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Lolita film

In the Daily Mail, Petronella Wyatt has written "the outrageous confessions of an upper-class Lolita."

Petronella refers to Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Robin Day, Sir Albert Finney and Lord Lambton.

Petronella argues that society must be less censorious of Lolita-type behaviour.

She reports that teen girls can be very manipulative.

Petronella Wyatt (centre), aged 18, on holiday in Italy with, from left, father Woodrow Wyatt, mother Verushka Wyatt, Rosemary Lamont, and her then husband Norman Lamont, the former Tory government minister. www.dailymail.co.uk/

Petronella Wyatt (born 1968) is a British journalist.

She is the daughter of the late Woodrow Wyatt, and his fourth wife, the Hungarian Veronica (Verushka) Banszky Von Ambroz.

Woodrow Wyatt, who worked for the BBC, was "a prime journalistic outlet for MI5 material..."

The Cia, the British Left

Boris Johnson stuartsmithsblog.com

In 2004 British newspapers reported that Petronella had had a four-year affair with then-Conservative MP  Boris Johnson,[1]

Boris Johnson's father Stanley worked for MI6 

(Cripes! It’s Boris’s dad - Times Online).

Boris Johnson was editor of The Spectator, which reportedly is full of spies. 

Boris Johnson is curently Mayor of London,[13] but is said to have ambitions to be Prime Minister.

Sir Laurence Olivier, Baron Olivier of Brighton (Gay capital of the UK).

At the age of 15, Petronella sat on the lap of the 'elderly' Sir Lawrence Olivier.

Olivier kissed her.

He then complimented Petronella on her breasts, touching one of them with his hand.

"Then he sighed and released me, thanking me for being 'kind to an old man'."

Petronella felt highly flattered.

Petronella and her parents

On the journey home with her father, Woodrow Wyatt, Petronella "burst out gleefully: 'He groped me! Laurence Olivier groped me!'"

Woodrow Wyatt laughed.

Petronella writes: "Many will argue that my father should have been thrown into jail with Olivier.

"But when I was growing up, so many of my father’s friends made passes at me that if I had sued each one, I would still be in court to this day."


Olivier was bisexual.

Larry gay? Of course he was | Mail Online

Petronella at Oxford.

Petronella writes: "As well as Olivier, there was broadcaster Robin Day, the actor Albert Finney and Lord Lambton...

"There were other politicians, too, and members of the peerage, who are still alive as I write.

"Rightly or wrongly, I was brought up to believe that this sort of thing was simply a part of life....

 "If a man found a young girl pretty, it was in his genes to want to make a pass at her...

"It is time all of us grew up. 

"What is wrong with the occasional wistful pass made by a man whose youth has faded?

"The Duke of Wellington did it, as did the great Prime Ministers, Lords Melbourne and Palmerston. Lloyd George was known as ‘the old goat’...

Sir Robin Day with Petronella.

The BBC's Sir Robin Day took an enthusiastic interest in Petronella from an early age.

When Petronella was 17, Sir Robin invited her to dinner at an expensive restaurant.

After they had eaten, Day invited her back to his flat.

They danced.

Sir Robin's hand moved from Petronella's back down to her bottom.

She extricated herself and they sat on the sofa.

"He put one of his arms around me. There was something of a minor tussle, and I said I had to go home. He found me a taxi, and helped me into it.

"Once again, I was not in the least distressed. In fact, I felt rather sorry for the old bird. Though Day tried unsuccessfully to seduce me again on numerous occasions, we remained friends until his death."

Albert Finney

When she was aged 15, Petronella met the film star Albert Finney.

"You look like the young Liza Minnelli. She was a very sexy woman," Finney told Petronella, then he placed his hand on her thigh.

"May I take you out during your school half-term?" he asked.

"Yes, please," said Petronella.

But, Petronella's mother did not allow the half-term meeting, as Finney was dating the actress Diana Quick.

Lord Lambton

Several security services kept a close eye on Lord Lambton, a UK government minister.

After Lambton's fall from grace, Woodrow Wyatt rented a house on Lambton's estate near Sienna, in Italy.

Petronella, still a young teenager, was introduced to Tony, Lord Lambton at his villa.

"You are now going to meet a wicked earl," Woodrow Wyatt said to his daughter Petronella.

Lambton was in his late 60s, "but his libido seemed not to have waned."

Lambton called petronella "a great beauty, like a lily drenched with dew".

According to petronella, Lambton's swimming trunks were slipping off his bottom.

"Are you a virgin?" he asked.

"Yes," Petronella answered.

Petronella's father, Woodrow Wyatt, was "greatly amused" when Petronella described this encounter to him later.

The following day Woodrow sent Petronella down to Lambton's villa with some books he thought Lambton might like to read.

