Wednesday, March 20, 2013


People of Malta.

Malta was used by the U.S. and NATO in the war against Libya.

Malta: Case Study In NATO Subversion And Coercion

In Malta's general election, held on 9 March 2013, the pro-NATO Nationalist Party was defeated by the 'anti-NATO' Labour Party.

Meanwhile, there seems to have been a CIA COUP IN CYPRUS

Gozo in Malta.

In 2012, the Malta Labour Party made it clear that it opposed the Nationalist Party sneaking Malta into NATO’s Partnership for Peace program, without the permission of parliament.

"Partnership for Peace obligations entail joint military exercises and training, visits by leading NATO and U.S. military commanders and naval forces, the creation of NATO bases, training centers and liaison offices, and the deployment of troops for the Alliance’s war in Afghanistan... 

"Partnership for Peace members Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Sweden, Switzerland (until 2008) and Ukraine have also supplied troops for the over ten-year-long conflict."

Malta: Case Study In NATO Subversion And Coercion - Richard Rozoff explaining the importance of Malta, and Cyprus, to the CIA, Pentagon and NATO.

In 1974, the CIA believed that the Greek Cypriots were unreliable friends, so they arranged for Turkey, a member of NATO, to take over 'Northern Cyprus' and turn it into a Turkish colony and CIA spy base.

Cyprus is one of only four Mediterranean nations, in addition to Libya, Syria and Lebanon, that is not a NATO member or partner.

The new leader of Cyprus is pro-NATO.

In Malta we can now expect the 'anti-NATO' Labour Party to be arm-twisted into supporting NATO.

In Scotland, the formerly 'anti-NATO' Scottish National Party  is now supporting NATO.


Cyprus: U.S. To Dominate All Europe, Mediterranean Through NATO


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