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Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now called Pope Francis, has Italian origins.

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now called Pope Francis, was reportedly involved in the 1976 kidnapping of two priests by fascist elements of the Argentinian Navy.[20]

This was during Argentina's Dirty War.

The priests, Orlando Yorio and Franz Jalics, were found drugged and semi-naked, five months after being kidnapped.

Yorio accused Bergoglio (Pope Francis) of handing them over to the death squads. 

Reportedly,  the Argentine Navy with the help of Cardinal Bergoglio housed political prisoners in Bergoglio's holiday home [23]

"Cardinal Primatesta met regularly with Videla and Papal nuncio Laghi played tennis with Masssera."

"From 1973 to 1979, a period that overlapped with military dictatorship lasting from 1976 to 1983, Francis served as the top Argentine Jesuit official.

"During that time, the Catholic Church remained silent in the face of widespread human rights violations during the country's so-called "Dirty War," an effort by the military government to root out dissent by torture, murder, and disappearances. 

Fascist dictator Videla (right) David Rockefeller (centre). “Washington’s Pope”? Who is Pope Francis I? Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Argentina’s “Dirty War”By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

"In several cases, Catholic priests collaborated with the government and were even in the room as prisoners were tortured.

"In February, an Argentine court ruled that the Catholic church hierarchy, of which Francis was arguably a member, had "closed its eyes" to the killing of progressive priests."

“Yesterday an accomplice of the Argentine military dictatorship — Today an accomplice of the coup-makers against the revolutionary process in Latin America. No pasaran!” tumblr.comHe has openly attacked Argentina’s president, Cristina Kirchner. dailymail

Bergoglio told his authorized biographer, Sergio Rubin, that after the priests' imprisonment, he worked behind the scenes for their release.

Pope Francis (left) with Jorge Videla, head of the Argentine fascist Junta, responsible for the death, disappearance and torture of tens of thousands of Argentines in its so-called Dirty War. Argentine human rights lawyer Myriam Bregman has accused Pope Francis of allowing his own Jesuit priests to be rounded up and tortured by the junta death squads, and of failing to intervene when families begged him to help find babies kidnapped by the regime. dailymail

In 2010, Bergoglio told Sergio Rubin that he often sheltered people from the dictatorship on church property. [27]

State Department documents obtained by the National Security Archive under the Freedom of Information Act show that in October 1976, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and high-ranking U.S. officials gave their full support to the Argentine military junta.[155]

"Bergoglio also was accused of turning his back on a family that lost five relatives to state terror, including a young woman who was 5-months' pregnant before she was kidnapped and killed in 1977. 

"The De la Cuadra family appealed to the leader of the Jesuits in Rome, who urged Bergoglio to help them; Bergoglio then assigned a monsignor to the case. 

"Months passed before the monsignor came back with a written note from a colonel: It revealed that the woman had given birth in captivity to a girl who was given to a family 'too important' for the adoption to be reversed."

FP Passport: Will Francis's role during Argentina's 'Dirty War' come back to haunt him?

Admiral Emilio Massera was trained by the Pentagon, at the School of the Americas. Massera trafficked in babies and young children. (Admiral Emilio Massera.) He was involved with P2, the international masonic lodge which, as part of Operation Gladio, helped carry out terrorism in Italy. He set up a CIA-funded torture centre. (Cruyff - ZANI :: Articles) This was designed to kill an estimated 30,000 "enemies of the state". (Admiral Emilio Massera.)

Pope Francis (Bergoglio) is the first Jesuit to be elected Pope.

The parents of Pope Francis are Italians - Mario José Bergoglio, a railway worker, and his wife Regina María Sívori, a housewife.

In the 1960s, Pope Francis was a teacher of psychology.

Fascist dictator General Jorge Videla takes communion from Jorge Mario Bergolio.

Bergoglio (Pope Francis) completed his doctoral dissertation in Germany.

Cardinal Bergoglio became known for 'doctrinal conservatism'.

