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According to new research, the Nazis created 42,500 'camps and ghettos' - not 7,000 as previously thought.

The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking

30,000 slave labour camps

1,150 Jewish ghettos

980 concentration camps

1,000 prisoner-of-war camps

500 brothels filled with sex slaves

1,000s of camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm, performing forced abortions, 'Germanizing' prisoners or transporting victims to killing centres

Victims of Nazi medical experiments.

According to researcher Martin Dean:

"You literally could not go anywhere in Germany without running into forced labor camps, P.O.W. camps, concentration camps."

Supporters of Fascism are often sadistic homophobic gay psychopaths.

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    Iraqi boy injured by the Nazi US military.
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    Mar 10, 2008 – There are Nazi Jews and there are liberal Jews. Zionist Menachem Begin became chief of the Zionist youth movement Betar in Poland.


Anonymous said...

Supremacism breeds Slavery

It's fine to think you are the best, but incompatible with being a monster or sociopath, because that makes you the worst. If you start torturing and killing humans, you set your family on a path of self-destruction. Nobody is happy on a carpet of blood, because to get there kills the good feelings. Perfected GMO humans and hive mind makes nobody happy.

"In Berlin alone, researchers have documented some 3,000 camps and so-called Jew houses, while Hamburg held 1,300 sites, while Hamburg held 1,300 sites."
How many "Jew houses" are in New York or the West Bank ?
How do they treat their women and children ?

"Small groups of prisoners were sent there from the Dachau concentration camp under armed guard. They were reportedly whipped and ordered to do manual labor at the home of a fervent Nazi patron known as “Sister Pia,” cleaning her house, tending her garden and even building children’s toys for her."
Reminds me of Israel with their house slaves.

"According to NGO Hotline for Migrant Workers, victims of labor trafficking varied by sector, with Thai agricultural workers and Philippine domestic servants significant groups. The penal code stipulates that coercion to engage in prostitution is a criminal offense, punishable by between four and 20 years' imprisonment. The women's rights NGO Isha L'Isha reported that even though judges and prosecutors tended to award compensation money to trafficked women, the amounts were low and the traffickers "hindered" payments. Workers' rights NGO Kav LaOved reported that it handled more cases during the year of slavery and forced labor than cases of trafficking for labor purposes."

CanSpeccy said...

Belgium considers legalizing euthanasia of defective children and the incompetent:

Belgian legislators opened a debate Wednesday on whether to amend a decade-old law on euthanasia to cover minors, being told by experts that it was already taking place in practice without any set guidelines.

Currently, the law applies to those over 18 but one expert told the upper house of parliament that it was clear that euthanasia was being carried out on younger people, the Belga news agency reported.

"We all know it," said Dominique Biarent, head of intensive care at Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital in Brussels.

Faced with this reality, "doctors need a legal framework," Biarent was quoted as saying by Belga.

Like the logic. We're already doing it so we've gotta legalize it. If other European countries were as logical as the Belgians, they'd probably be having the same discussion about the "need for a legal framework."

As for slave labor, consider America's privately operated prisons, a gulag with several million workers earning pennies an hour, i.e., slave labor.

We're all Nazi's now.

Anonymous said...

I say Aang, have you not considered the possibility that this is bullshit? Given the absolute thrashing that the holocaust story has been getting on the net wouldn't it make sense for those chief exponents of the big lie to freshly double, treble, quadruple the charges? In fact, I'd say that this is the only response to any doubts expressed about any big lie. Make it bigger!

If we know that the stories about the famous camps were at least heavily embroidered, or at worst out-and-out bullshit, why do we imagine that new revelations seventy years later about camps as some kind of 'swarm' aren't bullshit too? Given that lies is all they got (hell, it's mandated in the talmud), my first response is always to assume we're being bullshitted to.

Actually did you not see the articles at WRH recently that demonstrated that the 6,000,000 victims story has been around since before WWI? Unbelievable. Clearly false victimhood (always framed in a kabbalistic lexicon) is the Jew's best and only weapon.

A thought! The beauty of false victimhood for the Jews is that it's a means of tricking everyone else into doing their work for them. Why fight for yourself when you can trick a bunch of gormless goyim into doing it for you?

Never mind the talmud saying, "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves" - what with the Jews cursing God for not pampering them in their lifetimes clearly they went ahead, declared themselves their own messiah, and by playing on our innate empathetic feelings (that they themselves have dispensed with) turned us all into their 2800 slaves right here, right now.

"Oh Jews, tragic and noble victims and heroes, how may I serve such saints who tread the earth? Point me at those people whose possessions you covet, tell me a story about how they have what you deserve, and I shall smite those villains for thee."

Sorry I got a bit hyperbolic there.

best, etc. etc.

Levantine said...

Except my clarifications in the parentheses, this is a quote, link provided at the bottom of the comment:

- [Before the WW2 and the Holocaust,] American-based nonprofit organizations funded research into eugenics.

- The States provided refuge to select Nazi scientists and key personnel in exchange for services in their areas of expertise, during the MKULTRA and radiation testing years, no less.

- The CIA conducted covert research projects, exploiting involuntary human subjects, through nonprofit organizations acting as funding entities. Such organizations previously funded eugenics research projects, which might give pause to wonder the actual original sources of the eugenics-funds.

- Confirmed and alleged involuntary research subjects provided testimonies that are similar to that of alleged alien abductees in some instances, including tests of reproductive systems, perceived telepathic messages and administration of drugs, among many more consistencies.

- Radiation testing is confirmed to have been conducted on people with Progeria (among some estimated 11,000 others) and related files were forwarded to Oak Ridge personnel.

- Those stricken with Progeria suffer from rapid aging.

- Research of cloning indicates the aging process is sped up or slowed down in clones.

Those are facts. What those facts indicate is open for debate.

I suggested and continue to assert such facts imply quite human beings, as opposed to alien beings, should be our initial suspected perpetrators of any alleged programs involving human abduction and/or hybridization.
Every time someone mentions an estimate of hundreds and thousands alien abductees, I'm reminded of the Tom Deuley's statement regarding the Ambient Monitoring Project [AMP]:

"Finding subjects was our biggest problem. We at first wanted 60 - in the end we only found 13... There is something very wrong here. With an estimated 3 million or more claimed abductees in the US we could not find 15. Our requirements were high, but not that high. Nearly any medical study can find 1%; we could not find 1/1000%. This may say more than (the results of) our study."

Tom Deuley is not just any researcher with limited access to AA subjects of research. Besides all the impressive credentials on his resume, he is also a member of MUFON BoD [The Mutual UFO Network board of directors], and the author of the AMP project. The objective of the AMP was to take us closer to that so-desired proof that people claim to want. AMP is still frozen, apparently due to lack of funding.

In the same time when AMP was struggling with lack of funding, such AA [alien abduction] researchers like [David] Jacobs and [Budd] Hopkins "received a $200,000 private grant--Jacobs will not reveal the donor--to conduct in-depth research on accounts of abductions by aliens. (Results of their first poll, conducted by the Roper organization and released last week, are that one in every 50 adult Americans claims a UFO abduction experience.).....
John E. Mack, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, has a $200,000 contract from Scribner to write his own book about abductions."

Therefore, people, who demand proof [for alien abductions], need to ask themselves, why in our technologically developed world we haven't produced a grain of hard evidence.

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