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Photo: Tony Anderson/Getty Images. Private Clubs: New York Post 

In New York, private membership clubs like the Core Club, Soho House and Norwood are doing well.

Harvey Weinstein is a member of the Core Club, which is entered through an unmarked door on East 55th Street and Madison Avenue.

The club costs $50,000 to join and then $15,000 annually.

Harvard Club. Business Insider

The Century Association (above) is located in New York at 43rd Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

Its members have included Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mayor Bloomberg, Tina Brown, Brooke Astor, Henry Kissinger, Robert Morgenthau, David Rockefeller and Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Bohemian Grove (above) is a club which has reportedly employed prostitutes of both sexes.

A map of Ladies and Gentlemen's Clubs of the West End of London, c.1910. Click to enlarge

Seth Alexander Thévoz has studied Victorian clubs in London’s West End.

They "had started as dining societies ...They often provided a front for illicit gambling...

"Some venues offered idiosyncratic services to their members, not least the Cocoa Tree Club on St James’s Street, which ... had a brothel on the premises. 

"Unsurprisingly, those MPs who belonged to it strenuously denied their membership."

Tiles around a fireplace on the upper story of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street, "stirring suspicions that the upper rooms could have been used as a place of prostitution."

Cleveland Street had a 'club' that was a gay brothel.

Gay brothels "were ten a penny in the Victorian era." 

The clientèle of the gay brothel on London's Cleveland Street reportedly included the heir to the throne, plus a Duke and an Earl.

"Memoirs and letters of the period are full of affairs with such boys; Wilde's boyfriend Lord Alfred Douglas practically specialized in collecting telegraph boys, and many of his friends followed suit..."

Royal Overseas Club, London.

Charles Henry Maxwell-Knight, formerly head of Britain's MI5 spy agency, was a member of the Overseas Club.

"His first wife Gladys, I learnt, died in the Overseas Club after some sort of occult misadventure in which the notorious Aleister Crowley was involved - certainly I'd never been willing to enquire too deeply into that incident."


Elm Guest House (above) acted as a club and boy brothel for top people.


On 10 October 2012, the Royal couple William and Kate ... went to a party at the exclusive London private members club Loulou's in Mayfair with other guests including the Duchess of Cambridge's sister Pippa and the Duke's cousin Princess Eugenie.



"Robin Birley, heir to the London club empire of Mark’s, Harry’s Bar and Annabel’s, recently opened Loulou's... Birley trusted Rifat Ozbek with the £30 million renovation of the former Tiddy Dols, a high-end brothel."

"According to The Telegraph, Kate Middleton’s soon to be ex-BFF Emma Sayle is under investigation for using her house for sex parties.

"The National Enquirer quotes a source from My Trusty Royal Spy that says, 'Rumors and press reports have circulated for years that Kate cavorted at kinky masked balls for upper-class types staged by private school chum Emma Sayle, organizer of a sex club called Killing Kittens.'"

Kate Middleton

Thomas Lopez-Pierre (above) opened the Harlem Club to match wealthy black “Wall Street type” men with “gorgeous” and childless young women - but critics called it a glorified brothel.

In Northern Europe, there are private clubs in regular neighorhoods, often not recognizable as brothels from the outside.

Some underage girls and boys have been forced or manipulated into the sex trade.

A club (above) used as a brothel in Australia.

"Over the years it has boasted a membership of presidents, world leaders and celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks and offers fine dining in decadent surroundings at the heart of Disneyland - at a hefty price."

Behind closed doors at Disney's $10000 a year private ... - Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

Private clubs are outside police jurisdiction, per se. They undoubtedly know what goes on inside but have no access. Having an undercover cop pay-up and join won't work as you usually have to be referred by 2-3 members and expect a background check anyway. The clubs where dubious activity does go on will also have an 'anti-raid system' in place. I had a valued friend who was a member of a Naval club as well as a more business-oriented club, and also an ex-SAS guy who was a Maitre De at a club in Knightsbridge. Getting a job was very difficult and time-consuming. They expected perfect service ...and discretion. This club even demanded you be gay, and sign a notorized pledge that you were an active gay. Was told several of the kitchen staff were gen-hetro but signed anyway as the clubs paid the best wages in town and working hours were great!

