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Hi, my name is Ryan Lanza.

"Using a real estate database", a videomaker called "1mYourGh0st" reportedly established that Adam Lanza did not stay at the 'Lanza home, at 36 Yogananda Street', near Sandy Hook.

The video in question appears to have been deleted.

Another video by 1mYourGh0st


The Lanza house, at 36 Yogananda Street, was built in 1998.

The records show that the home was purchased by the Lanzas in July 1998.

The records show Ryan Lanza lived at 36 Yogananda Street.

Under the part of the results which list "other people at this address" the following names appear: Nancy Lanza, Peter Lanza, Ryan Lanza, and John Riebe (thought to be the builder of the house).

No mention of Adam.

Was Sandy Hook a Hoax? Part 6: Adam Lanza May Not Have Existed

Lanza House

On Jan. 14, the National Enquirer published an interview with the man who built the Lanza home - a builder by the name of Robert J. Riebe.

A search on Intelius for Nancy Lanza lists her relatives.

Peter Lanza and Ryan Lanza appear on this list, but not Adam.

Was Sandy Hook a Hoax? Part 6: Adam Lanza May Not Have Existed

Hi, I'm Adam Lanza.

An article on, discusses how the media erroneously identified Ryan Lanza as the shooter.

In the article, Ryan is quoted as saying on Facebook: "So aperently im getting spammed bc someone with the same name as me killed some ppl."

"When Ryan Lanza heard about the shooting in his own hometown, why did he think it was someone else with the same name? 

" A more believable reaction would've been something along the lines of 'Holy sh*t. I used to live there!' or 'OMG, maybe it was my little brother' or 'Oh! Well that explains why I couldn't find my ID- someone else must've had it.' 

"In other words, the fact that Ryan thought it was another person with the exact same name who killed dozens of children in the town where he grew up smells fishier than a tuna boat.

"You might say that Ryan acted as if he didn't even have a brother at all."

Was Sandy Hook a Hoax? Part 6: Adam Lanza May Not ...

Did Sandy Hook Hire "Phony" Teachers?

Further Analysis of "Mystery Booms"

Peter Lanza information.

Peter Lanza information.

Evidence of color coded clothing used at Sandy Hook to identify what FEMA School Shooting handbook calls “controllers”


Anonymous said...

lol, how could he stay there when he never existed?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


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andie531 said...

I've been using public records for a long time - the reason he may not be listed (he was 20 when he supposedly passed) is simply that he did not establish any kind of credit history. You will not see minors under the age of 18 in public records searches - the other thing is that USSearch and other people search services get their information from the 3 credit reporting agencies - so unless he had a job AND/OR established some sort of history with credit or banks, you are probably not going to find him. Being 20 years old, he only had two years to establish such a history, and apparently he was unemployable. So this finding really doesn't prove anything.

Stopthepresses2 said...

Discovered use of Blue Screen to depict upset parent on scene of Sandy Hook Shooting take a look here-

Anonymous said...

Typical, Andie offers an opinion, claiming to have had professional experience in this area and makes an assertion based on faulty logic and ignoring obvious questions: Are we supposed to believe that Mrs. Lanza would not have claimed her allegedly deeply troubled and Autistic son in her Taxes? I'm surprised you didn't throw in something along the lines of: "Just look at his expression in the photo on top of this page. Clearly unstable, it was only a matter of time."

Anonymous said...

I don't know Andie; I'm new here. Is he/she a professional troll?

But I will say this: Do a records search on yourself. I did one on myself on several different sites, and neither of my brothers ever turned up, my wife's name was presented incorrectly, and I was connected with people I simply have never heard of as being my "relatives."

It's good to doubt the official narrative and the BS of the controlled media, but not everything is suspicious.

Is there a chance that Adam never 3existed? Sure. But all this public records stuff I've seen on many sites is just the germ of a lead. Follow up on it before you jump to "Ah ha! Got 'em!"

RKae. (Signed in as "anonymous" because OpenID is CRAP! Stop using it!)

Anonymous said...

reply to andie531.. I just Inteluised My name and my 16 year old daughter came up..I went to my two paid sites I use and my 16 year old daughter came up.. I searched my son and my granddaughter came up.. ( she is 5. In reading where Intelus gets info.. SSIndex, dmv's and vital record's included. He should have been listed...

Display Name said...

But it's a well-established fact that Adam DID have a job, at a local computer shop. Besides, unless his parents paid for his college classes out of their own pockets, he also would've had student loans. He definitely would have had some credit history.

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