ of something - its Creator.
Who made Man?

We don’t know.

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