Monday, April 01, 2013


Samantha Cameron, wife of the UK Prime Minister, and friend of Derek Laud, has been visiting a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon.

She is wearing the T-shirt of the Save the Children Fund, a charity which allegedly acts as a front for the spooks, and which is reportedly linked to Sir Jimmy Savile.

Here Samantha may be expressing her sympathy for the Syrian refugees.

Or she may be explaining why Israel, the USA and NATO want to smash up Syria, into little pieces.

Here Samantha may be explaining that the UK loves successful, moderate, liberal, Moslem states, like ben Ali's Tunisia.

Or she may be explaining how Israel wants all its Moslem neighbours wrecked by the CIA's Arab Spring.

Here Samantha may be explaining that she is Viscountess Astor and not used to visiting smelly Moslem countries.

Or, Samantha may be explaining that the CIA's al Qaeda may be a bit naughty, but that they are jolly useful as a tool to advance the agenda of the rich 1% and their arms, drugs and child-sex trade.



"How about a barefoot visit to Libya to see the children bombed into poverty, rape and murder by your soulless, heartless idiot of a husband 'SamCam'?

"How about a barefoot visit to London, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, etc. etc. to see what your husband has done to innocent children there, lady from the manor?"

Cameron's super-rich-kid missus bleats about her horror at innocent children's lives on a 'barefoot visit' to Syrian refugee camp to get public opinion to support another mass-bombing intervention by her war criminal husband

Samantha Gwendoline Sheffield is thought to be related to Nell Gwyn, mistress of King Charles II.

(Samantha Cameron - Wikipedia / BBC NEWS Samantha Cameron/Samantha Cameron The Guardian )

Samantha is the eldest daughter of Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield, 8th Baronet, a landowner and three times a descendant from King Charles II of England.


Samantha's parents split up after five years of marriage and her mother married again, to William Astor, 4th Viscount Astor, a minister in John Major's government.

Samantha took her A levels at a private school called Marlborough College.

Samantha's sister Emily was expelled from Marlborough College in 1991 after drugs were found in her dormitory.

David Cameron reportedly has taken drugs in the past. (Cameron DID smoke cannabis Mail Online )

Samantha studied fine art at Bristol Polytechnic

During her days at university, she was friends with hip hop star "Tricky".


Samantha's ankle is adorned with a dolphin tattoo.

David and Samantha Cameron had a son Ivan in 2002. Ivan had cerebral palsy and died in February 2009.

Samantha is creative director of luxury stationers Smythson.


Samantha is now the Viscountess Astor.

In 1963, J. Edgar Hoover produced a memo on the Profumo Scandal which referred to : Lord Astor of England on whose Cliveden Estate sex orgies reportedly occurred: it was here that Profumo first met Keeler.


Anonymous said...

She looks quite bored, but may not be the brightest bulb anyway.

Was she there on a shopping tour ?

Anonymous said...

She is thick as a brick. Doubt she has much grasp of what's really going on in Syria, or anywhere for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Arab children have big shiny eyes.
Rich pigs are hard to please.

This time all comments see through the cheap propaganda:

Anonymous said...

Homosexual pedophile adoptive parents raping child for years
State child care social workers ignored boy's pleas for help because perpetrators are "gay".

Victim Mr Andy Cannon, now 23, was wrongly diagnosed with mental disorders and prescribed anti-psychotic drugs.

The case ended last year, after half a decade of legal wrangling, when a court ordered a £25,000 compensation payment to Mr Cannon.

David Cannon, 54, and his 31-year-old partner John Scarfe were each jailed for 30 months in May 2006 for inciting sexual activity with a child.

"When I got home from school, if my dad was wound up by something I would pay for it with a beating. Then later on he would sexually abuse me."

"I let it happen and thought that one of two things would happen. Either I’d manage to get away or they’d kill me."

In 2004, he was returned to David Cannon’s care nine days after running away and making a complaint about him.

The social worker failed to report the allegations to a family court and instead called Cannon "a very caring parent who considered his children’s needs".

The council didn’t want to be seen as victimising gay people – they would rather look politically correct and let them get away with it to avoid any repercussions.

Cannon was allowed to adopt the boy, despite his mother accusing him of abuse at the time.

Thank you, Andy, for your courage and honesty.
Admiring how you kept your humanity and make life blossom.

Anonymous said...

Cliveden - a major satanic venue since ancient times.

Good report. keep pushing the satanism angle. That is what They do not want people knowing about.

Penny said...

thanks for stopping by the other day and yes it definitely looks as of the Cyprus banks and the entire country were taken down, intentionally.

With the US and Israel coming out on top

Anonymous said...

Barefoot? Didn't anyone warn her about the depleted uranium?

Anonymous said...

Well that is sure telling them straight! Well done!r

dognamedblue said...

interesting is the recorded history of the ruling elite & their political puppets & the deaths of their first born children - brown & cameron just being the latest two that spring to mind
it would seem that being a pm in the uk ain't healthy for your kids

Anonymous said...

North Korea says in state of war against South Korea

Russia, China warn US against military drills near N Korea

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