Sunday, March 10, 2013


Jo Shaw announced her resignation

Some political parties are run by the spooks, and that means that they are 'fascist' and involved in child abuse.

The leaders of the UK's Liberal party (renamed Liberal Democrats) have long been linked to fascism and child abuse.

The UK's Liberals got Britain into World War I.

Paddy Ashdown, former leader of the Liberals, worked for MI6.

Sir Cyril Smith was one of many child abusing Liberals.

The leaders of the Liberal Democrats support secret courts.

Human rights barrister Dinah Rose and ex-parliamentary candidate Jo Shaw have resigned from the Liberal Democrat party over this issue.

UK MPs ( mainly a bunch of child-abusing fascists) have backed the proposals, despite some Liberal Democrats and Conservatives rebelling.

Lib Dems reject 'secret courts' plan at spring conference

Allegedly, Dominic Lawson, who has worked for the BBC, and who once edited the Sunday Telegraph, has links to MI6 and Princess Diana.

According to a BBC Radio 4's Document programme, called The 'secret agents' of the UK press:

Leaked MI6 documents, in 1968, revealed MI6's links with British media.

Journalists and editors at the Observer, the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the BBC worked secretly with MI6.

UK journalists worked as spies for MI6

"These are genuine MI6 documents," said Stephen Dorril, author of a history of MI6, adding that former MI6 officer Anthony Cavendish had told him that the agency used journalists.


Anonymous said...

good article but since the 1930s
the BBc has subtly promoted socialism, and what we have now is as Oleg penkovshi said we would have, "soft socialism"
or communism, thats what we have.

CanSpeccy said...

We have a pseudo-democracy where the people decide by whom they shall be led, and where, on the basis of the propaganda they have been fed; the elected leaders being mere instruments of the money power that funds the election campaigns and rewards the politicians according to their service once they have left office.

A good essay by James Tracy here on how the masses are prevented from using their own judgment in political matters, and in fact are reduced to the status of soulless machines by the propaganda apparatus.

Anonymous said...

So in 1968 they didn't call Echelon and Operation Mockingbird "Phone Hacking" yet.

"UK MPs (mainly a bunch of child-abusing fascists)"
This quote will enter the history books.

The queen now wants undiscriminated lesbians and homosexuals as future Queengs.

CanSpeccy said...

Re: The Queen and the Queers Charter

Next will be a drive to lower the age of consent, then pederasty will be protected by law and the BBC will demand that those who accuse them of enabling child abuse be charged with hate speech — as we predicted a while ago:

Pedophilia, the Last Great Western Taboo

HangemFloggem said...

The BBC is not 'socialist'. Socialism has been used since WW2 to consolidate industries & organisations fundamental to a nation's health. These have then been privatised' into the hands of ruthless, evil individuals.

Anonymous said...

'Socialism', 'communism', 'fascism' etc. are merely contrived camouflage words. They function as Hegelian thesis/antithesis inputs to arrive us at a backward engineered (ie. always intended) synthesis of what might more accurately be described as feudalism perhaps. Call it what you like but as long as it has untouchable despots at the top and a world of slaves beneath them.

The further I go the more impressed I am with the precise truth of 'power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely'. Absolute means absolute: utter, complete, total. It stands to reason that the perfectly corrupt who contrive these isms don't believe in any of them. They believe in nothing beyond their own deserving.

Thus to argue about created isms is a waste of time, the equivalent of arguing about fairies on the head of a pin.

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