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Victor Rothschild

It's not Zionists versus fascists.

It's the feudal elite and their mafias versus the rest.

"Lord Victor Rothschild ... made Churchill's decisions, including the bombing of the food trains into the concentration camps, and the continued strafing of the inmates.

"Rothschild is on record as saying;

"'There will be no room in the new country for shnorrers' (poor Jews)

"He only wanted the rich powerful and influential for the new land, the rest were to be sacrificed."

The Truth Seeker - The Biggest Secret of World War II

Blade on the Feather (1980) by Dennis Potter is based on a John Le CarrĂ© spy thriller.

It was broadcast eleven months after Sir Anthony Blunt was exposed as the 'fourth man' in 'Rothschild's Cambridge Spy Ring'.

In Blade on the Feather, the character of Professor Jason Cavendish, a former British spy, is based partly on Kim Philby, the spy who trained James Jesus Angleton.

Cavendish lives with his second wife Linda and his 18 year old daughter Christabel and Mr Hill, his butler and personal secretary.

One day a young man called Daniel comes to stay with them.

Daniel's father, Andrew, was a British intelligence officer, who was murdered by Cavendish while escorting a Soviet defector to the British embassy.

Cavendish has been writing his memoirs, implicating himself and Hill, as well as several high profile MPs, as 'Soviet' sympathizers...

Cavendish betrays Hill; Hill betrays Cavendish; Linda betrays Cavendish; Christabel betrays Cavendish...

St John Philby, left, and family. 

Kim Philby's father, St John Philby, was in favour of Jewish immigration into Palestine.

He got to know the Rothschilds.

(St John Philby - Wikipedia

In the 1930s, Harry St John Philby worked for Standard Oil of California (Socal), helping it get control of oil in Saudi Arabia.

Harry St John Philby, aided by Allen Dulles, helped Saudi Arabia negotiate a deal to allow Saudi oil to reach Hitler's Germany.

(St John Philby - Wikipedia )

John Philby (son of Kim), Kim Philby, George Blake, in Moscow. Website for this image

In 1948, when John Philby was five, Guy Burgess came to stay for a holiday at the Philbys sprawling villa in Turkey.

Guy Burgess

"John's mother resented Burgess and his close relationship with her husband, and began staging accidents to claim attention...

"She was later sent to a Swiss clinic for treatment. Philby was posted to the United States the following year."

Angleton, who was of the pro-Israel faction in the CIA. He was head of Counter Intelligence at the CIA from 1954 - 1975.

There is a theory that the key people in the CIA have always worked on friendly terms with the key people in the KGB and the key people in Mossad. 


And Jewish folks are very influential in certain countries.

According to Haaretz, "Every appointee to the American government must endure a thorough background check by the American Jewish community." 

(American Jews eye Obama's 'anti-Israel' appointees - Haaretz)

James Jesus Angleton worked for the CIA.

He may also have worked for Mossad.

He may, or may not, have realised that Mossad worked with the KGB.

USS Liberty

A Spotlight report, of 21 November 1977, claimed that Angleton conspired with Israel to attack the USS Liberty. 

(USS Liberty)

Reportedly, Angleton believed the sinking of the Liberty could be used as a "Pearl Harbour" type of incident to turn Americans against the Arabs.

(aangirfan: The US government tried to sink the USS Liberty)

It was Angleton who negotiated an agreement whereby Israel and America agreed not spy on each other. 

(Book Reviews: Every Spy a Prince)

(The agreement was nullified by Admiral Stansfield Turner, when he was Jimmy Carter's CIA director. But, Mossad contined to work closely with the CIA.)

Terence Hawkes wrote that Angleton's friendship with Mossad "gave him a major role in preserving Israel's secrecy in respect of Suez.

"As the officer in charge of the Israeli 'account', he supported the Israeli atomic bomb programme." 

(James Jesus Angleton by Michael Holzman reviewed by Terence Hawkes TLS)

After Angleton died, a memorial to him was erected in Jerusalem.

James Jesus Angleton's father, according to a close friend, Max Corvo, was "ultra-conservative" and a fascist sympathizer. 

(James Angleton)

It was during World War II that James Jesus Angleton became a spy.

