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On 18 March 2013, the deputy editor of the Telegraph, tweeted: "We can never again lecture a Mugabe or a Putin on freedom of expression."

The UK parliament (some of whom are allegedly "a bunch of child abusers and fascists") has agreed to the setting up of a powerful new press regulator designed to prevent the public from learning that some of our leaders may be "a bunch of child abusers and fascists."

The independent regulator (expected to be run by the CIA and its friends) will have powers to impose fines and demand prominent corrections, and courts will be allowed to impose exemplary damages on newspapers that fail to join the body.

All three party leaders hailed the 'historic' deal, sealed in the office of the Labour leader Ed Miliband, whose father was a Polish-Jewish-Marxist. 


The deal was sealed by Prime Minister David Cameron's policy adviser, the Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin, a Jewish gentleman who has worked for the Rothschilds.

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) - representing 57 member states - warned that the new regulator could threaten freedom of expression in the UK.

Newspapers bridle at 'historic' deal on press regulation

Of course, the CIA and its friends already control the key position in the UK media.

In 1995, the actor Hugh Grant was arrested for soliciting prostitute Divine Brown.

One of those who campaigned for stricter regulation of the press is the actor Hugh Grant.

"The press should now take revenge and never print one single word about Hugh Grant, his movies, his life, his friends or anything else. No matter how much he begs for the publicity he craves when it suits him. Just say No!"

- stevie-boy , Angeles-City, Philippines, 19/3/2013 05:27

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... it's enough to make you wonder if Murdoch didn't pull his phone hacking scandal deliberately.

"Don't worry Rupes, the fallout will be minimal with golden parachutes all round. And afterwards the BIG payoff - we'll control the whole box and dice! You won't have your name on it of course but don't worry, you'll have all the input you want. How about this? We'll call you EG, ha ha ha. Do you get it? EG - Eminence Grise. You like that? I thought you might."

Anyway, let's just view this as the usual reverse-engineered Hegelian shit. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, lather, rinse, repeat.

Anonymous said...

Right, Anonymous, "phone hacking" was likely just a cheap cover for GCHQ Echelon games.

thetruthhurts said...

For me this is all to do with an EU directive that says all 'nations' in the EU must have press control. The UK coalition realised they had next to no chance of passing this through to the electorate by saying it was the EU telling us, so they've concocted this rather effective smokescreen of press hacking to get this nonsense into statute. I'm sure there were no end of witless and talentless celebs and other criminals prepared to take up the foil. It's rather like the gay marriage laws that were recently passed, another EU directive.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

Its all elemental, we've had no free press for years in the UK, its the alternative media whos next,things, i fear, are going to get sticky:-(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We don’t know who the others are in the [Joss Stone] murder conspiracy but that doesn’t matter

There is some wierd stuff associated with the Joss Stone Murder Conspiracy trial on at the moment at Exeter Crwon Court. Various text messages & notes that implicate the 2 accused (Kevin Liverpool and Junior Bradshaw). They crash their car on the way down, nick some petrol but the police let them on their merry way?!?!

Have a look Aang....

Anonymous said...

I know it's difficult but could you not find a photo of Oliver Letwin other than in a state of enrapture at his own chosenness?

Le Gallinacé said...

Jews !

Le Gallinacé said...

tès intéressant, je vous mets en ligne !

Anon said...

Oliver Letwin was last in the news when a strange man knocked at his door and came in robbed him and left; the real story was...

Murdock already censors, he kept quiet about Saville, but Hugh Grant, well he's a wicked Anglo Saxon.

Anonymous said...

It's a common disease called"It's not my fault but Somemone else's"

Zionist/Jew Bernie Madoff's says it's the Gentile's/Goyim's Fault for
The Bernie Madoff scandal

Hugh Grant says it's the media's fault.

One of my Favorite Led Zepplin Songs"Nobody's fault mine"

That's what's lost in the regulation of the UK Press.

The Accountability of one's self.


Hugh Grant made the decision to solicit the prostitute while married to Elizabeth Hurley NOT THE PRESS

Anonymous said...

I say Aang, have you noticed the current press restrictions kerfuffle going on in Oz at the moment? Not so dissimilar to your own. Current "Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy" Stephen Conroy (who also happens to be a headkicking power broker / numbers man, as well as key Julia Gillard supporter) is talking up a similar legislation. The media is screaming bloody murder - an appropriate role given the nature of the pantomime.

What the media isn't doing is considering the obvious answer to the problem. Which is to say, insofar as the obvious answer to the US's subprime mortgage fiasco should have been to give relief to the mortgagees, and thus fixing the problem such as it was for the banks, so it is here. The obvious thing to do with the media is to break up the monopoly (a la what the US did with Bell telephone when they created the so-called Baby Bells).

Were we to do so we could then trust one of the un-beholden media enterprises, competing on an equal footing with a then much-reduced Murdoch, to call out / name and shame him or any other guilty proprietor.

But of course as with the sub-prime disaster wherein the money was given directly to the banks with the mortgagees left to go hang, here too the discussion of how to curb the media madly allows for greater consolidation with the question of control being dealt with by way of an appointed committee.

This may sound like some kind of heresy but the supporters of laissez faire capitalism are right in saying competition works. And the reason we know they are right is because they never do it, ha ha.

So here in Oz, where we have the most monopolised media in the world, rather than break up Murdoch's wicked enterprise and allow a disparate at-odds-with-each-other industry to keep the various competitors honest, we let Murdoch monopolise further (thus propelling him yet higher in his ability to control politicians) and then keep a check on him by way of those self-same politicians. Groan.

As ever, the answer is always, (and I paraphrase here), 'There's nothing for it but to put more power in less hands!'

Sure, of course.

best etc. etc.

Anon said...

Many thanks for all the comments.

Murdoch is certainly part of the problem!

- Aangirfan

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