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There are pedophile rings which include government officials, politicians, TV executives, TV presenters and the police.

This is how it works worldwide.

By Reina Michaelson / Dr Reina Michaelson - / http://webcache.

"My child abuse prevention organisation" was infiltrated by members of a police-protected top pedophile ring in Australia.

"The members of the network include senior management and executives from a major television network, media celebrities, high-ranking politicians, police officers in charge of pedophile and child pornography investigations, senior management representatives from the Department of Education, directors of "child-focused" service clubs, wealthy businessmen, and others.

Roberts, Tom (1856-1931) - 1888-1890 Shearing the Rams (National Gallery of Victoria, Australia)

"In 1995 I started running Australia's first child sexual abuse prevention program in schools... My assistant and I were at a particular high school in the northern region working with Year 9 boys.

"We received a note written anonymously by one of the boys asking 'What do you do if you get raped by a teacher and no-one will believe you? What happens if you get raped and you enjoy it?'...

A teacher called 'Dick Newman' came under suspicion.

(Names in this article have been disguised)

"Later that afternoon I learnt that the car I had been driving had been rammed in the school's car-park..."

"When I interviewed the boy who had asked the questions about sexual abuse by a teacher and not being believed, he huddled into a foetal position, started crying, and said he could not tell me what happened.

"When I asked him why he couldn't tell me, he replied that he had been threatened with his life. His best friend told me he would never tell what had happened....

"I was to learn later that there is a Satanic cult operating in Goldtown...

"The Satanic cult is very powerful within the town, and was headed up by the most powerful and influential families of the town... 'Jeff Kennett', the powerful politician ... has significant 'business operations' extremely close to Goldtown, and he was driven (by his driver) to this location every week.

"Mick was introduced to the satanic cult as a very young child by an extended relative...

"From everything that I have been told by Mick, the cult appears to be the Order Templis Orientus (Illuminati), operating in Australia.

"Mick now suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder /DID but has survived his experiences remarkably well considering the traumas he has been through.

"As a child Mick was forced to attend blood-rituals, where animals and small children were sacrificed and their blood and organs consumed.

"Mick was required to clean up the blood after these rituals.

"The children and babies were street children or were taken from orphanages, so that they could not be traced and no-one would know, or care, if they went missing.

"The rituals were spoken in Latin and were clearly satanic. The rituals took place at various locations, including Goldtown.

"Mick and other children would be driven to the rituals in the boots of cars.

"The members of the cult were extremely powerful members of society. There were numerous politicians (mainly from the conservative party).

"These people would often speak of important events before they would actually occur.

"Mick was also sexually abused by 'Gerald Oanasis', the famous television personality and professional partner of 'Bert Newton'.

"Mick was one of the many children who were used to 'host' parties of the cult members.

"At these parties the children acted as waiters and were naked...

"Children who tried to escape were killed, often in front of the other children in order to control the children through fear.

"Once Mick and another child had tried to escape but were caught. The other child was murdered by having her head smashed open with a rock. Her body was then dumped in a nearby mineshaft. Mick was spared the same fate, as he was told that he was the 'chosen one', selected to carry on the traditions of the group."

"Mick was forced to participate in the production of child pornography, including movies as well as still photographs. This involved sexual activity with other children as well as adults. He would get paid a small amount for his sexual 'services', while the relative who brought him to the events would get paid a large amount of money.

"As he got older, Mick was no longer used for sexual purposes by the group but was required to recruit new younger children. When he was old enough (in his 20's), Mick was able to escape the group but they continue to contact him with threats...

"I discovered that there is an Australian Internet-based group called 'Shine'.

"The site includes a membership section where members are able to exchange photos ... It is a child pornography club that operates similar to the notorious Wonderland club...

"Later that year, the Department of Education put on a concert involving thousands of children.

"They chose to call it 'Shine'...

"My family and I were subjected to harassment and surveillance. For example, nearly every day there would be a car out the front of my parent's home (where I had now moved to, for safety reasons), with two men just sitting there.

"The men often had large walkie-talkies... I was often followed by men in white shiny cars with the number plates beginning with VHA and was to later learn that these cars were often used as government vehicles...

"We also received unusual phone-calls at that time, clicking noises over the phone and sometimes the phone-calls were actively intercepted with heavy breathing or laughter or shuddering screams. My incoming mail was very clearly being interfered with...

"A further interesting incident occurred at Melbourne's largest brothel.

"An armed intruder stole a relatively small amount of cash from the brothel, but was led to the safe where videotapes of clients engaging in sexual activities were kept.

