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Boris, former girlfriend Elena and their children

Boris Berezovsky is still alive?

Russian politician Viatcheslav Nikonov says that Berezovsky is probably not dead.

Berezovsky had financial difficulties; Robert Maxwell had financial difficulties.

Some people believe that Jewish tycoon Robert Maxwell faked his own death.

Berezovsky's yacht in Eilat in Israel. www.panoramio.com 

Reportedly, in January 2013, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Vladimir Zhirinovsky met with Boris Berezovsky in Israel's city of Eilat.

Russian prominent politician claims that British special services ...

Kosher Nostra?

Boris Berezovsky may have been assassinated, by agents of the British security services, because he knew too much about Western plots.

This is according to Sergei Markov, an adviser to Russia's President Putin.

Reportedly, Berezovsky wanted to return to Russia and he may have agreed to act as a whistleblower on British plots, in return for being allowed to return to Russia. 


Mr Markov, a former Russian politician, said: 

"I cannot say no to the version that it was a murder committed by those who were scared Boris Berezovsky would go back to Putin's side.

"I do not exclude that the secret services joined this work. 

"I think they may have guessed that Berezovsky would give away all information, and they decided to get rid of him.

"In the stock of modern secret services, there are many things . . . which can provoke a heart attack and a stroke, and experts will not diagnose it. 

"There is no trust in the British secret services.

"After their participation in the plot aimed at occupying Iraq, their role in the plot targeting the leader of Libya, then the plot aimed at knocking down the government in Syria, it is clear that their methods are highly dirty."


Britain's top spy Jonathan Evans steps down after just six years as head of MI5. From left: MI6's Sir John Sawers, MI5's Jonathan Evans, GCHQ's Iain Lobban and two other spooks.

On 25 March 2013, one family friend of Boris Berezovsky claimed that Boris Berezovsky's body showed 'traces of him being strangled around the neck'.

Nikolay Glushkov, 67, said Boris Berezovsky's former wife noticed marks on his neck just after he was found dead.

She said: "A scarf was there. There were traces of him being strangled around the neck."

Reportedly, detectives have not found any suicide note.


Boris Berezovsky's bodyguard said that, on the day of Berezovsky's 'death', he left Berezovsky alone in the house at around 10am to run a series of errands for his boss.

He returned around 3pm, when he discovered a number of missed calls on Berezovsky's phone.

He forced his way through the bathroom door, which was locked from the inside, and discovered Berezovsky lying dead on the floor.

Boris Berezovsky left unguarded on day of his death

Putin's double or just a wonky facelift?

The real Putin.

Putin after a bad facelift?

The real Putin.


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