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Cardinal O'Brien.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien was friends with sex predator Jimmy Savile

Cardinal O'Brien had expressed his belief that the next pope should be an outsider from Africa or Asia, "a suggestion that could be seen as threatening to the influential lobby of Italian bishops and to the Curia, the powerful Vatican bureaucracy".

Cardinal's resignation raises Vatican conspiracy theories

Bible John.

Bible John is the nickname of a serial killer who murdered three young women after meeting them at the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, Scotland between 1968 and 1969.

Sir Jimmy Savile ( )

Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe.

Jimmy Savile and Yorkshire Ripper: Cast of DJ's teeth.

Savile with his friend Mick Starkey, a West Yorkshire police inspector

Cliff Richard

Esther Rantzen of Child Line and the NSPCC

Prince Charles

Gordon Brown

Tony Blair

Edward Heath

Margaret Thatcher

Pope John Paul II

Royal Marines carry Savile's coffin.



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Anonymous said...

Did the police sketch artist use Savile's picture
to make the composite drawing of Bible John's face ?
The resemblance to the serial killer is remarkable.

UK police protection for AlQaeda
UK Islamist Hate preacher Abu Qatada's family wins 'anti-harassment' injunction against people wanting to protest outside their home
- Protesters' appeal against earlier court decision rejected by the High Court
- Demonstrations cannot be held within 500 metres of family's home
- Injunction also prevents 'misusing' of family's names and London address
"Yet nothing done when vulnerable people have yobs gather outside their homes."
- Steve , TW, 26/2/2013 03:32

Do you remember when a family house was burned down after years of threats, living in constant fear and attacks against the disabled son ?
Case study 2: Yvonne
The visually-impaired ex-nurse, 47, has cancer and lives with her autistic son.
Thugs urinated on her front door, dumped rubbish and banged windows to scare her son, 23. She said the police have offered little help — and once took three days to respond to a 999 call.
Case study 3: Steven Hoskin
After years of abuse he was tied up and burned with cigarettes, forced to take a lethal dose of paracetamol and murdered by forcing him over the edge of the viaduct.

Anonymous said...

The Royal Court now has an
exclusive copyright on Abu Qaeda :-)

Anon said...

You might think that MI6 could afford to house Abu Qatada, who is said to be Jewish, in some comfortable part of St Johns Wood.

wiggins said...

On our way to watch a match at Highbury some years back people were threatened by the police for trying to photograph his house....funny old world.

Anonymous said...

How did this Cardinal O'Brien make it to being a Cardinal? They must have known.

Anonymous said...

Conan O'Brien Fully Exposes Mainstream Media

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Saville's friend (he would talk in private with Jim on the phone)
(Tam Paton (manager of the pop band from Edinburgh the bay city rollers, he raped two of them) and his drug scene (very large dealler and landlord of hundreds of flats) his lads (rent boys) would stand at the bus station soliciting run away young men for Paton did like to turn a straight dude bent and connections to Savile, Jonathon King etc, policemen, judges, etc. The secret society's of Edinburgh, a very gay city. He was a friend of the police and judiciary, in his pocket.

There you have a nexus between the secretive society of Edinburgh's and Scotland's elite that meet in a catacomb under Edinburgh university in the Capital of Scotland, Edinburghs gay magic circle (Thomas Hamilton had leads that police were pursuing i do remember in the original reports), police, Dss, social care, pop stars, etc. Worth investigation.

Anonymous said...

I thought Tobin was Bible John?

Anonymous said...

in israel there is a plaque on a wall commemerating jimmy saviles contribution to isreal, it shows him shaking hands with menachim begin, the well known pedophile
Karen Cummings

Anonymous said...

AT the Vatican there is no plaque on a wall commemorating Saville.

Instead he got a medal from Pope John Paul 2 in 1990 to commemorate his high honor of a Papal Knighthood.
The Vatican was pressed about this shortly after the sex abuse story broke. They gave lame excuses of why they could not revoke or undo the honor. Citing tradition, rules and other crap, the Vatican explained that his honor died with him. BS.
Guess all the traditions and rules being changed by the current Pope are not the same as the traditions and rules that govern the Saville honor.


Kristin from Arizona said...

For those who accuse the Catholic church of being inherently evil, I urge you just out of curiosity to take a look at some of the videos out of Fr. John O'Connor, who's' named and shamed his own superiors-exposing an infiltration of homosexuals into the church by a concerted group in order to break down the sanctity of the Church itself. Many of the tapes hail from the 1980s.
"Father John O'Connor made many audiotapes. One described the origins of Masonic Cabalistic Masonry." O'Connor makes allusions to a Talmudic/Freemasonic conspiracy. Many youtube vids also under "Ex communicated priest exposes the NWO"

Anonymous said...

How anyone at this point could defend the Catholic Church is mind boggling. But there are still people who think George W Bush was a good president. It takes all kinds.

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