"Video tapes of clients were 'stolen', including those of Jeff Kennett, a frequent client of this establishment. A reliable contact informed me that the theft was actually an 'inside job'...

"It was also around this time that a number of children connected to the child pornography industry were either killed in suspicious circumstances, or tortured.

"I was working with a young girl and was very concerned for her safety at this time. I told a trusted police officer of my concerns for this girl. A week later she had been rushed to hospital. An unregistered "tank" (her word, meaning a very solidly built car) had come out of nowhere and slammed into the car in which she was a passenger. Thankfully, she survived...

"Brian Hardiman informed me briefly about a case in the early 1990's.

"I did my own research into this case and discovered that it involved a creche in the Mornington Peninsula region.

"A high-profile group of men were sexually abusing, torturing and hypnotising the children.

"The owner and his wife took the children out of the centre during the day to the homes of the rich and powerful, where the children would be sexually abused, tortured and filmed.

"The children were also subjected to satanic ritual abuse. This case was almost identical to those in the U.S (Little Rascals, McMartin and others).

"The offenders were wealthy and powerful men in the community and included police officers.

"Video copies of the children being abused were obtained ... However, when the story went public, the video tapes went 'missing' and the police claimed that they never received them.

"Ultimately, the police did not take any action against the owner of the creche, on the grounds that the children were too young to be viewed as credible witnesses. While there was conclusive evidence that four of the children had been raped or sexually abused while at the day care centre, the owner was never charged.

"A concerned parent with links to the underworld offered the head of a bikie group $10,000 to inflict enough damage so as to ensure that the owner of the creche could never sexually abuse another child again. The head of the bikie group said that they knew about the owner of the creche, and what he was up to, however, they could not do the job. Much as they would like to, the owner had protection from the very highest levels. He was untouchable.

"When the Mornington Peninsula child-care-centre case broke, an investigative journalist infiltrated an elite child-pornography and pedophile club based in Melbourne. Its members were all wealthy and elite members of Melbourne society. It was chaired by the CEO of a major Melbourne Charitable Trust. This article included information on their use of telephone monitoring, courtesy of the group's contacts within Telecom.

"The children from the Mornington Peninsula child-care-centre reported being taken to a "pink" room with a spa and other significant decor. It was in a house where the children were sexually abused, tortured and filmed (amongst other locations). Three children independently identified the house that they had been taken to, to the investigators. Sure enough, the room had been painted a dusty-pink color, and it had a spa and the other decor items described by the children.

"However, as you now know, no further action was taken against the owner of the child-care-centre, nor others suspected of being involved in the ring. What is most significant however, is that the pink house WAS REGISTERED TO THE VICTORIA POLICE...

"A final note on the Department of Education investigation. I received a letter stating that Dick Newman had been cleared of all charges, as the witnesses could not substantiate my claims. However, of the pool of eight witnesses I had provided ONLY ONE HAD BEEN CONTACTED and she clearly re-affirmed the concerns about Dick Newman. Another cover-up of the highest order and complete protection given to one of the untouchable pedophile elite."


Campbell, former Police Minister.

In 2007 and 2008, David Campbell was Police Minister in New South Wales, in Australia. (David Campbell.)

In May 2010 it was revealed that, while Transport Minister in New South Wales, the married David Campbell used a ministerial car to visit Ken's of Kensington, a gay sex club in Sydney. (Australian MP resigns over sex scandal

Ken's of Kensington has facilities for "sex on the premises, including private cubicles and specially-themed fantasy rooms."

There has been speculation that Campbell's personal life could have been used to blackmail him while he was Police Minister in 2007 and 2008.

In 2008 the former New South Wales Police Minister Matthew Brown was forced to resign after dancing semi-naked on a green leather sofa and simulating a sex act.

In 2008, the former New South Wales Aboriginal Affairs Minister Milton Orkopoulos was jailed for child sex.

In 1999, two journalists from Australia's Sun-Herald claimed to have seen evidence of the ritual abuse of children.

They interviewed six mothers whose children had disclosed experiences of SRA and organised abuse in New South Wales.

The children's disclosures were corroborating, although they had never met one another, and they had been able to draw representations of "satanic" ritual sites which were similar to ritual sites uncovered by police on the central coast of New South Wales.(List of satanic ritual abuse allegations. )

British children sent to Australia (

In the late 1980s, a number of children at a daycare centre in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, began disclosing experiences of organised and ritualistic sexual abuse to their parents and the police.[3]

Their disclosures included instances in which they were taken in a car from the creche to a nearby house, undressed by adults and sexually assaulted, video-taped and filmed while naked, and urinated and defecated upon by adults.

