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Dorothy Champion / Hanson, Adam Lanza’s maternal grandmother, who spends winters in a mobile home park in Brooksville, Fla. nydailynews.

Nancy Lanza is the daughter of Donald and Dorothy Champion.

Donald Champion was a TWA pilot, and his wife Dorothy was a school nurse.

Solid Upbringings for Adam Lanza's Parents -

The Hubris of Boz: The BLOODLINE of Adam Lanza

Nancy Lanza has two brothers, James and Donnie Champion, and a sister, Carol Gould, of Maine.

Conn. killer's NH kin express sorrow | New Hampshire

James Champion, brother of Nanzy Lanza. 

Dorothy and Don divorced, and Dorothy married Paul Hanson.

Paul Hanson, was a former teacher and principal in Epsom, N.H., as well as a thoroughbred horse owner, according to in Massachusetts.

Adam Lanza's family seemed like normal family, neighbors say ...

In a Facebook conversation seen by MailOnline, Nancy "revealed how her father shut out one of his other daughters at a young age and lived a ‘secret life’ until his past came out.

"He ‘turned his back’ on baby Cheryl when he remarried and moved away from his home in Ohio to New Hampshire.

"There he started afresh and gave birth to Nancy Lanza."


Elizabeth Hanson of the CIA

Paul William Hanson, 72, died Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2003, in Epsom Manor, Epsom.

He was a U.S. Navy veteran serving aboard the USS Bushnell stationed in Norfolk, Va., and Key West, Fla.

"Mr. Hanson began his teaching career as teacher/principal in Epsom, serving as principal in Brentwood. He was the principal of Memorial School in Newton for 26 years. Known for his tough yet compassionate style...

"He was also a coach umpire and game official for baseball and football.

"He was the owner of thoroughbred racehorses and spent many moments in the winner’s circle. His horses raced at Rockingham Park, Suffolk Downs, Saratoga and tracks in Florida.

"He was a member of Nippo Lake Country Club."

He is survived by his wife, Dorothy (Champion) Hanson; one daughter, Paula F. Keller of Epping; one son, Paul D. Hanson of Pembroke; four grandchildren; one great-granddaughter; one brother, Ernest W. Hanson of Ocala, Fla.; two stepsons, Donald Champion of Eaton, Colo., and James Champion of Kingston; two stepdaughters, Nancy Lanza of Newtown, Conn., and Carol Gould of Bethel, Maine; the mother of his children, Rosalie (Twombly) Hanson; and eight step grandchildren.

The Rockingham News Obituaries, Rockingham, New Hampshire ......

Nancy Lanza - Red Sox Season Ticket Holder.

Nicholas Germak, who lives five homes away from Nancy Lanza's house, said he has lived in the neighborhood for nine years.

"Not once did we have any contact with the kids," he said. "I had no clue these kids were even living at the house..."

Adam Lanza's family seemed like normal family, neighbors say ...

Nancy Lanza checked in to the Omni Mount Washington Resort on 11 December 2012 and checked out on the 13th. 

The friend said that when she spoke with Nancy during her getaway she was in 'good spirits'.


Omni Mount Washington Resort Bretton Woods, NH

According to Headline News, Nancy Lanza often took mini-breaks to Bretton Woods.

The Sandy Hook 'shootings' took place on 14 December 2012.

Soros and friends at the Omni Mount Washington Resort.

Reportedly, Nancy Lanza traveled extensively, the following list is just for 2012:

New York
San Francisco

Nancy Lanza...

One of Nancy's friends said that Nancy trusted Adam and thought it was OK to leave him home alone.


The controversial Tom Heneghan has alleged that Nancy Lanza, the mother Adam Lanza, "was a CIA P2 analyst working for the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and also for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)."

The Shining Light: Tom Heneghan - Psyops, Black Ops and Rip Offs

We assume that Nancy and Adam Lanza are still alive.


A. Peasant said...

Witness protection program for spooks. New identity, new passports, new life in a new country. It does not seem so difficult a concept to imagine for people who have played key roles in important psyops.

Anonymous said...

Hullo AP,

May I just say, '...or something like that'? Whilst it's possible that they've been sent to another country, I see no reason why the cult wouldn't just go the simpler option and, um... 'rebrand them'. You know... a la johnny Gosch / Jeff Gannon / James Guckert.

Jeff Gannon even met with his mother Noreen which only makes sense if he was Johnny Gosch but regardless he refused the DNA test and refused to concede the possibility or otherwise blow the gaff. He's rebranded and staying that way. Theta level I expect.

But these are small quibbles to be sure. The otherwise loopy idea that people could abandon their former lives and disappear whilst being mentally and physically remade into someone else is not just feasible it's been done and we've seen it.

Hmm... I should pop into your place and say a word about Neil. Sad news that. I say Aang, did you know that Neil died? There's a link at AP's. In the comments.

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