Friday, February 22, 2013


The Rothschilds would appear to be split.

David de Rothschild, the head of the French branch of the family, took control of NM Rothschild and the bank’s holding company when former chairman Sir Evelyn de Rothschild retired a decade ago.
It was during Sir Evelyn’s era that a high-profile split occurred in the family. 
Evelyn fell out with his cousin Jacob (now Lord Rothschild).
 Jacob went off to found his own financial house, Rothschild Investment Trust (RIT).

Jacob Rothschild's son Nat Rothschild has just lost his battle to regain control of the Indonesian coal mining firm Bumi.

Nat Rothschild  failed to get shareholders to support his plan to sack Bumi's board and make himself a director.

Bumi's board was advised by NM Rothschild, from which Nat's father Lord Jacob Rothschild split three decades ago.

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A crucial role was played by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, a key shareholder, which voted against Mr Rothshild’s appointment to the board.

Rothschild loses Bumi power struggle

In 2012, the Indonesian government demanded that Indonesia's mines eventually be majority-owned by Indonesians.

The government wants to raise royalties paid by foreign miners.

"The prospects for outside involvement in the oil and gas industry have also been muddied.

"And last month America filed a complaint against Indonesia at the World Trade Organisation, claiming that a recent tightening of the licensing rules for farm imports had become a 'serious impediment' for its exporters of meat, fruit and vegetables."

Gloomy politics, so how long can the bright economics last? -The Economist ‎


Anonymous said...

They run the family just like they run the world: murder torture and mayhem.

KPatrickRyan said...

It would sure be a shame if they managed to kill each other off....

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