A difficult nut to crack, at best - worse as many top cops are members!

Newspaceman said...

There was an interesting article in the mail on line last week about the Disney 33 club, allegedly named after it's address - 33 Royal Street.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Armenian presidential candidate shot, wounded

Anonymous said...

"Why has this massive story of global importance been removed from the Daily Mail Website?"

Anonymous said...

My jolly grandfather was a bigwig in W W II and in the early sixties was chatting to Sir Anthony Blunt the queens chappie, in Whites officers club, they had downed few excallant ports when Blunt said, come to my other club, my grandfather went willingly to an unmarked door in londons Oxford st
he gave the masonic rap on the door and some naked teenage boys answered it, blunt said come on in we will nob them to within an inch of their lives, my shocked grandfather declined the offer claiming to have a stomach ache and caughta taxi home.
They were ripping fun those days
but alas all gone now.

kenny said...

"Senator Menendez accused of soliciting underage prostitutes"

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, I'm prepared to bet I've walked past that very house you have captioned as being in Australia. Would I be right in thinking it's in Surry Hills in Sydney, to wit the West side of Elizabeth St somewhere between Liverpool and Cleveland? I'm pretty sure.

Ah yes, found it. 481 Elizabeth. Ex google: "Residents concerned with Swingers Club proposal"

Just for the record, this is an extremely low-rent part of town. It's south, beyond Chinatown and Central Station - quite grimy, full of the homeless, and with the smell of urine never far away. Any resemblance between it and London's West End is purely coincidental.

Sydney undoubtedly will have the variety of clubs you discuss here but they will either be smack-dab in Macquarie St where the policitians, lawyers, and surgeons all have their offices, or a short walk east of there in Darlinghurst, the southern border of which is the beyond-famous Oxford St.

In Sydney, the wealthy worthy do not go south. They go east. "It's all about the harbour, darling."

best etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Aangirfan, for laying it all out (the eternal human condition) as it is.

Yours is a labour of love, and I am with you, in what is deplorable: deceit, depravity, harm to children and hypocrisy.

MW in Australia, we have two more Cabinet resignations around the impending election, and more critically, with the arrest of Craig Thompson. Whereas Gillard has been yelling 'sleaze and smear' at the Opposition, sleaze and smear is precisely what Gillard has been immersed in! The Labor party needed the numbers, no matter the depth of sleaze being over their eyeballs.

Re Assange's proposal to seek a Senate seat, I was very interested to read a comment from A Patriot, in response to a Press TV article. I am sorry I can't pass on the link here and now, but I read it yesterday, following a link from Craig Murray comments.
Anyway, here is the quote. I do not know any lawyers who might verify the assertions made therein, but if true, they need to be shouted from the rooftops to ALL Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders.

"For an informed, intelligent man, Julian Assange seems to have literally ignored or entire did not know that in Queensland, the QUEEN has secret veto power over any and all elected officials.

This Veto Power most recently was used/abused in a Canadian election; apparently the Canadian citizens wanted xyz, the Queen wanted abc. Canada got abc.

I've heard false claims Canada NZ are totally independent of any UK/Queen corruption. They are WRONG.

The Queen of England holds the secret approval over the election and ratifications of officials, treaties, conventions and final approvals.

The UK also would not hesitate to deport Julian Assange into the hands of goose-stepping USA federal extradition agents, to either a life in federal prison, execution, or to have some prisoners 'suicide' Assange during the federal sentence.'

We need to become Republics, and now that the Queen of the Netherlands is abdicating, is a great time for all good people to come to the aid of the party.

Cheers Aangirfan xx

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