He lived in an apartment, rather than in the bishop's residence.[14]

Pope Francis I, right, was the archbishop of Buenos Aires when he met with Claudio Epelman, executive director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, in Buenos Aires in 2012. New pope, Jorge Mario Bergogli of Argentina, has Jewish connections... - JTA

The family of Pope Francis is originally from Portacomaro in the province of Asti in the North of Italy.

Jewish landmarks in Asti have a history which goes back to the 14th century.

Asti Italy Jewish tours travel itineraries heritage - Key Jewish Tours ...


A Portacomaroun ancestor of the future pontiff purchased from a Jew in the first half of the nineteenth century, the only house which existed in this small village in the province of Asti.

The great-grandfather came to Portacomaro from northern Asti, around Castelnuovo Don Bosco, probably Cortiglione of Robertsbridge, where even today there are many Bergoglio.

After arriving in Portacomaro, the Bergoglio also built the other houses, then inhabited by the descendants.

Papa Bergoglio ha radici piemontesi - Cronaca - Tgcom24

Ettore Ovazza

Ettore Ovazza (Turin, 21 March 1892 - Intra, 11 October 1943) was an Italian Jew who was a financial patron of Mussolini, and served as a minister for some years with the Economy Ministry in Benito Mussolini's government.

He was born, one of three brothers, to the Ovazza family, a wealthy and influential Jewish banking family based in Turin. They were one of the leading banking families in Italy.

Ettore Ovazza was a committed Fascist from the start. He took part in the March on Rome in October 1922; in 1929 he was invited to meet Mussolini as a part of a delegation of Jewish war veterans.

He later described the encounter: "On hearing my affirmation of the unshakeable loyalty of Italian Jews to the Fatherland, His Excellency Mussolini looks me straight in the eye and says with a voice that penetrates straight to my heart: ‘I have never doubted it’.

Ettore Ovazza - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Justin Welby, head of the Anglican Church, is the son of a German Jew called Bernard Weiler.

Justin Welby: Secret life of my father.

Welby's father had an affair with John F Kennedy's sister.



"The mutilated body of Gonzalez, a homeless child who lived from selling religious cards and artifacts, was found October 2006 in Mercedes, a city of 50,000 some 700km north of Buenos Aires.

"The boy 'was raped, impaled, tortured with cigarette burns, decapitated while still alive and then all the blood was drained from his body. They removed all the skin from his body, as well as his tongue, throat and several vertebrae', Mr Schmitt said.

A R G E N T I N A - "Archbishop Edgardo Storni of Santa Fe resigned on Oct. 1, 2002, after a book accused him of abusing at least 47 young seminarians. The Vatican had investigated allegations against Storni in 1994, but found insufficient evidence to act. Storni said his resignation did not signify guilt." - Boston Globe / Spotlight / Abuse in the Catholic Church / Scandal ...

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    Jul 6, 2012 – In Argentina, the "CIA funded Navy Mechanics School (ESMA) was where opponents (active or perceived) to the dictatorship were raped, ...
    Apr 21, 2011 – According to the book 'Operation Israel', during the Falklands War, there were five flights from Israel to Argentina. These flights carried weapons ...
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    Nov 1, 2010 – Nestor Kirchner, President of Argentina from 2003 - 2007, is a hero. ... In February 2009, the CIA's Leon Panetta "said Argentina - and Ecuador ...
  5. aangirfan: HITLER IN ARGENTINA
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    Dec 14, 2012 – Argentina's Admiral Emilio Massero trafficked in children. He was involved with P2, the international masonic lodge which, as part of the CIA's ...
  8. aangirfan: HITLER ESCAPED
    Oct 18, 2011 – Author Abel Basti, in his 2003 book Hitler In Argentina, said Hitler and... The ranch belonged to Argentine businessman Jorge Antonio, friend ...


Le Gallinacé said...