The children disclosed that some of the abusers wore police uniforms....

[4] List of satanic ritual abuse allegations

In 2002, Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon refers complaints about the mishandling of the case by police to the Victorian Ombudsman.

An officer from the Ethical Standards Department was stood down a year later from the Ombudsman's investigation for "incompetence" after failing to pass on information from two key witnesses, and claiming that he never spoke to them when phone records proved that he had.

One of the witnesses referred to a tape of child pornography showing men in police uniforms sexually assaulting children from the daycare centre, however, this lead was never followed up by the police.

British children sent to Australia (

Another witness identified the house in which the children had been assaulted as being owned by a police officer.[7]

The principal of a private college on the Mornington Peninsula repeatedly told the Department of Human Services that a 12-year-old boy disclosed ongoing sexual abuse by an organised group of men wearing police uniforms.

According to the principal, all records of the child's complaint vanished.

A Victoria Police spokesman said he was not aware that files had disappeared. The police declined to press charges, saying the boy had been "too well groomed" by the pedophiles and probably would not testify in court.[8]

Sexual abuse was common at Bindoon Boys Town, in Australia.

The boys called their Catholic guardians the 'Christian Buggers'.

In 2001, an inquiry into Bindoon, by the Australian Senate (The sad truth behind Britain's lost children), was told about:

1. Rape.

2. Children scrambling for breadcrumbs on the floor.

3. A boy being forced to shoot and skin a horse he considered to be his only friend.

In the two decades after World War II, the UK government took around 10,000 children from UK Children's Homes and sent them to Australia.

Many of these children were to become a form of slave labour.

Some of the children ended up at Bindoon Boys Town.

At Bindoon there were regular floggings and there was regular child sexual abuse.

Former Bindoon boy John Hennessy speaks with a stutter.

He recalls being stripped naked and publicly flogged at Bindoon.

Mick Snell, who was sent to the Methodists Dalmar House in Sydney, says: "A lot are starting to top themselves... I dream I'm back there and I'm locked up, being verbally abused and whacked. I wake up in a cold sweat." (The sad truth behind Britain's lost children)

Snell had to get up before 4am to milk the cows and had to work until dark.

"You had no one to turn to," says Snell.

Outsiders would take some boys out for the day.

"I know for a fact they were rock spiders (paedophiles). The kids that were involved, they didn't like talking about it," says Snell.

At Bindoon there was no teaching and several former inmates are illiterate.


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Sex slave forced to take part in mass orgies reveals horrific abuse at hands of Mexican 'Defenders of Christ' sect

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So glad this is finally being exposed again.
The shocking picture is necessary.
Thank you.

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During W W II children were sent away from London and the cities to work on farms etc in the countryside,
the Guy Burgess diaries reveal how easy it was for the cambridge traitors to buy a boy for the night
the song sung by the cambridge apostles " little boys are cheap today, cheaper than yesterday"
comes from this period, rothschild allowed Anthony Blunt to document photogrpaph and even blackmail many involved in these sordid acts for sommunism russia and later israel

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It is true to say many kids sent away from the cities of Britian were abused, either emotionally overworked on farms, or sexually,
later the churches took kids away from their parents and sent them abroad, while importing in black kids to take thier place.
some councils had big financial grants to do this, alas money and councils go together like politicians and rent boys
Joy Davis

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it appears that a family court judge, ..... ...... Q.C sit in the south west. Likes women to defected on his face. It appears judge ....... another family court judge, also sits in the south west of the u.k likes rent boys?.

Both freemasons

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'Gerald Oanasis'.

Mr. Kennedy?

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From the article Beyond the Dutroux Affair by Joël van der Reijden:

- September 10, 1998, The Australian, 'Paedophilia finding'. Since at least the mid-1990s there have been regular accusations of high level child abuse, torture and murder in Australia. All the accusations have been dismissed, but it's hard not to notice the similarities with accusations in other Western countries.

Much more:

Joël writes mainly about the "right" and doesn't say much about the "left".

Germany: How the Left Took Things Too Far

January 7th, 2011

I wish that Joël van der Reijden, of (mirror), was still looking at these issues.


Germany’s left has its own tales of abuse. One of the goals of the German 1968 movement was the sexual liberation of children. For some, this meant overcoming all sexual inhibitions, creating a climate in which even pedophilia was considered progressive.


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That is so sick I am a surviver of child sexual abuse and know the trauma associated with it and the ongoing suffering that never seems to end at times.So thank you for posting this information up for people to read and inform them selves.Jeff kennet bought three paintings of my son which hangs in his private gallery gggrrr I want to take them out of there.

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