Reportedly Angleton helped set up Operation Gladio, which involved CIA militias carrying out acts of muderous terrorism in Italy.

"Angleton built on family and business connections in Italy to lay the basis of Gladio...

"He also helped notorious Nazi/fascist mass-murderers such as Junio Valerio 'Black Prince' Borghese elude justice at war's end." 


Philby, friend of the KGB and MOSSAD.

In 1943 Angleton was sent to London to be trained by MI5 officer Kim Philby, who turned out to be a friend of the KGB and Mossad. 

(James Angleton)

In 1951 Angleton was sent to Israel where he helped to set up Mossad.

According to Eustace Mullins (CHAPTER FIVE - The CIA - 3): 

While CIA station chief in Rome, the CIA's Angleton "worked closely with the Zionist terrorists Teddy Kollek and Jacob Meridor, and later became chief of the Israeli desk at the CIA, helping Philby to set up the lavishly funded international Mossad espionage operation, all paid for by American taxpayers."

Kim Philby

In 1951, the CIA was investigating Kim Philby, the top MI6 agent working in Washington.

The CIA director, Walter Bedell Smith, asked Angleton and William Harvey to write separate reports on Philby. 

(James Angleton)

Harvey concluded that Philby was a Soviet spy.

Angleton defended Philby.

Smith took the advice of Angleton.

Philby escaped to the Soviet Union in 1963.

Reportedly, Kim Philby was assisted in escaping to the Soviet Union by the Israeli Mossad 

(Sunday Telegraph, April 16, 1989 - Cached.)

Angleton provided information to the Warren Commission.

Some people have claimed that Angleton was involved in covering up the CIA's involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


Angleton interviewed Anatoli Golitsin, a KGB agent who defected to the CIA.

Golitsin suggested that W. Averell Harriman had been a Soviet spy, while he was the U.S. Ambassador to the Russia during the Second World War. (James Angleton)

According to Eric Margolis, Angleton "became an active 'asset' or at least very close ally of Israel’s Mossad, and a champion of Israel’s cause in Washington." (FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT, by Eric Margolis)

Clare Edward Petty, of the CIA's Special Investigation Group (SIG), concluded that there was an "80-85 percent probability" that Angleton was a Soviet spy. (James Angleton)


In 1973, James Schlesinger temporarily became Director of the CIA.

Angleton gave Schlesinger a list of people that he thought were Soviet agents.

This list included Harold Wilson, the British prime minister, 
Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister, 
Willy Brandt, chairman of the West German Social Democratic Party, 
Averell Harriman, the former U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union, 
Lester Pearson, the Canadian prime minister 
and Henry Kissinger, the National Security Adviser and Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon.

Schlesinger thought Angleton was suffering from paranoia.

In mid 1973, William Colby became the Director of the CIA.

Colby was not impressed with Angleton.

Colby said he could not find any evidence "that we ever caught a spy under Jim". (James Angleton)

So, are the key spooks often in league with each other?

The newspaper Scotland on Sunday reported, on 16/9/ 2001, that Osama bin Laden made his fortune in part by working with Jewish-Russian mafia operations in Qatar and Cyprus. (Mafias)

According to Wayne Madsen, "The Bin Laden drug network ... intersects with Geneva-based financial entities established by George H. W. Bush while he was CIA director and Vice President and President of the United States." - (aangirfan: Bush, Bin Laden, Drugs.... )

Reportedly, "Angleton had an alliance with ... the Mafia, dating from 1944 when he was an O.S.S. officer in Italy.

"'Operation Gladio' ... was based on Angleton's fascist-Mafia connections, and employed ... the Mafia to assassinate some who couldn't be bribed, e.g. Prime Minster Aldo Moro." (Cached)

  1. aangirfan: PHILBY : WHO WAS HE WORKING FOR?

    Apr 6, 2011 – Harry St John Philby, aided by Allen Dulles, helped Saudi Arabia negotiate a deal to allow Saudi oil to reach Hitler's Germany. (St John Philby ...
    Dec 10, 2009 – Angleton, who was of the pro-Israel faction in the CIA. He was head of Counter Intelligence at the CIA from 1954 - 1975. There is a theory that ...
    Feb 21, 2013 – Russian spy Kim Philby who was a friend of Lord Victor Rothschild Ann is related to Sir Oscar Deutsch and to Russian spy Arnold Deutch, who ...
    Oct 18, 2009 – Professor Andrew relates how British spy Kim Philby, one of the five Cambridge spies who worked for Russia, was recruited for the KGB by ...