Arrêtez avec vos "fascistes", les faascistes sont les juifs...
Here is a link about the relationships between the Rothschild, and the jesuits, another to say, the Illuminati :

Anonymous said...

The founder of the order of the jesuists, Ignazio De Loyola, was a marrano, id est, a crypto jew!!
Christianity - in Europe in those days the Catholic Church - was attacked from the outside by de Reformation - Calvin was another cryptojew - and from within by the jesuits.

The order of the jesuits has been forbidden for a very long time by the Church, but helas, the Church today is totally infiltrated by gay freemasons and gay communists, and thus weakened by corruption and all the scandals coming from there.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He's a jesuit, and the jesuits are the head of the illuminati. Catholic is not Christian. I'm a Christian, my Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and rose again.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago jesus spent time in a home with romans. What do you think he was there for ? To promote killing? Not at all , he prompted faith and love. In any army worldwide priest are assigned to serve.. Are they there to kill? You figure the answer mr writer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Holy Spirit is the intermediary with Christ and the Father, not some pop(e)ular idol.

Anonymous said... 3/13/2013
Someone said to me that he's a Jesuit who is not liked by other Jesuits.

^ A jesuit who chooses as name the founder of Franciscan order... like going to the opposite side.

analiensaturn said...

reminds me of John McVicar, when they got their prison records the so called pal priest had been slagging him off to the home office

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting the word 'jesuitical'

"dissembling or equivocating, in the manner associated with Jesuits."

"Designing; cunning; deceitful; crafty; -- an opprobrious use of the word - Dryden"

"Having the character ascribed to the Jesuits; deceitful, dissembling; practising equivocation, prevarication, or mental reservation of truth. Often used in sense ‘hair-splitting’, keenly analytical."

"1613 Purchas Pilgrimage (1614) 530 Easie it may be indeed to seared Iesuiticall Consciences, that account Treason Religion."

"1829 Jesuitism & Methodism I. viii. 119 She trusted‥to preserve Cordelia from being perverted, by Jesuitical craft, from the true light."

"1932 E. Bevan Christianity ix. 192 Two things especially brought odium upon the name of Jesuit. One is the suspicion of vast subterranean intrigue carried on to gain worldly power‥; and the other is the belief that the Jesuits cultivate an immoral casuistry—whence the adjective ‘jesuitical’—and especially teach that a good end justifies any kind of means."

"1951 R. Hall Short Hist. Ital. Lit. 261 The words Jesuitry and Jesuitical have become proverbial in reference to dishonestly subtle dialectics and hypocritical condonement of evil practice."

arthur zbygniew said...

Illuminati and Jesuits are two opposed things. Cardinal Bergoglio was famous for using public transports in Buenos Aires. Pope Francesco probably will amaze all of us in particular those who do not know what Jesuits are capable of and those who have not a clue of what it means for a pope to chose such a humble and promising name.

A. Peasant said...

Well thankfully the jews are hapoy with the new pope.
Not a day after the giant catholic church gets a new pope does it start... The genuflecting to the jews.

Perhaps he will help sway public opinion the right way on the investigations into the early 1990s bombings in argentina for which investigators found with 99 percent certainty that the explosives were inside the jewish controlled buildings. PerhAps pope francis will help sway public opinion that it really was hezbollah and not the mossad, as the evidence indicates.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to the mayhem

The Queen of the Netherlands is about to abdicate in favour of her son, who is married to an Argentinian, daughter of a dictator....

and I am still waiting to hear from someone to tell us how the Netherlands got saddled with a 'royal' family when they were doing ok as a democratic republic in the early 17th century.

There is no such thing as royal blood or DNA. It is all about elitist control of money, land and all resources.

I have been reading a most moving book about an Irish Sister of Mercy nun who came to Australia to teach, but her order sent her to nurse at the Mater, where she served beyond faithfully for more than 50 years.

I have cried oceans of tears reading this book, not only because my infant was born in the Mater with its exquisiste chapel, which was the first place I went to, once I was mobile. Memories I have never forgotten, of being treated with such compassion and care by everyone there.

