Sunday, March 03, 2013


Colin Peters.

In 1989, Colin Peters, a UK Foreign Office barrister, was jailed  for being part of a pedophile ring.

Peters's conviction was the result of the police's Operation Hedgerow

This ring was used by top civil servants and top public figures.

The police didn't have "the evidence or manpower to pursue them in court".

Now we learn that Colin Peter was reportedly a regular at the Elm Guest House.

The Elm Guest House is the London boy brothel used by top people including, allegedly, people linked to the UK security services and police.

"Roger Gaspar, a former detective inspector who was part of Operation Hedgerow, has confirmed that Grafton Close - one of the care homes from where children were allegedly procured for the Elm Guest House - featured in their investigation."

1. Children claiming they were drugged before being abused, sometimes in a sauna room.

2. Children claiming they were trafficked to Amsterdam and abused. 

One Elm Guest House victim said that he was trafficked to an Amsterdam brothel – where he was abused by a top politician.

3. Boys being rented out at a VIP brothel.

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