Petronella wandered up to the first floor of the villa, calling out Tony Lambton's name.

"'I'm in my bedroom,' Lord Lambton shouted back.

Petronella found herself staring at Lambton's stark-naked body.

Petronella quickly gave Lambton the books and quickly left.

Lord Lambton and prostitute Norma Levy. 

"In 1973 Lord Lambton, a junior defence minister, was forced to resign following photographic evidence of his involvement with prostitutes and drugs. 

"Scotland Yard enquiries into a call girl ring revealed the name of Earl Jellicoe's, another government minister.

"He had used a different name when he entertained call girls in his Onslow Square flat, but his name was on the entrance." 

Norma Levy, prostitute friend of Lord Lambton, "had oil magnate Jean Paul Getty as a client."

Norma Levy says of Getty: "He would ask me to change into this white robe, and then make me lie down in an open coffin."

In 1981 John Paul Getty III had a stroke which left him paralysed and almost blind.

Norma's husband Colin Levy was reportedly linked to the US intelligence services.

"A retired MI6 operative named Lee Tracey admitted to being part of a ruse to expose Lambton."

Read more: http://www.dailymail. 

Eva Ionesco, as Alice, by Irina Ionesco.

Petronella writes:

"In the scheme of things, a grope or a fondle is hardly worthy of legal censure, yet has come to be regarded as akin to attempted murder...

"I am not convinced that we should penalise those in a position of trust for falling from grace occasionally, nor should we forget how manipulative teenage girls can be.

"Whenever our English drama teacher took the class to see a play outside school, we would fight each other to sit beside him.

"One girl in particular, who already had breasts like the Hollywood actress Jayne Mansfield, would rub herself up against our teacher, much to his delight...

"Speaking for myself, from the age of 13 I was an incorrigible flirt. I still feel guilty about my deplorable behaviour towards an elderly Italian count our family used to visit every summer.

"Piqued that he was not taking sufficient notice of my presence, I was utterly determined that I would seduce him into kissing me. I was 17, and he didn’t stand a chance.

"My bedroom was next to the room where he watched television after dinner. One night, I made my entrance. After half an hour I had extracted the desired kiss. To his great distress, I then dropped him..."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Petronella (left) and former UK government minister Norman Lamont (right).

Norman Lamont, longtime director of N.M. Rothschild, is or has been chairman of Le Cercle - The Circle.

Le Cercle - WikiSpooks

"Le Cercle is a secret transnational intelligence and direct action group, that, according to all accounts, is funded by the CIA."


Petronella and Norman Lamont.

"Circle members Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner, William Colby, Stefano Delle Chiaie, Giulio Andreotti, General Stilwell... have all been involved in the creation or maintenance of the Stay-Behind networks." 

(The Stay-Behind networks of Operation Gladio which 'carried out acts of terrorism in Europe').


Reportedly, members of The Circle include or have included:

Giulio Andreotti (of P2), Prince Turki Al-Faisal, Nadhmi Auchi (reportedly a former member of Saddam's inner circle), Zbigniew Brzezinski, Reinhard Gehlen, Sir James Goldsmith, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and George Soros.


andy said...

What exactly is she trying to say that it's ok for dirty old pervs to touch up the young ones?
High class lolita my arse!

Anonymous said...

"What is wrong with the occasional wistful pass made by a man whose youth has faded?"

This: Paedophilia is a nasty crime that makes youngsters grow up in a corrupt view of our society and promotes the idea of money = sex .

Not only it is a crime, but gives a distorted idea of love: no normal family can accept these 'occasional wistful passes' for a good reason... The youngsters will perpetuate the crime and the very same istitution of family will loose its meaning.

Anonymous said...

Such a terrible great beauty - straight from the imagination of Charles Dana Gibson. She's the kind of beauty that would constitute the rocks of "th'impervious horrors of a leeward shore" if you know what I mean. 'God between us and harm!' as they say.

Anonymous said...

The photo of 'Albert Finney' is surely that of Michael Redgrave instead.

Anonymous said...

you have a photo of Michael Redgrave captioned as Albert Finney

Anon said...

I've changed the picture. Many thanks.

- Aangirfan

AyrDay said...

We need to distinguish different lifestyles and attitudes, and ensure that it is not possible for a situation to exist where:

(a) Some people in our society can think they can seriously abuse anyone, especially vulnerable young people who are effectively captive in their environment, unable to speak out or get away, and threatened with reprisals.

(b) For some people to jeer, sneer or smear victims of abuse who carry severe physical and emotional scars for the rest of their lives, and who find it hard to speak about it in the first place.

We should look at the dynamics behind these issues, and at how things can get set up and go full-circle through to their getting covered up, unless we find small and big ways to pre-empt them.

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