I also cried over her descriptions of the oppression of the Irish by the English, and the assassinations of all who stood in the way of the English...and how her family did not succumb to sectarian violence or hatred.

I have been thinking on the Ecce Homo INRI contained in the Santa Maria del Fiore brochure in Firenze, and can only conclude that the Jews are in their end-game, ready to install their messiah as leader of the New World.

Self-loathing projected onto this world, as they did to Christ, to me embodies the Anti-Christ.

Behold the man, indeed.

To all the sincere people- Christians and all others of peace and compassion and mercy over the millennia who have given their lives for the betterment of humanity, we owe a debt of gratitude.


Unknown said...

Hi Aang, how is the tea drinking? How is the armchair?

A. Peasant said...

Two excerpts from A 1927 book about the Jesuits

'Sadism (the torturing of others) and masochism (self-torture) are apparently common in The Order. I have known some Jesuits to lash boys with hard leather straps in a state of passionate excitement, while the boys writhed in agony, and blood flowed from their hands. These sadistic Jesuits, with flushed faces and dilated pupils, seemed to glory in their orgy. As to masochism, I have seen Jesuits invite boys to throw hard balls at them with as much strength as they could; to hit them with sticks; to squeeze their fingers with wrenches until the blood almost oozed from under their fingernails; and to inflict other suchlike tortures upon them.' (The Jesuit Enigma, p. 146)

...Already allusion has been made to platonic homosexuality in the Order. In every college there are masters conspicuous for their attention to "boy-friends," who are called, in some places, "sucks" and "tarts." At Clongowes College, Ireland, nothing was more common than to hear a boy spoken of as "a suck of Father So and So," or "one of Fr. 's tarts" Legislation was made in the Order against admitting boys to the rooms of the members of the community, but such legislation, enacted no doubt as a consequence of abuses, is only very partially observed. The homo-sexual type of Jesuit invariably becomes a favourite of the Superior, to whom he carries tales, and whom he flatters and serves with docile affection. He soon acquires so much influence in high quarters that he can satisfy his petty spites and take revenge on men who despise him. ... While they reign as Superiors they are the bane of the Order, and have no other principle than favouritism. (p. 148)

Much more at the source. One has to wonder about this order.

Pope francis bowed his head and asked for the crowds blessing. A humble gesture, or gaining consent of the governed.?

Anonymous said...

bg at 10:25, with his link in french, wants us to believe, that the Jesuits would be the real show-masters of the western world, despite the misleading headline.
The Jesuits played certainly an important role in the machinations of the deep states, they were banned here in Switzerland till 1973.
Is BarakObama dancing to the tunes of the „American Jesuit Public Affairs Commitee“??
Are the war-mongers de luxe and destoyers of Libya / Syria, Cameron, Hollande (with BernardHenriLevy in the background) related to Jesuits??
Do Christine Lagarde, Dominique Strauss Kahn and all the rest of the directors of the IMF have origins in the catholic church??
I would assume, that Erich Ludendorff was fully correct, when he identified jewish BnaiBrith as the top level of the deep state / illuminati structure, giving the Jesuits / catholic church only an imporant shill role in serving the goal of the jewish highest echelons.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"Many years ago jesus spent time in a home with romans."

Oh, I didn't know that Jesus and the jesuits were the same thing?! After all, there's 1500 years between them.

"In any army worldwide priest are assigned to serve.. Are they there to kill?"

I also, didn't know xtianity was an army- I sort of , thought it was a religion.

But if it is an army, then, yes, that's waht an army is trained to do, destroy the property of the "enemy" and kill the "enemy."

Edy Cuello said...

that's not Bergoglio
he was young in 1976
check their sources ;)

Anonymous said...

Whew! Lot to learn here! Always thought the Jesuits were the higher teachings of the church? They taught Astrology and Reincarnation...which the laymen are not taught anything about. Guess a lot is hidden?

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