Monday, March 18, 2013


'Crypto-Jew' John Kerry in Cairo to celebrate Israel's conquest of Egypt.

John Kerry, America's secretary of state, was recently greeted in Egypt by angry charges that he supports the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood has long been a tool of MI6 and the CIA.

'Crypto-Jew' Kerry is burnt in Cairo.

Israel's new best friend is Egypt.

"Israeli soldiers say that their co-ordination with their Egyptian counterparts at the border is better than under Hosni Mubarak's old regime."

Egypt is now blocking the tunnels that used to allow goods into Gaza.

"Egypt’s government recently took unusually severe measures to stop goods, including all the strip’s fuel needs and much of its material for building, being transported through tunnels under its border. 

"Since late January, Egyptian army engineers have flooded the warren of tunnels with sewage, demolishing dozens of them... 

"Some goods have been impounded...

"So prices in Gaza are rising and building at some sites has ceased.

Palestinian kid killed by the Israelis outside a UN school.

 Egypt’s court has authorised the demolition of all tunnels...

"Overland traffic ... makes Hamas more dependent on - and subservient to - Israel, to ensure vital supplies continue...

"Import duties on tunnel traffic brought Hamas more than $180m a year and paid for its 40,000-strong civil service...

Egypt itself is heading towards disaster.

"The country's foreign currency reserves fell to $13.6 billion at the end of January, from $36 billion at the start of the uprising against Hosni Mubarak two years ago.

"That 62 percent decline in hard currency on hand is the simplest measure of the collapse in Egyptian investment, tourism, and international faith in Egypt's new leaders to turn around the situation as you'll find."

Egypt's economy is collapsing, and no one is stopping it

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Anonymous said...

So kerry is Isreals best freind now ?
hhmmm well i remember when they said that about Jimmy Saville...

Anonymous said...

At the time of the vote by the friends of israel (MPs) to send Englishmen to be killed and maimed on behalf of israel in Iraq, the 'ubiquitous' Richard Perle (as referred to by Chris Patten because he fell out of every news programme on british tv at the time having taken up residence at the Dorchester), a news programme (bbc, sky, itv?) had a short item annoucing that Michael Howard (heche) would be meeting Perle at his synagogue on the following day. At the time, Howard was Shadow Chancellor, so Foreign Affairs was none of his business.

Heche met Perle previously in a debate on Foreign Affairs:

tony blair has taken the sole blame for the iraq war, but what about the votes of all those tories? Was Heche instrumental in persuading the patriotic but semi-educated Duncan Smith to put on a three-line whip for the benefit of Israel?

A friend of israel is an enemy of england; vote the whole bunch of traitors out.

Anonymous said...

I am speechless, whoever said the previous is brilliant, its a fabulous exposure of the hidden truth
whoever wrote that thankyou, because if israel was britians freind it would not have declared economic war on us and changed our laws on homsexuality and pedophilia to be in line with the old jewish books

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:24PM THANK YOU.

Re. Who are The Muslim Brotherhood?

Clue: The Answer is in the name.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:24PM THANK YOU.

Re. Who are The Muslim Brotherhood?

Clue: The Answer is in the name.

Anonymous said...

Lets talk Cyprus! The media reports that Russian ex-pats are getting the shaft because they are parking funds and of course being strawmen everybody goes along with this "tax"on Russians(pysop). However this IMF move smells oily. Everybody (ISRAEL) wants theCypriot oil fields and the IMF throwing weight like a sovereign two birds with one stone? IMF getting more than accounts. Its making law around EU edges. First russians than U? An IMF fight with EU would so please America!

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