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Zimbabwe's leader Robert Mugabe is almost certainly an asset of the CIA.

1. On 5 October 2010 we learnt that the CIA tipped off Mugabe against going to Ecuador

"Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe was tipped off against going to Ecuador by the America Central Intelligence Agency, as they had information about an impending political upheaval [aka their coup] in the volatile country, Zimdaily has learnt.

"Despite posturing about anti-American sentiment, Zimdaily has it on good authority that Mugabe abruptly cut short his trip and returned to Zimbabwe after the CIA warned him of a threat to his personal safety if he went ahead with the trip."

In 1994 the Queen invited Mugabe to Buckingham Palace and gave him a knighthood. sherriequestioningall.

2. According to a CIA station chief called Larry Devlin, the CIA were recruiting agents from the black nationalist movements back in the 1960s.

The New York Times reported in 1990 (1990-06-09) that the CIA had agents within the South African ANC.

Kids, Zimbabwe

According to Tom Lodge's history of South Africa, the South African Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), which was aligned with Mugabe's ZANU (PF), received money from the US government.

According to the memoir of Ken Flower, the CIA had agents in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia in the 1960s and 1970s.

Ken Flower, boss of the CIO, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia's secret service.

3. The Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) was reportedly infiltrated by the CIA, Mossad and MI6.

The CIO was set up in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe in 1963 by the 'White' government Winston Field.

The first head of the CIO was Deputy Commissioner Ken Flower.

Flower had 'a professional relationship' with MI6.

Zimbabwe - friendly people

There were rumours that Flower had plotted with the British intelligence services to undermine Ian Smith's government. 

Flower had 'an especially good professional relationship' with Sir Dick Franks, the head of MI6 at the time, as he had with all the other main intelligence agencies.

Mugabe kept Flower in the role of head of the CIO after majority rule in 1980, when the country's name changed to Zimbabwe. 

Danny Stannard

The deputy head of the CIO, and eventual successor to Flower, was Danny Stannard.

His brother Richard Stannard, a former captain in the British Army Military Police, became the Director Military Intelligence (DMI) under Robert Mugabe

4. The CIO was infiltrated by Mossad, through Ari Ben-Menashe.

The Israeli interest was in the supply of plutonium from the Congo via Zimbabwe to North Korea and thence to Syria and Iran.

It is possible that Iran and North Korea are secret assets of the CIA.


5. According to Heidi Holland's biography of Mugabe, the Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) helped Robert Mugabe and Edgar Tekere escape from Rhodesia into Mozambique in 1975.

Robert Mugabe and the CIA at Vukutu

6. Following Zimbabwean Independence in 1980, the newly-elected Government of Robert Mugabe took two years before permitting the USSR to open an embassy in Zimbabwe.

Following independence, no agents of the CIO were devoted to identifying or countering US espionage activities.

The USA and UK were allowed to open embassies immediately. 

For almost two years following Independence, Mugabe met weekly with Ian Smith.

Robert Mugabe and the CIA at Vukutu

Friendly villagers - Zimbabwe

7. According to a report in Newsweek in February 1982, Joshua Nkomo told a press conference that he had sought assistance from the white South African government to stage a coup against Mugabe and ZANU (PF), but this request had been refused.

Reportedly, elements of the South African leadership were friendly with the CIA and MI6.

Jewish Rule In South Africa - Conspiratology

Some of the white staff of the Zimbabwe CIO were secretly working for South Africa. Some of these people subsequently defected to South Africa.

Genocide in Zimbabwe

8. Mugabe came to power in 1980.

From 1983-1987, Mugabe conducted a genocidal campaign of violence against the people of Zimbabwe's Matabeleland.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher "were remarkably quiet" about this genocide.

In 1982, the Reagan administration added Zimbabwe to its list of countries eligible to receive US military aid.

Robert Mugabe and the CIA at Vukutu

Zimbabwe kids and washing

9. Members and supporters of opposition PF-ZAPU, including Judith Todd, have long suggested that some senior members of ZANU (PF) are paid CIA agents.

Robert Mugabe and the CIA at Vukutu

10. Israel Loves Mugabe according to

According to

Israel supplies Mugabe with military equipment, including riot control tanks and water cannon.

Mugabe works with Mossad.

In 2002, Ari Ben Menashe, who has worked for Israeli military intelligence, secretly filmed opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai supposedly discussing a plot to assassinate Mugabe.

This was intended to discredit the opposition to Mugabe.

Mugabe has been accused of bringing in computer experts from Mossad to manipulate voter rolls.


Could Mossad have a friend in Nicholas van Hoogstraten, a gentleman from the UK?

Nicholas van Hoogstraten, who was friends with Tiny Rowland, of the London and Rhodesian Mining Company.[4], is a pal of Robert Mugabe.

In 2009, it was reported that Hoogstraten had been "a generous contributor to Mr Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) party and (had) bought into several large state-owned companies."[2]

Hoogstraten is believed to have homes in Barbados, St Lucia, Florida, Cannes and Zimbabwe.

Reportedly, Hoogstraten owns about 200 residential and business properties in Zimbabwe, has big investments on the Zimbabwe stock exchange, and owns an estimated 600,000 hectares in the country. 

(Tycoon Van Hoogstraten in Zimbabwe UK news The Observer)

Hwange colliery in Zimbabwe, part owned by Nicholas van Hoogstraten.

Nicholas van Hoogstraten was once convicted for ordering a grenade attack on the home of a Jewish business pal.

In 1999, Mohammed Raja was shot dead by two men identified as Mr van Hoogstraten's henchmen.

One of the henchmen was David Croke.

Hoogstraten was sent to jail but was 'mysteriously' freed five months later.

David Croke, Hoogstraten's killer thug, was discovered hanged in his prison cell M


According to Wayne Madsen (Zimbabwe's misery prolonged by two unlikely partners):

"Mugabe’s intelligence and security services were also being supported by Libya...

"Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi (Gaddafi) owns a number of houses in Harare, including a large house in the Belgravia district of Harare.

"The homes are suspected of being used as “safe houses” for the CIO (Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Organization).

"In a bizarre twist, joint CIO and Mossad activities in Zimbabwe occasionally involve the use of Qaddafi’s safe houses."

Gaddafi was reportedly put into power by the CIA and MI6.

Reportedly he was allowed to escape to Zimbabwe.


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I saw mention here of Sir Dick Franks of MI5
his appointment was very controversial as its well known he is mossad and British interests would come way down the list

Ann Diamond said...

Mossad's Ari Ben-Menashe also named as a player in a scandal at Montreal's McGill University Hospital Centre, which also links to arms dealing and mines in Africa

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i saw a vid of ann diamond, shes a very clever well informed and beautiful girl.

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Hullo Aang,

Speaking of Zimbabwe, mossad, and Ari Ben Menashe, here's a thing that's not nearly as good as what you've done here but you may find it of some interest regardless.

Perhaps we should just call it more grist for the old 'playing-both-sides-against-each-other' mill, if you know what I mean.

best etc. etc.

KPatrickRyan said...

I have no doubt whatsoever that North Korea is indeed an asset of the Rothschild/MI6/CIA/jewish cabal. (Not sure yet about Iran).

But if N Korea were indeed a rogue nation, forever frightening the US and Asia with its incessant saber-rattling, loooong ago Reagan or Clinton or Bush the First would have sent another generation of Americans to kill and be killed. That the US now doesn't think twice whether or not to do the same to other countries (ones that don't threaten nuclear war once a year or more) proves to me N Korea is simply being held on the back burner - to be used whenever the bastards think the time is right.

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I've added a link to 'The Worst Man in the World'.

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