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Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

This is off topic but I thought you may be interested.

Did you see that it's case closed on the Zygier story? Finally we can all get back to hating Muslims. Hurrah Hurrah. Of course only the most churlish would wonder if any of it is true at all. It was in the SMH for chrissakes. What's to wonder?

Um... everything? Thus, let's imagine there was a brief: make the Zygier case go away without causing any ripples whilst simultaneously painting all involved in the best light possible. Sounds fair doesn't it? If such a brief existed (and it would have) then you'd have to say that this story absolutely nails it.

Think about the fact that Zygier was guilty of betraying his own country (well, adopted country) but only accidentally. Thus his failure wasn't really a betrayal at all but rather an act of exuberance brought down by incompetence. Poor thing, he meant well but just wasn't up to job.

Mossad of course are guilty only of professionalism. They quite rightly have high standards and quite rightly insist that their agents meet them. Further to this, in punishing Zygier they displayed admirable restraint, compassion even, by merely demoting him effectively giving him a second chance.

And when he blew this chance too, he was still treated more compassionately than the spies he betrayed to the enemy, ie. they got hard labour and he didn't. No barbarism here, ahem.

And Australia of course was not part of this story at all. That Zygier scammed and debased numerous passports is neither here nor there. I say this because it gets no mention at all. Sure enough anyone reading the story whilst wondering about the passports could console themselves knowing that it was all in a well-meaning and patriotic cause with malice to none apart from those who deserved it and certainly not Australia. Quoting Vince Snetterton-Lewis, 'That was right out and I deny that completely'. Thanks Vince!


Oh wait. I know what this narrative is. It's a variation of the prodigal son! Or is it the three sons? Whatever, was you to prowl through the OT I'm sure you'd find it. Regardless, the template is that of the son who meant well and wanted to please his stern and wise and forgiving father. As simple as that - an oldie but a goodie.

I'll admit that there's a fly in the ointment insofar as the son in that story didn't commit suicide, but the insertion of this plot device into the narrative doesn't negate the point of the story but rather reinforces it. Think about it: The worthiness of the object of filial piety is so great that any failure to honour the all-loving father can only be balanced by a sacrifice of the highest order, to wit, sacrificing one's life.

Lightbulb! It seems we've combined the story of the prodigal son with the story of the 'binding' of Isaac. Of course! The father is Abraham. Abraham = Israel = the all loving father.

And God? Nowhere to be seen, ha ha. What need of him have a people who are their own messiah? None.


Anyway, back in the real world: the good guys were the good guys, everyone meant well, and it was all very unfortunate but what can you do?

And bravo to whomever came up with it. It's a cracker! In this world of trickery and conjured narratives an ability like this is sure to be rewarded. 2800 slaves is the least the author deserves.

best etc etc

Anon said...

Dear N,

Your analysis of the Der Spiegel story on Zygier is excellent!

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

When Philby defected, he was treated as a pariah, he had fulfilled his purpose and was of no further use, this is why cairncross never defected, no man who would betray his country could be trusted said the Russians.
Philby became depressed and an alcoholic, he attempted suicide twice. Philip Knightley went over to see him, and an interpreter who was also a highly placed Brit agent
sneaked over to see Philby, this man who betrayed his country and had many deaths on his conscience
had himself been betrayed by the Soviets, Philby wanted to come home and offered damaging info on Rothschild etc and a list of other traitors to this man in exchange for a pardon.
No one wanted him back least of all Rothschild.

Anonymous said...

And yourself Aang. Ever in awe, me.

Also ta for the previous link - too kind etc etc.

Anonymous said...

You are in error on one point philbys wife Aillen was
"taken care of "
just as he had asked
she was threatening to blow the whistle on his spying activities, her medical records disappeared around 1973, but she was killed off.
philbys other wife Litzi was a part time prostitute and agent runner for Marks and Spencer bosses with Flora Solomons and all for the aid of russia

Anonymous said...

'Final Judgement' by Michael Collins Piper gives good details on Angleton links with international mafia.

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