Thursday, March 21, 2013


The game of Monopoly can go on for ever, so long as you are allowed to borrow money.

You land on 'Mayfair' where your opponent has hotels.

You haven't got enough cash, so you borrow from 'the bank', which has limitless money.

Each time you pass 'Go' you pay 5% on your borrowing.

If your opponent lands on your hotels on 'Oxford Street', you then have enough money to pay back the money borrowed from the bank.

Of course, if your opponent has far more properties and hotels than you, you will end up with growing debts.

But, the bank always allows you to borrow more money.

So the game goes on for ever.

The game only ends if:

(1) the rules are changed so that there is a limit to borrowing

(2) and, one player has far more properties, hotels and cash than the other and the dice are generally in his favour.

The USA currently has some economic problems.

Its debt is rising. 

Its population is ageing. 

Its schools are mediocre. 

Its infrastructure is rickety. 

Its politicians are corrupt.

It is spending too much money on wars.

There is a giant gap in wealth between the elite and the average citizen...

A well nourished man steals maize from a starving child during a food distribution at a feeding center in Sudan in 1998. Photo by Tom Stoddart.

But, so long as the US government can go on printing money, the game can go on for ever.

Of course, if the USA fails to get its house in order, the dollar will go down in value and ordinary people become much poorer.

Cyprus is not going to cease to exist just because its economy is in a mess.

Cyprus has oil and gas.

And the USA wants Cyprus inside NATO.

We should all look at Switzerland, which is made up of a number of counties (cantons).

The central government in Switzerland controls the railways.

The cantons control education, labour, economic and welfare policies and so on.

Each canton has its own parliament and constitution.

The communes vary in size from a few hundred to more than a million people.


Anonymous said...

The strategic planning of the rulers is made over 50 years in advance. Merkel's threats against Cyprus savers are obviously aimed at driving Cyprus into the hands of the Russians in preparation for the staged world war fulfilling self-made "prophecy" around Israel. Russia wants to be ready in 2018-2020, USA is planning for total dominance in 2025. We are in the beginning of an industrial revolution with robots replacing workers. Until then many will be dying of agro-pharma toxins GMO food poisoning cancers, birth deformations, radiation, geo-engineering chemtrails, artificial plagues and poverty from state-sponsored robbery. Programmed over-breeding, mass-immigration, dumbing down, MKUltra torture child sex, destroying heterosexual families and self-sufficient cultures will continue to intensify disaster and suffering. Banks could be replaced by central planning and food stamps.

The heartless and mad rulers railroading us with Monsanto Syngenta Fukushimas artificial revolutions and total surveillance want to replace us all with GMO robotic mind hive transhumans.

Germany warns Cyprus its banks may NEVER reopen

Wendy said...

did You see that ?

kisses Anon

Anon said...

See what?


Anonymous said...

Monoploy same with Chess.

Chess can go on forever.

Now who are the Banks in Chess.

What one Piece can move unlimited spaces in any direction?

The Queen


May i say"The Crown"

or May i say"The City of London" which means The Rothschilds


The Queen can also be the Jews for their pushing of Homosexuality.

Remember in Revelation 17 God the Father of Christ Jesus my lord calls Israel the Zionist/Jewish Homeland"The Great Whore"

Anonymous said...

And to make Russia's allegiance clear, there is a triple six in the Gazprom logo: one in the leading G's inner circle and two in the flame. Iran's flag quite obviously symbolises a penis penetrating a vagina with clitoris, with w on top, bottom and middle. The cabal's triple vav www 666 is the default prefix for internet addresses. No magic, just marking territory and make-belief down the rabbis hole.

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