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Sir Jimmy Savile in Peterborough, 1995.

Sir Jimmy Savile once lived in Peterborough.

"Jimmy used to work as a consultant for travel agent Thomas Cook...."

"Nigel Hards, now the chairman of Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, worked with Jimmy in the early 1990s at Thomas Cook."

How Sir Jimmy Savile fixed Peterborough

EAST ANGLIA. Child abuse ring in Peterborough. Murder of Holly and Jessica from Soham. Body found on Queen's estate near Kings Lynn...

On 31 March 2013 it was reported that in Peterborough, in the UK, Police have smashed the 'biggest child-sex ring' in the UK

Some of the victims of rape, abuse and sex slavery were aged as young as 12.

Six men have been arrested. 

All six men suspected of grooming the youngsters are on bail and have not been charged.

The suspects are of various nationalities.

New Savile 'grope' - Peterborough

Police believe a large gang was targeting vulnerable youngsters across the city.

"The men are suspected of targeting vulnerable girls in care or outside schools for grooming.

"They would allegedly give them booze, drugs or money before using them as sex slaves."

Two Cambridgeshire police operations, codenamed Earl and Jardine, have been looking into child grooming in Peterborough.

A government report 18 months ago found that Peterborough ­council had failed to ­adequately protect vulnerable ­children.

This led to the resignation of the Peterborough's director of Children's Services John Richards.

Holly and Jessica lived in East Anglia.

"The series of murders in the South East of England during 2000-2002 had five victims, namely Sarah Payne, Milly Dowler, Danielle Jones, and Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman."

Sarah Payne in Cheshire - The Soham Murders

Well protected pedophile rings at work?

There are reports that people working for Rupert Murdoch's News of the World hacked the telephones of the families of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, the young girls whose dead bodies were found near a US military base in England.

(The Soham Murders and Ian Huntley)

Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells. (News of the World phone hacking- Daily Mail)

"The mobile phone evidence that Jessica's signal had faded at 1:30 AM and that it was traced to countryside north of Soham was not examined at the trial. 

"This contradicted the police case that the phone was switched off at the time that their case alleged they died and that the signal came from a mast outside Huntley's house." 

Huntley drugged and framed?

Alisa, whose body was found on the Queen's estate. 


Merlin de la Haye left this comment on the post "WHO KILLED HOLLY AND JESSICA?":

"My family home is Mildenhall.

"My uncle many years ago worked on the base and to my knowlege a cousin still does.

"Many years ago my uncle was suicided. He was found in Felixstowe docks with his legs and hands bound together.

"I was not born then but told by my mother he used to run a betting ring.

"My guess he was involved with pornography although this is just a guess with no evidence,except the beneficiary was his twin brother who inherited a newspaper shop and house and fiddled his brothers and sisters out of their estates.

"There is a contact point on the base at Mildenhall where they lived in a village named Beck Row.

"The Bird in Hand pub is on the airbase and it is a crossing point for locals and USAF servicemen.

"Here orgies and debaucheries took place in a darkened room called the smooch.

"I have read girls from London were transported up to the base by bus for the entertainment of the GI's.

"I do not know about Lakenheath although my rich aunt lived there and owned most of the village including the local pub.

"The house were rented to US servicemen.

"My uncle in Mildenhall who only recently died was the head of the Rotary Club in Mildenhall.

"I attended Soham Grammar School and I know the area quite well." 


"I was raped and abused sexually by John wills whilst in care as a child...

"I wasn’t allowed to give evidence against him..."


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Anonymous said...

AS ever nothing about the official account of Holly and Jessica adds up. Am convinced Huntley was framed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@anon12:59 - true, huntley was just the tip of the aisberg. a patsy, if u want, a scapegoat, its all very clear

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A theory, how to take-over the leadership of a powerful country?

Debauch the leadership.

Put the leadership in a position that when you ask a favor, you get the favor.

Enfeeble the leadership with destructive diversions.

Or is it cases of individual perversion spreading, as it were, via social circles and social networks?

Or is there examples of both?

Outside intentional debauching of leadership for purposes of control & manipulation.

Individual perversions spread through social networking and reinforced in tight social circles, almost cells of social perversion spreading through the leadership like a disease.

Does one work upon the other and in leadership occasionally overlap?

Does perversion seek out its own kind?

I keep coming back to the intentional debauching of the leadership by outside forces.

But I can not forget that water seeks its own level.

Anonymous said...

According to wiki:

"The girls' bodies were found in a ditch near the perimeter fence of RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, about six miles from Soham, on 17 August. Twelve hours later, their clothing was discovered in the grounds of Soham Village College and Huntley was arrested. The girls had been missing for 13 days when their bodies were found, with police stating that both corpses were "severely decomposed and partially skeletonised". Huntley had set them alight in a bid to destroy forensic evidence."

However, we have to go to RAF Lakenheath wiki to find out that:

"Although an RAF station, it hosts United States Air Force units and personnel. The host wing is the 48th Fighter Wing (48 FW), also known as the Liberty Wing, assigned to United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE)."

further according to wiki:

"Huntley's motive for killing Wells and Chapman may never be known, but minutes before seeing them he had reportedly slammed the telephone down on Carr following a furious argument; Huntley had allegedly suspected Carr of cheating on him. The police suspected that Huntley killed the girls in a fit of jealous rage."

Spot the absurdities and the smoking gun.

Anonymous said...

All very disturbing!

The late Joe Vialls weighed in very heavily in favour of maintaining a presumption of Huntley's innocence, and he made a very strong case.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they don't want to have an inquest into the Latvian woman found at Sandringham....

Anonymous said...

The latvian girl was one of over 60
pretty young girls introduced to drugs and then forced into prostitution to pay for them, the russian mafia who virtually now own the whole area admit to having murdered many girls and even a few boys who would not toe the line, the ex policeman dave ingrams has given several radio broadcasts on this

Anonymous said...


It appears that the area that surrounds King's Lynne is the furthest distance from all UK positive ley lines. Check out
The original website which contained the map of the UK main leys has recently closed down. Darkest and negative energy is most poweful away from positive energy.

lezlow111 said...

fishy aint it

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