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Diana Fluck, 1931 -1984, a friend of the Kray Twins, with John Moulder-Brown.

Diana Dors, born Diana Fluck, was a British film star.

Diana's mother Winifred Maud Mary (Payne) was married to Albert Edward Sidney Fluck,[4] but had a sexual relationship with their lodger, Gerald Lack. 

When Mary announced she was pregnant with Diana, she admitted she had no clear idea which of them was the father.[1]

Peter and Mary Fluck. 

In 1944, when Diana was aged 12, the Flucks rented their spare bedroom to an American soldier.

The Diana Dors Story - The Early Years

The twelve-year-old Diana was invited to American parties where she danced with lots of American soldiers.

Diana entered her first beauty contest to find a pin-up girl for Soldier magazine.

Aged 13, Diana's first pin-up photograph

Diana teen pin-up

At age 14, she became a student of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), and began acting in films.

Dancing With Crime 1947. rising star 

At the age of 16, she joined J. Arthur Rank's "Charm School" for young actors, and appeared in many of their films.[1]

Dennis Hamilton and Diana Dors

In 1951, Diana Dors married Dennis Hamilton.

Hamilton engaged photographer Horace Roye to take a number of nude and semi-nude photographs of Dors, which were then sold.

Reportedly "Hamilton would loan Diana out as a favour to hiring producers and leading actors."

Diana Dors

She owned a Rolls-Royce at the age of 20.

She had affairs with a number of stars, including Rod Steiger.

Stephen Ward with Christeen Keeler (right). aangirfan: TOP PEOPLE & THE 'SATANIC SEX CULT'

Diana Dors was a visitor to the cottage on Lord Astor's Cliveden estate where Christine Keeler and Steven Ward used to party.

"Stephen made lunch... Diana Dors turned up with a gangster."

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Alan Lake

Diana Dors died in 1984, aged 52.

Five months after she died, her third husband, actor Alan Lake, was found shot dead.


Jason Dors-Lake and family

Alan Lake was found shot dead in the bedroom of his 15-year-old son, Jason Dors-Lake.

Before he died, Alan Lake had reportedly called his friend, comedian Freddie Starr, and told him, "I can’t go on".

Freddie Starr was recently arrested by police investigating Jimmy Savile scandal

Diana Dors, actor Andrew Ray, and Alan Lake at the funeral of the mother of the Kray Twins, gangsters who reportedly supplied boys to members of the elite. 

The millions that Diana is believed to have hidden in a secret bank account have never been traced.

Jason with his parents. 

Jason, with the help of writer Niema Ash, a neighbour in Broadstairs, has written Connecting Dors.

In this book, Jason tells of Diana Dors's debauched parties.

Life at Diana's home, Orchard Manor, involved parties for their friend, including East End gangsters like the Kray Twins.

Some of the people at the parties snorted cocaine.

There were also hidden cameras and two-way mirrors, suggesting the possibility of involvement by the security services MI5, the CIA or Mossad.

Jason was given his first soft drug by an actor at seven and cocaine at the age of nine.


Andrew Olden - Andrew Ray (Ray was his father Ted Ray's stage name) at the age of 10 starred in The Mudlark. He featured in The Yellow Balloon (with Kenneth More, 1953), Escapade (with John Mills, 1955), Woman in a Dressing Gown (with Sylvia Syms, 1957), Serious Charge (with Anthony Quayle and Cliff Richard, 1959)

"Jason can recall waking late one night and finding his father hosting a drugs party with friends, one of whom was Andrew Ray, a close pal of the infamous Krays...

"'Let the lad have some fun,' shouted Ray. 

"'Here, take a sniff of this,' he said, breaking open the jelly bean to release a white smoke. Jason recalls laughing until his tummy ached. 

"He still isn’t sure what it was but is certain it shouldn’t have been given to a five-year-old."

Jason Lake: Our house was a hotbed of drugs and orgies

Davy Jones, in Lionel Bart's 'Oliver'. aangirfan: DAVY JONES AND THE CIA

Jason says: "My grandmother found the composer Lionel Bart coming out the loo one night with white powder all down his jacket."

The late Jack Wild who performed in Lionel Bart's Oliver. aangirfan: The UK's child alcoholics

At age ten, Jason was watching his father acting in soft porn movies.

The teenage Jason went to live in Los Angeles with his his 22-year-old half-brother Gary Dawson (the son of Diana's ex-husband, comedian Dickie Dawson).


When Jason reached his l8th birthday, Gary threw him out.

Diana Dors. Lead role in Hitchcock's "The Sorceror's Apprentice" about the Devil and Assassination. Her Estate vanished. Illuminati Operatives on Sgt. Pepper Album Cover - Plastic Macca

Back in England, Freddie Starr he gave Jason £1,000 to start a new life.

On a trip to Ibiza in the 1990s Jason 'slept with Kate Moss'.

Nine years ago, Jason jumped off the balcony of his third-floor apartment.

He survived.

Connecting Dors, The Legacy Of Diana Dors by Niema Ash, is published by Purple Inc Press. 

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Diana Dors was a pure delight. she was always polite and generous,
my mother used to clean and tidy for her and Diana would often give her clothes and we all loved her.
The road to holywood was closed to Brits unless you went through the Grade bros, the krays would often do any dirty work for them, Diana was in tears that to star in Hollywood she would have to sleep with a few people, the alternative was being sent to coventry by the profession. Hollywood was full of jewish communists, and she was afraid, the Krays who had just killed boxer freddie Mills told her she would be next, so film cameras were set up in her home and several people were compromised for the Jews.
Yayne mansefield was to refuse and be killed ina car crash

Anonymous said...

Jayne Mansfield 1933 - 1967 the posting above referring to her?

Anonymous said...

As regards the Sgt. Pepper cover:
behind the Temple Dors; then, down the rabbit hole goest thou...

Anonymous said...

I have a request: would you please do an article on Daphne Guinness?
Because, 1. you are an extraordinary, cut-to-the-chase reporter and I could go on and on about how your blog is possibly one of the most intriguing ones out there. Period. 2. Daphne is fascinating; as far as the occult stuff with polarity, I believe she has been monarched, and is fragile, BUT, on the other side, she seems quite evil. 3. She seems to have connections with iffy people. 4. WTF is she doing, anyway? Where are her children? She is so bizarre.
5. The fashion world is overlooked and is rife with evil symbolism, including hints of pedos.
Would you please?
You know about this site?
thanks so much!
everyday reader in Tennessee! YEE-HAW!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you obtain all these details Aangirfan, and it does not really matter, as I have seen for myself in real and 'ordinary' life how it goes with beautiful young children and hopeless, corrupt parents.
With names like Fluck and Lack the child's destiny would seem pre-ordained...being beautiful, she went with the flow.

Since I have been largely out of main stream life, I am confirmed by the saying: 'a strong fish swims against the current. A dead one flows with it.' as I witness adults just 'doin' their jobs.

Blessings on Aangirfan for showing it as it is, even though the controllers compartmentalize their dastardly deeds.

Peace xx

Zoompad said...

I wasn't going to post anything again on your blog because of that other post and because you let someone tell a lie about me and Carol Valentine being the same person, but I have to post this.

Diana Dors was friends with the Queens cousin Lord Lichfield, and she used to visit Shugborough Hall a lot. A lady I used to know from Shallowford village when I was doing my A levels at Stafford College and sharing a student house at Shallowford in the 80s told me about how kind Lord Lichfield was to her disabled son, she had been told by the doctors to leave him at the hospital and get on with her life after she gave birth, they told her he would be a vegetable all his life, but she wouldn't, and she had a massive struggle getting help for her son and she told me Lord Lichfield was very kind to her and got her son the help he needed, and her son ended up going to college in Rhyl. She told me Diana Dors was often at Shugborough Hall.

Ann Diamond said...

i looked up Neima Ash because her name is familiar, and yes, she is indeed the same Neima Ash formerly of Montreal who once moved in certain 60's cult circles with alleged links to the music business and a NY based CIA coven ... or so i have heard

Anonymous said...

Hullo Aang,

If I tell you this it counts as third hand info, but I was told it by a producer who was there and whom I consider entirely credible, he being a lovely chap and in no way given to gilding the lily. Anyway, he was part of a circle that included the aforementioned stick thin model and he told me that she was a remarkably generous woman, as it were, who thought nothing of giving her time to those who were in need, as it were. I paraphrase there but I'm sure you can dig it. The point being if one was to make a list of those she helped, as it were, it would be a very long one.

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.02 comment: It fits what I know!

I knew Diana, sometimes mowed her lawn - naked! She was naturist and insisted I was too, she liked a handsome, muscular, man (wish I was as good to look at now, ahem!) She asked me to try and repair the 2-way mirror above her bed, but was unable (it looked to be LCD and electric operated, the glass was cracked and this cuts the current, though it had to have been mounted pre-war when LCD was only a white paper, not reality, hence I believe 'they' are keeping secret new tech they have use for secret at least 30 years or until something else has replaced it - what are they into today, forgodsakes!) On hearing this she sighed, "GOOD! I've often wondered. Have you seen any films?" (porn) "I'm sure my ex (Hamilton) must have taken some."

(Unsaid, but noted by my sharp eye: if he was on the camera who was bonking her? She certainly wasn't shy around men and loved 'a bit of fun', as I also noted. 'Nuf said?)

She did indeed hate Hollywood, as you say, "10-times more evil than here, and here's bad enough!"

Her ex-boyfriend Tommy Yearde (found out he was gay and dumped him!) was kept on as a bodyguard (even the Krays were frightened of him, he killed with efficiency during the war) to keep the gangsters off her, she socialised with them only when she had to. All her husband's/boyfriends except Tommy used her as a sex-slave and cash-point I think.

Someone emptied one of her bank-accounts. She suspected the Krays, who were trying to force her to be a luxury-hooker, as other top actresses, but am trying to ID a man on the board of the Stock Exchange I know funded porn (and a chain of top model-girls, often used by Harrison Marks, for one, trying to ID the others but impossible after 50 years) as the man behind it, he would have the contacts. He had a company RR 1960 Phantom V Park Ward, 532 HYK, which was seconded to ROYAL DUTIES!

A mercenary I knew told her how to hide money abroad, a Swedish boxer, Bosse Hogberg, was there too, and very interested as top boxers got 5-10 times the official purse under the table and needed to hide it from the taxman.

So I also know Freddie Mills wasn't broke, only out of 'legal' money.

The location and codes to her secret accounts would be hidden somewhere in her personal daily-diaries, verse and poetry, or something, you can't rely on memory alone.

Diane would only surcome to the evil people under extreme pressure. Tommy eventually realised he was on a kill-list and used Vidal Sassoon to get out, becoming his agent in the USA (died recently, a multi-millionaire) so Diana was probably now alone and thus had to bend to this pressure, working for the evil men.

As you've said, she was a lovely girl, not an evil bone in her body, no ego (actually disliked being beautiful) a pleasure to spend time with, my mum said the same (we had clothes on when she was invited up!) Diana was a good cook and made great cakes.

Oh, to turn the clock back knowing what I know now, things would be SO different. But life isn't like that.

But that's no reason to let the buggers get away with it. One day our laborations will turn up hard evidence that will crush them.

So never give up.

Charles Edward Frith said...

Adam Curtis weighs in on Diana Dors

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